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Watch NBA games Online - live NBA basketball games from internet on your computer

Updated on January 29, 2017

Watch NBA basketball league championship games live on your pc.

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, you can now watch any NBA basketball game online on your computer for free.

I started watching NBA games online after my work schedule changed and I no longer had weekends and Mondays off. I used to get my friends to record the games on tape for me to watch while I was at work. But most of the time something would go wrong with the recording or my friends would tell me the details of the game before I could even get a chance to watch the game or see the highlights. After I discovered Satellite TV for PC software, all this changed. I can now watch any sports games from work without any hassle and without bothering my friends.

I have discovered a service that I now use to watch NBA basketball games online all of the time, and I'd like to show you how you can do the same.

A lot of times when I am not at home I just switch on the laptop and watch the games from anywhere. Sometimes I'm at home but my kids or my wife have the TV when I want to watch my favorite NBA games online. When this happens, I just get my laptop or notebook, connect to the internet and relax while I watch my favorite games. It's great to be able to do this.

There are many different services that offer products that you can use to watch live NBA basketball games for free. But from my own research and from the reviews that I have read online, 99% of these companies are crap and they don't really care about the service they offer to their customers. After you've paid your money, you'll be lucky if you get a reply to your emails asking for help. But don't give up because of these bad companies, there are some good companies that care about the service that they are offering you. I use one such company myself.

I use a company that provides software for watching live TV called Satellite TV for PC. Their service is by far one of the best available and they offer the best choice in terms of channels. Using their software I'm able to get all sorts of sports channels where I can watch basketball, soccer, NFL, tennis, boxing and many others. The best thing about this is that there are no subscription fees and watching all these channels is free and legal. You don't have to worry about breaking the law or the bank!

I have been using Satellite TV for PC for over 4 years now and I have not had any problems with their service at all. I remember one time I emailed them to ask them about something and their tech department replied with a satisfactory answer within just 3 hours. I'm very happy that I have found this service.

In addition to the NBA games, you will be able to watch regular TV shows, movies, news, documentaries, TV programs from other countries and much more. I like tennis and golf, so when there are no NBA basketball games on; I try to find some good tennis and golf.

With this excellent service you can get everything that you need for a small one-time payment which will give you unlimited access and viewing for life with free upgrades. You won't find any hidden charges or fees with this service.

You'll now be able to watch complete NBA basketball games from start to finish, check the latest scores, see the NBA championships rankings, watch news about NBA draft info, rumors, cheerleaders, NBA finals, highlights, schedules and standings.

List of NBA (National Basketball Association) teams

Eastern and Western Conference (Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Southwest, Pacific and Northwest Divisions):

Chicago Bulls

Boston Celtics

Indiana Pacers

Milwaukee Bucks

New Jersey Nets

Toronto Raptors

Cleveland Cavaliers

Detroit Pistons

New York Knicks

Philadelphia 76ers

Los Angeles Lakers

Phoenix Suns

Sacramento Kings

Denver Nuggets

San Antonio Spurs

Golden State Warriors

Seattle SuperSonics

Utah Jazz

Atlanta Hawks

Charlotte Bobcats

Miami Heat

Orlando Magic

Washington Wizards

Dallas Mavericks

Houston Rockets

Memphis Grizzlies

Minnesota Timberwolves

Portland Trail Blazers

New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets

Los Angeles Clippers

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      bloggerroi 6 years ago

      Watch NBA Finals Online : Miami Heat Vs Dallas Mavericks

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      nbalive 6 years ago

      Watch NBA Finals 2011 : Miami Heat Vs Dallas Mavericks LiveStream Online

    • profile image

      Dave G. 7 years ago

      Gotta watch all these scammers!

      NOT free! Therefore the whole premise of this article is false. Writer is probably employed by Direct Sat.

    • profile image

      Coach Basketball 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful post on where to Watch NBA games Online - live NBA basketball games from internet on your computer! Keep playing basketball and have fun!:)

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      UNO 7 years ago


    • profile image

      smart guy 8 years ago

      I love the NBA and the WNBA

    • profile image

      bogartkick 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing about this because I'm currently looking for some sources to watch NBA game live, and this could be the source I'm looking for, live straight on my PC.

    • profile image

      Julio 9 years ago

      Have a different way to play and watch the games. Email me if I am mistakes. Thanks

      NBA Lover, Julio

    • profile image

      jessa mae m.oberes 9 years ago

      i love the nba bac that my whact for nba

    • profile image

      jamar 9 years ago

      this gama is hot

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      rudygayfan 10 years ago

      for free

    • PeteMaravichFan profile image

      PeteMaravichFan 10 years ago

      Great Article!

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      w4ew 10 years ago

      i luv the celitcs