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Top 5 Wackiest Water Park Videos That Can Make You Laugh - HARD!

Updated on May 5, 2011

Ahhh...the water parks. Where else can many a family take a day off (or spend one day of their family vacations) in those aquatic wonderlands.

For the little kids, they probably have forts with a lot of water features. They typically include mushrooms that make water curtains, geysers, water guns, and a huge-ape water bucket that dumps on them. They probably have those little slides just right for their liking of thrills.

For the older, bolder crowd, they would rave over a huge variety of watery attractions. From the tamer torrent rivers to the highest freefall slides, they have something for their thrill levels. Even groups of thrill-seekers can join in, too. Some parks have raft rides, slides that look like tornadoes, and mat racing slides. For those taking it easy, the wave pool and lazy river are perennial favorites.

But those watery parks are not just outdoor parks anymore. There are indoor water parks, and hotels that have them are often referred to as "water park resorts" or "water resorts." For families saving money or traveling somewhere where it's generally cold for an outdoor one, they can stay at one of them and include admission as well.

The Troubles With Taping Water Park Videos

People have to consider a few important things when taping water park videos. They have to consider how waterproof and shockproof their cameras are. (Remember, water and electricity is bad chemistry.) Also, some lifeguards may not allow them to film POV's (point-of-view videos) of the attractions themselves! (Copyright just scratches the surface.)

Luckily, those who taped the following five videos in my countdown didn't went into the attractions - they just filmed how their friends rode them.

Run, Dude, Run!

#5: The Bowl Slide Run!

Don't you love bowl slides?

Well, there are variations on the slide. One variation of it involves either a single, double, or cloverleaf tube zipping down an enclosed tube then going round and round in the main bowl (open or enclosed). The tubes go into another enclosed tube and land into either a runout or a splashdown pool.

Another involves just a person sliding into that tube, then rotating around the bowl, and plunging into a pool. For those who want to wonder if they were pebbles of poop, they might want to take swimming lessons because the slides oftentimes plunge them into a deep water pool (about 10 ft).

Well, there's a young man who does the whole thing wrong at World Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada. The slide in question is the Tropical Typhoon (before the color change) He slides down in lying down position as the ride tells him to do so, gets himself up, and runs around the bowl. Then, he slips and slides in upright position and lands in the pool feet first.

Lesson learned: remain in proper sliding position at all times!

Nothing Like Water Park Fun and NLP!

#4: Self-Help and Fun

This video shows a bunch of Europeans having fun at an indoor water park, and it's not just any water park. It's the Tikibad Duinrell in the Netherlands. It shows them going down a bowl slide called The Cyclone and doing some tricks while sliding it. It also features them going down a plunge slide called The Pelican, which drops them into a deep splashdown pool.

So what makes this video of just boys having fun at a water park so wacky? Listen to the audio - it's an excerpt from some self-help, NLP recording that tells people how to conquer their fears. Really, does some self-help audio accompany videos of happy memories in a water park? What the heck?

Where's the Second Tube?

#3: Breaking the Rules At Rapids Water Park!

Funnel slides pose some problems. The biggest one is holding on to your handlebars on your side of the cloverleaf tube as you and your fellow riders sway dynamically into the real funnel. That can lead you to falling off the tube. The same thing holds with the enclosed chute because it can go pretty fast to have you fly off it.

The guys in the video not only learned it too all too well, but they didn't grasp the concept of a cloverleaf tube that seats maximum 4 people. When descending out of the chute into the funnel, just three boys are seated on the tube and two more cling onto it. One of them seated on the tube stands up as the tube oscillates and a few who are sliding with their bodies without a tube did so a few times. Then, they slide down to the pool as usual.

Now we know what four-by-four means...


#2: Family Rafting Goes Wrong!

I love family rafting - it's my favorite type of water slides ever. They range from the normal, open slides to the enclosed ones. Rafts of 3 to 6 people can go over a series of little rapids or go up a boomerang element.

In St. Maxime, France, one cameraman caught a wacky accident on one raft slide. It is the Magic Slide in Aqualand, which is purple, enclosed, and a bit squashed. While expecting his friends, an empty raft emerges. He hears them chanting to the tune of the Sousa march, "The Stars and Stripes Forever." They emerge out of the slide, with some of them on the rafts and some of them out of them, simultaneously. They were mostly unharmed in the incident.

Although it's funny, it's a bit disturbing. There was an incident in 1997 when a group of students who attempted to slide down a body slide at a California water park simultaneously to break a record of the most students sliding on it at once. It broke, injuring 30 and killing only one.

Even though the slide was stable when the French folk slide simultaneously, there might be another incident similar to that.

But the video is funny!

Frankly, My Pal, It Could Be Worse If He Does It on A Bowl Slide...

#1: Blind Man Doing His Business at Lazy River

When you are weary of riding all the tube, bowl, speed, or tornado slides, you'd probably hit the lazy river. Some rivers are open, leaving you with a calm, relaxing ride. Some others have surprises, like whirlpools, splashing coconuts, and waterfalls.

Well, that one guy likes to spice up that one trip along the watery course where patrons float on inner tubes down it. He pretends to be blind and uses the hose. The latter item is not for watering plants, but for pranking visitors. He pretends to be "doing his business" on them, and when he squirted one guy, he exits the river and chases him away.

I don't know why it's so funny - could it be that one prankster's prank or the "Mexican Hat Dance" accompanying the video? I don't think anyone who watches this video developed a lazy river phobia, but it's number one on the list as the funniest of all water park videos!

Do those really funny videos of people doing stuff they shouldn't do at water parks entice you to go to one? If so, don't hesitate - there may be an indoor or outdoor one waiting for you nearby. Even aquatic centers with slides count, too!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Water park jokes are loved by kids.

    • katiem2 profile image


      7 years ago from I'm outta here

      I love a good laugh. Thanks for the great and amusing water park videos!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      7 years ago from south Florida

      talfonso - this is one funny hub with the water slide videos, but especially the last video with the "blind" prankster. If he keeps that up, someday one of his victims may catch up to him with a vengeance.


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