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Wildgame Innovations X6C Video Showcase

Updated on January 20, 2013

Wildgame Innovations X6C Video Channel

Thinking about buying a Wildgame Innovations X6C digital game camera? Then check out our channel on the X6C and see what this infrared scouting camera can do. See the sample videos and images created with this cam, and learn about its features.

I am definitely partial to game cameras that have video capability. There is nothing like watching a movie of that big buck and getting to view multiple angles of his rack. It can sometimes be difficult to see all the details in an image that you wish to see, especially if the deer is turned the wrong way. With video, you get to see the entire sequence, as that buck turns its head, and gives you a great opportunity to study that rack.

You also get to see some very entertaining videos of game in their natural surroundings. I have captured videos of bucks fighting, does fighting, and bucks chasing does. I've even captured some videos of trespassers and other game animals like foxes, turkeys, coyotes, and more. I love the anticipation of watching each new video, because you never know what you are going to see.


X6C Video Capability

What can it do?

The Wildgame Innovations X6C scouting camera is capable of capturing videos both during the day time, and during the nighttime. It can do this in pure darkness with no flash. It has a series of 18 high intensity infrared emitters that light up your target(s) without visible flash. The videos are in black and white during the night time, and full color during the day.

You have only one option for your video length, and that's 30 seconds. You will end up with 640x480 resolution videos in an AVI format. I have to say that the infrared quality is pretty good for such an inexpensive trail camera. See some of the examples below.

Video at Night

Infrared digital game cameras have the ability to record video at night, with no visible flash. This is something that strobe flash cameras area not capable of. A scouting camera with a standard flash can only take pictures. They are unable to illuminate the target for the duration of the video. Even if they could light up the area, it would surely spook the deer and they would quickly leave the area.

This is a major advantage that Infrared cameras have over standard game cameras. If you have a preference for video, then you must look into using an infrared game camera. There is so much activity that occurs at night, since deer are typically nocturnal.

Search for Other WildGame Innovations Cameras

WildGame Innovations is a company that is always moving and shaking. They are turning new trail cameras out on a very frequent basis. With over 20 models of game cameras on the market today, you can be assured that WildGame Innovations will stay on the cutting edge of the game camera industry. They have released some cameras recently that are WiFi capable, allowing you to check your camera's images and videos without actually approaching the camera. Now that is a smart idea, because you don't want to leave human scent around your hunting areas. They even have a line of security cameras that use the same scouting camera technology to protect your property. See them all below.

Help others learn about the X6C. If you own one, tell us what you think about it. What do you like best? What do you like least? Was it worth the money, and would you recommend it to a friend?

Calling All WGI X6C Owners ! ! ! - Tell us what you think about your X6C!

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