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Telescopic fishing rod - Do you need one?

Updated on May 28, 2013

The most useful fishing pole of all time

Sitting by the water's edge, rod in hand trying to pull out some wary fish is an excellent way to spend some time. In fact, I would say there is nothing better, and there are many people the world over who would agree with me.

Wherever you go in the world, there are loads of rivers, lakes, streams and brooks, not to mention seas and oceans, where you can cast a bait. How good would it be to have a rod on you at all times, just for those times when you discover a hidden piece of water somewhere.

Historically, fishing poles consisted of two or three pieces, all of which were long and cumbersome. However, things changed with the introduction of the telescopic fishing rod and it is now possible to get a rod that is small enough to keep on you at all times. So, for everything you want and need to know about telescopic fishing rods check out this lens.

The telescopic fishing rod is a fishing pole that is made out of several small sections. When fully extended a telescopic fishing rod can be as much as 30 feet in length but once collapsed it is around two feet in length. Being collapsible, the telescopic fishing rod is very easy to transport, carry around, and store when not in use.

Since a telescopic rod can fold up so small it is the perfect rod for travelling and vacations since it can easily be carried in a normal sized suitcase and put in in the hold or even a small ruck sack and taken on a plane as hand luggage. Similarly, a telescopic rod can be carried in the trunk of a car or van, if you drive when on vacation.

Telescopic fishing rods are made from the same materials as the conventional fishing pole which is typically made out of two or three sections, i.e. graphite, carbon fibre, fibre glass or composites of these materials, which means the telescopic fishing rod is just as strong and capable of landing big fish as conventional take apart fishing poles. Many people think that just because a telescopic fishing pole is collapsible it is weak and not up to the task of catching big fish, however this simply isn't the case. I have used telescopic fishing rods for many years and I have never had any problems with them whatsoever. In fact, my largest ever freshwater fish (a 39.5lbs mirror carp) was caught using a telescopic fishing rod and the rod held up exceptionally well.

Northern pike are no match for a telescopic fishing rod

Northern pike are no match for a telescopic fishing rod
Northern pike are no match for a telescopic fishing rod

When assembling a telescopic fishing rod for use you need to take a bit of care. It is important you don't open the rod and "whip" it out quickly since may cause the sections to jam up, which makes it difficult to line the eyes up and close the rod down again. So, when opening up and assembling a telescopic fishing rod you need to take each section at a time and gently pull it out until it "locks" in to place but you need to make sure you don't over tighten it. Similarly, you shouldn't have the sections too loose since the rod may collapse whist playing a fish and you don't want to lose the fish of your dreams because you didn't assemble the rod correctly, right?

When collapsing a telescopic fishing rod you need to gently twist the section and push it in to the preceding section. When closing the fishing pole you need to be careful not to be too bullish since there is a possibility you could damage the eyes. Telescopic fishing rods are supplied with tip covers to protect the tip and guides, as well as making sure the rod remains in a closed position when not in use.

How to extend and collapse a telescopic fishing rod properly

If you can't visualise how to extend and collapse a telescopic fishing rod then take a look at this video footgae, courtesy of Youtube. In this clip we see how to extend and collapse a telescopic fishing rod without damaging anything.

Other than assembling and closing a telescopic fishing rod you care for it in exactly the same way as conventional fishing poles. You should wipe down and clean a telescopic fishing rod after each fishing session and store it in a dry place and out of the way so it won't get damaged.

Telescopic fishing rods actually have a couple of distinct advantages over a conventional take apart fishing pole. The more sections a fishing pole has the more eyes it will have and the better the power cure will be as a result. More eyes mean more weight and stress distribution in the parabolic arc. The better weight distribution and stress distribution means the rod will be stronger and more durable, which in turn leads to being able to cast heavier leads and baits further, as well as being able to deal with larger (and stronger) fish without breaking the fishing pole.

If you want to start fishing and are on a budget a telescopic fishing rod is ideal. Telescopic fishing rods are cheaper than conventional take apart fishing poles, which I find strange, especially when you think about all the benefits of a telescopic fishing rod and the advantages it has over a conventional take apart fishing pole. With a telescopic fishing rod you get a lot more bang for your buck and we all like a bargain, right?

Bass 9' 6" Carbon telescopic fishing rod

Some telescopic fishing rods are a bit like broom handles in that they are so thick and strong it takes a huge fish to feel the fish on the end of the line. This telescopic rod, however isn't like that. This rod is both sensitive and strong, which means you will feel the fish on the end and there is plenty of strength and backbone to cast big baits and lures big distances.

This rod is marketed as a rod for bass anglers and this is one of the reasons I bought this rod. I was looking for a transportable telescopic rod that I could use solely for hunting big bass, and this rod fitted the bill perfectly.

The build quality of this rod is simply awesome and the cork handle makes it look classy. A bit old skool, but classy nonetheless. I have hooked some decent sized bass with this rod and I have never had any problems with it.

Even though this rod is aimed at bass anglers it can be sued to catch any species of fish, so if you want to buy a decent telescopic fishing rod take a look at this one.

Other top rated telescopic fishing rods to buy

If you are looking to buy a telescopic fishing rod a good brand is Shakespeare and there are loads to choose from. If you buy a Shakespeare telescopic fishing rod you won't be disappointed with either the price, build quality or fish handling capabilities.

Shakespeare rods are very good, however there are many other rod manufacturers that make some exceptionally good telescopic fishing rods.

Telescopic or take apart?

Telescopic fishing rods have their advantages and disadvantages, just like conventional take apart fishing poles. However, which one is best? Which type of fishing pole do you prefer?

Is a telescopic fishing rod better than a conventional take apart fishing rod?

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