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Water Purifier For RV

Updated on July 28, 2014

Filling your RV or camper with water directly from a hose is fine if your water is clean and clear coming out of the tap. However, we live in a 160 year old house with a well and septic system. Filling our RV with water from the tap puts a whole lot of minerals and impure water into our holding tanks. Not good.

The Camco Water Filter that you see to the right fixes our problem easily and cheaply. We just connect the hose to this external water filter and then connect to and fill the water tanks in our travel trailer. After being processed through a carbon filter which removes all impurities, the water that comes out of the tap in the camper now is crystal clear and tastes exactly like bottled water. And, since we like to try and keep our litter to a minimum when camping, reducing the number of plastic bottles is important to us.

The water filter can be used anywhere, not just in an RV. We also use it when we're on our boat so that we have clean tap water right out of the faucet when we're docked. We also use it when filling our hot tub as, with such a high chemical reading on our water, this purifier keeps copper and other impurities from getting into the spa and killing our pipes.

Note: the first time you attach the water filter to the hose and turn on the hose, you'll see a blast of dark water come out. This is absolutely normal. The black water is actually a bit of the charcoal filter coming through. Again, perfectly normal. It flushes out in a second.

To see my accompanying article, check out this link: Things I didn't know an RV needed. There's lots of great stuff on there that you need if you have a camper. I also have a new website that I'm just bringing up - please come visit me at

Here's a few other items in which you might be interested. 

Camco EVO Premium RV/Marine Water Filter, Greatly Reduces Bad Taste, Odor, Sediment, Bacteria, Chlorine And Much More (40631)
Camco EVO Premium RV/Marine Water Filter, Greatly Reduces Bad Taste, Odor, Sediment, Bacteria, Chlorine And Much More (40631)

This system is a bit more heavy duty that the one I highlighted above. This is a great system for full time RVers.


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