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What's up with the 49ers?

Updated on March 18, 2016

Colin Kaepernick

So we are just under a month and a half away from the 2016 NFL Draft and it seems all eyes are on the 49ers QB position. San Francisco has the 7th overall selection this year and many analysts predict CALs Jared Goff will hear his name called by the Browns #2 or 49ers #7. Currently Colin Kaepernick sits atop the roster and is headed into his 6th year. Kaepernick was drafted in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. (49ers moved up the draft board by trading for Denver’s 36th overall pick.) 2011, and 2012 Colin was used primarily in Wild Cat formations. In week 10 of the 2012 season vs The St Louis Rams, Kaepernick replaced an injured Alex Smith(concussion). The game ended in a tie. The following week Kaepernick led the 49ers to a victory vs a very stingy Bears defense. Completing 16 of 23 passes and throwing 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions. After the game, Head Coach Jim Harbaugh was asked about who he would start next week. “tend to go with the hot hand” was the answer he responded with.(At this time Alex Smith had been playing the best football of his career under Head Coach Jim Harbaugh 104 passer rating and was 19–5–1 as a starter for Jim Harbaugh) That is exactly what Harbaugh did. Colin Kaepernick would start the remainder of the season, he finished with with a 98.3 passer rating, passed for over 1800 yards with a 10/3 TD-INT ratio. He rushed for another 450 yards and 5 TD’s. Kaepernick lead the 49ers into the post season and back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1995. In a great battle against brothers (Harbaugh vs Harbaugh) and a Super Bowl that can only be explained as a series of bizarre events, the 49ers lost to the Ravens. They appeared though to have gained a franchise QB. Kaepernick finished the following season throwing for 3,197 yards, 21 TDs and 8 interceptions. And rushing for another 524 yards and 4 TD’s. He ended the 2013 campaign with a passer rating of 91.6. 49ers once again made the post season but were eliminated in the NFC championship game by NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks. Sending The Seahawks to the Super Bowl for second time in franchise history. The Seahawks hoisted the Lombardi that year, solidifying their position as top dog in the NFL. While the 49ers would start a downward spiral that seen them accumulate a dismal 13-19 W/L record the next two season. Soon the rumblings started. And although both sides denied it, there was obvious friction between the front office and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. by the end the 2014 season, Young Mr. York released a statement that Harbaugh will no longer be the 49ers head coach, citing it as a “mutual “decision. Although Harbugh later eluded that the decision was more on the Owners behalf. Following that season, the 49ers front office seen an exodus of biblical proportions. Patrick Willis and Justin Smith both retired after the 2014 season along with potential star Chris Boreland. Much of the meat that held the Offensive line was diminish. Mike Upati and Anthony Davis had been claimed in free agency. Aldon Smith, who was expected to anchor the end with the loss of Justin Smith, once again found himself in trouble headed into the 2015 season and was soon released by the 49ers. Vernon Davis at this point had not been the same since Kam Chancellor de-cleated him in the NFC title game. Michael Crabtree was slowed by injury and never could evolve into a true number one receiver. He was not resigned and lost in FA. The biggest loss of all was the loss of the inconvenient truth, Frank Gore. The only constant. 49ers choose not to sign #21 following the 2014/15 season and they soon were reminded how hard it is to find a back that provides all the intangibles. The things you don't see at the combine. The front office made a plethora of ill advised decisions. They hired Jim Tomsula as the HC, and Eric Mangini as the DC. They traded Vernon Davis to the Broncos. They gave the Starting RB job to Second Year Carlos Hyde and backed him up with a guy who has never played professional football and injury prone Reggie Bush. And with 65 million in cap space you think the front office would go shopping. But currently the biggest splash has been to resign Shaun Draughn. Bottom line is, the 49ers front office has handled the last two offseason horribly. They had a winning coach in Jim Harbaugh and a true mentor for Colin Kaepernick, or any other future young QB. They have not provided any tools to assist Kaepernick in his success. They have repeatedly allowed Colin to take all the heat for there mistakes and failures as on organization. But Mr. York and GM Balke do not hold themselves accountable. This a is guy who has proven what he is capable of and could have really cashed in on a new contract, but instead wanted to show loyalty. And now earns less than the league average at the QB position. I am not sayings Colin Kaepernick is the best QB in the league and he does have a lot to improve on. But the fact is, he does go out every off season and works to get better. He is dedicated, and he is a good role model. And he has a hunger to win. I don’t think there is any reason to trade this guy. If you thinks it’s easy to draft a QB, than go back and look at the 49ers QB History, and you will see 49ers have only drafted two QBs that have taken them to the Super Bowl. One Being Joe Montana, the other being Colin Kaepernick. And honestly have never truly had a successful QB other than Montana and Young. The fact is, I have yet to see another player be successful without the proper support around him and more importantly the proper leadership. I don't think there is a team in any professional sport venue that could go through the amount of changes the 49ers went through in two years and have success. And if you want your leaders to overcome adversity, than you must provide support, you have to allow them to pick themselves back up. Your players will learn to stay down if they don't learn to get up.

Will Jacob


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