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What roller skates should I buy for my kid?

Updated on May 12, 2011

Kids Roller Skates

What roller skates should I buy for my kid? Just like adult roller skates, "kids roller skates" come in a wide variety of brands, styles, colors, and sizes to fulfill every kids need for roller skates. When roller skating, the roller skates are the most important piece of equipment you can buy (or buy for your kid), and that is why you should do some research before purchasing. There are many things you will need to decide (or have your kid decide)... How often will my child be skating? Will my child be skating indoors or outdoors? What does he/she want to do on their skates (just play around on the street, race, dance, ect)? How much money am I willing to invest in my child's skates, and does this budget include protective pads and a helmet? By answering these questions you will get a good basis on where you should start your search.

Which roller skates should I buy for my kid? - Kids Indoor Roller Skates vs. Kids Outdoor Roller Skates


Where will your child be skating? Inside at a roller rink, or out side on the sidewalk? This will be the first decision you need to make when purchasing you child roller skates.

The difference between kids indoor roller skates and kids outdoor roller skates is the wheels. Indoor roller skates have a harder wheel than outdoor skates. The softer outdoor wheels are made absorb vibrations form the rougher pavement giving them a smoother more comfortable ride. While roller skate wheels are able to be changed out from indoor to outdoor, I am sure you will not want to switch your child's wheels every time he/she wants to go outside. If your child is going to do both indoor and outdoor roller skating, my suggestion to you is to buy a nicer pair of skates for indoors, and less expensive pair of skates for outdoor... that way if he/she falls and scuffs up the outdoor boots, or accidentally goes through a puddle or some mud, it isn't going to be as devastating when the outdoor skates get ruined.


Kids Roller Skate Sizing

My kids feet are still growing, what size should I get?

I know, I know, I know... your kids foot is still growing and you want to buy their skates big so they have some room to grow. While this theory works great for shoes, it never works for "roller skates". Extra room means that the skate will be sloppy on your child's foot leaving extra room for the foot to twist and turn in the roller skate. This extra room can cause twisted ankles, injured legs and knees, or worse. So please parents, do not buy skates for your kid that are 2+ sizes to big on them, it is not safe.

Kids roller skates run true to their actual shoe size, depending on the activity your child will be doing on their skates, you would never want to go more than one size larger than their actual shoe size. If you child will be participating in speed skating, dancing, or derby you will want the skates to fit as snug as possible so they get a direct response between their foot to the skate for optimal performance and a lesser chance of injury.

One nice thing about some outdoor roller skates is that some come in adjustable sizes. These skates grow with your child's foot. These adjustable size roller skates adjust 3-4 sizes making the skates last for multiple years. What a great idea!


How much do kids roller skates cost?

Don't forget about protective pads and a helmet!

Kids roller skates vastly vary in cost from $19 - $300+. Holy smokes! $300 for a pair of kids roller skates? Yes, I know. For $300 you get a VERY special pair of skates, typically for over $300 you are getting a full leather boot, upgraded wheels and bearings, and these skates are specifically made for competition artistic dancing, derby, or jam skating. Most kids do not fall into this group.

However, for $40-$50 you can get your child a very nice pair of beginner roller skates that will keep them comfortable, and will preform well for skating outdoors or for family skate night at the local roller rink. Typically roller skates that cost $30 or less are just toys for really little kids, these are skates that are made to be put on your kids feet to get them comfortable with the idea of roller skating. If you want your child to enjoy their skating experience spend at least $40.

Don't forget about protective pads and a helmet!

Keep your kids safe! Just like with inline skating your child needs to be protected with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. This is especially true when your kids are outside roller skating. There is nothing worse than a child with road rash on his/her knee and hands... except for a busted head of course.

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Do you have questions or suggestions about kids roller skates? - We want to hear what you have to say!

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    • mj11769 profile image

      mj11769 4 years ago

      nice lens...trying to find skates for my granddaughter. Good ideas.

    • aschaa01 profile image

      aschaa01 6 years ago

      MonsterJack said: "One nice thing about some outdoor roller skates is that some come in adjustable sizes. These skates grow with your child's foot. These adjustable size roller skates adjust 3-4 sizes making the skates last for multiple years. What a great idea!"

      A great idea indeed. I am an inline skater and the adjustable feature is prominent on most kids inline skates that I see. When I was younger this was not a feature and it certainly would've saved my parents money when buying me skates. Rather than buy 5 pairs because my feet had grown 5 sizes, they could have purchased as few as 2 because of the adjusting size feature. Glad to hear that it has made its way to roller skates as well.