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My Weekly Rant made about who leaked Sexist comments against women in football by Andy Grey Sky Sports

Updated on November 7, 2011

Sexism in football rears its ugly head again

Well once again here we are with a weekly rant that has Sijo1's Blood Pressure at dangerous levels.This week we saw Sian Massey running the line in a top flight Premiership match at Molineux park between Wolves and Liverpool.Fans had to take a double take at the rare sight of a woman official in Football.

Now lets make myself clear right from the very start i have absolutely nothing against a woman running the line at football or further more refereeing a game why not if you are good enough to do it then why not.Lets face it its not an easy game to referee and we are all experts when sitting in the armchair or watching at the Pub or even 50 rows back at the actual game, the fact remains that quick decisions have to be made in a very fast paced game and every now and again the officials get it wrong.

My Weekly rant is more about the meal being made of off the air comments made by two Sky sports Commentators in a sexist manner against Sian Massey.Sky Sports Presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys were overheard making sexist remarks about Sian and complaining that woman shouldn't be officiating a game.

Now 1st things first the 2 presenters are daft for talking with a microphone on Gorden Brown Knows only too well but these comments were private comments between the two, so why are these two disciplined by Sky why not Discipline the person who leaked the a story that could of been kept in house and not brought to the public attention after all everyone is entitled to an opinion and its not liked they talked about Sian in a derogatory manner live on Air.

So why i ask you have the press made such a big deal of it.The Fact remains Sian did a Competent job and this should encourage further woman to official games have people really got nothing better to do than look at the negative side and focus on two of off the air comments of two presenters who could of had the same conversation in the Bar after the game but just happened to speak about it with the Microphone on.

This of course is not to say that sexism doesn't exist in football of course it does and will continue to do so for many years to come but highlighting such petty issues as this doesn't help anyone does it.

Referees will always be in for criticismand the butt of jokes regardless of being male or female and after all its a game.

It seems that people in this Country get on their high horse about such trivial things lets face it a Cleric can stand and preach hatred in our streets that we should all be blown to pieces and somehow this is acceptable and the right of freedom to speech but two people cant have a private conversation or debate on woman refereeing a football game and are all over the national papers and in the News absolutely ridiculous.

Well that is this weekly rant over with and as usual if you agree or disagree please feel free to leave a comment i think this is an interesting subject that touches on many different issues!!!!


Sian Massey


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    • michael ely profile image

      michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland

      Hi SIJO1, A really good article that, for me sums this whole thing up. At first i thought the 2 of them had made a stupid mistake but as you say the media didn't want it to disappear. It seems there has been a bit of an agenda to get rid of Gray, but there is never anything mentioned at all about the people who allowed this to be recorded and then put out for everybody to hear. Cheers. Michael.

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 6 years ago

      kinnsyg thanks for your comment i guess Sian Massey is remaining professional and keeping out of what afterall is a much bigger issue.

      Leachy79 thanks for your comments and some very valid points raised here!!It seems there was a hidden agenda here all along to get Grey Out now surely a bit of retraining into what to say and not to say wouldnt have gone a miss from SKY.It seems Grey was using changing room talk in a professional recording environment thats not to say what was said was right but while he was employed by Sky during his working day he is under contract so then maybe if the mic is on or off they are still bound by the rules of that contract.Thanks for your points and making me think on a different line.Cheers!!

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      There is such a thing like a freedom of speech, and if someone thinks ( many actually does ) that there is no place for women in men's game then so it be. The sky should be forced to pay out millions in compensations for taking away their freedom in speech rights and reinstate them back in the job !!!

    • Pedrotoon profile image

      Pedrotoon 6 years ago

      Good post and something I've been thinking myself. Sure what they said wasn't nice. It wasn't nice for Sian or her family and friends on what was probably a huge day for them. But everybody needs to take a massive step backwards from this because it's getting the mountainous mole hole syndrome. If there was a sky sports mole in every office and workplace in the country right now we'd be looking at 80% of the population being placed on the unemployment line. (the other 20% were on holiday during the exploratory survey) It was a joke - a naughty one agreed - but it happens everywhere. Doesn't make it right of course but an apology should have been more than enough. It isn't and as for women suddenly coming from every angle to have a go, you are just as bad and I've seen loose women... Also I have heard rumours that Sky had a plan in place for this before hand because Andy Gray is currently in a legal battle with sky's parent company over phone tapping. As Richard Keys said - dark forces were at work here. Shame

    • Donnacha C profile image

      Donnacha C 6 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

      their dismissal is clearly the most clever cost-cutting measure Skysports have ever come up with...Sky was looking for an excuse to get rid of them. Not that I will miss them, fools.

    • The Ponderer profile image

      The Ponderer 7 years ago from Scotland

      Good post. I'm not surprised by their comments though. They're just a pair of blokes and that's what you get if you have a pair of blokes commenting on football. I expect the majority of Sky football fans would have excused him.

    • Leachy79 profile image

      Leachy79 7 years ago from Aylesbury, Bucks, England

      I'm afraid I have to disagree with your article. Yes I accept that it was a private conversation, but I am hugely disappointed that 2 highly respected footy pundits would have that opinion and mindset. The problem I have is that sexism in football (and other sports) is treated as acceptable, as banter or a joke. But rewind 20 years, and we would probably be writing about racism in the same way. Nowadays, if Keys and Gray had had the same conversation because a linesman was black, they would have been sacked instantly because society no longer accepts it. So for society to accept sexism but condemn racism for me smacks of hypocrisy.

    • kinnsyg profile image

      kinnsyg 7 years ago

      Some really interesting points. It is interesting that massey hasn't said much at all about it