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Why Do Swimmers Need a Speedo Backpack?

Updated on April 14, 2014

Do Your Kids Love to Swim?

Are you washing beach towels even when it is snowy and cold outside? Driving to morning practice in the wee hours of the morning? Do your kids' hair have a green tint and crunchy texture that pokes out like horizontal stalactites? Do they smell like they are wearing "Chlorine Perfume"? At dinner are you amazed at the huge quantities of food that disappear from plates?

Welcome to the World of Swimming.

Compared to other sports, competitive swimmers have relatively small amounts of gear. Swimmers' gear, however, requires special care after every practice and every meet. So, I'm introducing the Speedo Large Backpack. Preserve the expensive swimsuits, goggles, caps, showing essentials and towels.

The Compartments on this Bag Are Strategically Located

Swimsuits get wet and need to dry after every practice. Kids wash and rinse suits in the shower. If kids wrap the suits in a wet towel in a regular bag, the suits get accidentally thrown into the washing machine with the towel... and get ruined. Instead, there are pretty straps sewn horizontally on the front of this backpack with loops. Simply tie the straps of the wet suit onto the outside of the backpack after practice. The swimsuit will dry overnight and be ready for the following day. Multiple loops provide room for multiple suits.

Swimmers sometimes wear two suits at once during practice to create drag and increase resistance during training. We used to wear pantyhose with the feet cut off under our suits during practice too! (The guys looked pretty funny.) Hang all of these wet items on the strap loops outside the pack.

The front compartment has a mesh front which allows air circulation. Goggles and swim caps go in this airy compartment so the latex doesn't stick. Also, these are frequently lost items, so visibility allows for that double check before leaving the locker room.

Side pockets are great for shampoo, conditioner, soap and hairbrush. Easy access means no digging in the main compartment, which saves time in the locker room. There is a smaller padded pocket on the side at the top- great for a cell phone, keys, or glasses.

Finally, dry things go in the main compartment. The dry towel of extra clothes stay safe and clean. Again, when the towel is wet, it can be looped through the straps on the outside. Or if the outside is starting to look like a laundry line, keep a large plastic bag in the main compartment. Wet towels can be stashed in there to prevent mildew inside the bag.

Is this bag just too big? Maybe your child wears the swimsuit to practice, and walks in and out of the pool with a towel wrapped around for warmth. Try the smaller size Speedo backpack- same perks, less cumbersome. The smaller pack is great for little swimmers too.

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