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What is a Kubotan

Updated on June 8, 2013

Kubotan- The Self-Defense Keychain

Aside from being a funny word, what is a Kubotan? A Kubotan is very similar to a yawara stick and is a nifty self-defense weapon that comes in the form of a simple keychain. A Kubotan (often spelled Kubotan because it is a form of a baton,) is a very discrete tactical weapon that could wreak havoc on an offender in a matter of seconds. Best of all, itâs light-weight, easy to carry on a keychain or in your pocket, and requires very little training to properly defend yourself from an attacker.

Below you will find several Kubotans, Kubotan techniques, and information on how to use a Kubotan.

What Is a Kubotan?

A Kubotan is like a mini baton. You know- the sticks that police officers use. The only difference is that Kubotans are about the size of a pin and have a key ring on the end. They are used as self-defense weapons by striking your attacker in sensitive areas such as the eyes, sternum, throat, groin, and pressure point areas.

Kubotans can also be used for swinging with full force and can also turn your keys into part of the weapon using them to ‘smack’ the attacker with a strong force.

To better understand the key technique, you would probably want to see it in action. Check out the video below to get better idea of just how Kubotans work. You might be surprised to see what such a small tool can do!

Kubotan Training Video

Pressure Point Areas that Are Sensitive to the Kubotan

When using a Kubotan any pressure point area will cause your attacker significant pain. However, when you are being attacked you usually do not have time to stop and think of the human anatomy and figure out what the best point of contact would be. Instead of trying to remember every single pressure point, stay focused on the obvious ones.

Kubotan Pressure Points:




Top of the Wrists

Inner Thighs




Upper Lip

Under the Jaw

These are only a few areas to target. They work on any pressure point but if you don’t know the exact location of each pressure point you can strike any of these areas and have a good chance of getting your attacker off of you.

Do You Own a Kubotan?

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Why Kubotans Are Much Safer And Perfect for Women

Kubotans Are a Safe Weapon to Have Around Children

A Kubotan is much safer and easier to use than most typical defense tools. By typical defense tools I mean pepper spray, mace, knives, etc...

Kubotans are becoming increasingly popular for women, most of which are moms. Unlike all the other defense tools previously listed, if your child was to come in contact with a Kubotan there would be no more danger than if he were holding a stick. Since they are not sharp and do not contain dangerous or painful chemicals, the idea of carrying a Kubotan instead of a can of mace is much safer.

Kubotans are also less recognizable. If an attacker were to come up behind you while you were getting into your car, unlocking your front door or walking through a parking lot, chances are you aren't going to have time to fumble for a pocket knife or dig in your bag for a can of mace; though more than likely you will have your keys in your hand. Your attacker isn't going to stop and inspect your key chains. When he grabs you, you will be able to use the Kubotan from nearly any position, even if he has you from behind.

Kubotans Are Illegal In Some Countries!!!

Please be aware that due to the fact that Kubotans are highly-effective in debilitating and attacker, they are illegal in some countries and US States. Please be aware of your own governing laws when owning a Kubotan. If Kubotans are illegal in your country, you can use a small maglight keychain and it will be just as effective! :)

History of the Kubotan

The Kubotan was created by Takayuki Kubota and the name was formed from Kubota and baton. It was originally intended to be a tactical defense tool for police officers to apprehend suspects without causing serious injuries, and was first used by the LAPD in the United States.

Over the years, the Kubotan made its way into the general public and became a popular ‘ninja-style’ weapon and can now be found in a variety of styles, shapes and additional weaponry. Those specific types of weapons were not the original intent of the Kubotan.

More Great Kubotan Technique Videos

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What Are Your Thoughts on Kubotans? Share your thoughts, suggestions and tips relating to Kubotans.

What Are Your Thoughts on Kubotans?

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      Excellent lens!

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