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My Sentiments towards recent Transfer Rumors or Sagas

Updated on July 28, 2014

Since the 2014 FIFA World Cup has concluded , clubs have been very industrious in securing signatures of players and are anxiously vying for other signatures in this transfer window. There have been many enticing rumors circulating over the past two weeks and indeed the newspaper businesses have benefitted the most from these sensational stories. Nevertheless, there seems to be truth, substance and development to some of the stories we have recently been hearing. For example – the Khedira transfer rumors, the James Rodriguez transfer rumors and the Arturo Vidal transfer rumors. I will share what I think about each of these transfer stories .

Firstly, the Khedira to Arsenal rumors surfaced last week and recently , it looked like the two clubs had agreed the fee but the player could not come to terms with the wage negotiations. This would always be a problem because Khedira’s wage demands is what placed him on the market in the first place and the thought of demanding a mammoth wage at Arsenal meant that this would of course be the stumbling block since Arsenal have a clear and organized wage structure. Tactically, I don’t think it would be a great acquisition solely because as surprising as this sounds , he’s average defensively. His runs would cause problems for Arsenal more so than benefit them as he is also average technically. He is not a true defensive midfielder and never will be. It is obvious that he is a box-box midfielder who can hassle and harry ( this is what makes people feel as if he is a defensive midfielder) and who has an average passing range. Currently, it looks like the deal will not come to fruition and if I was an Arsenal fan, I would not regret it. I feel more viable options would be Christoph Kramer of Gladbach and Morgan Schneilderlin if Arsenal are truly looking for a defensive midfielder for their pivot .

James Rodriguez of AS Monaco was recently linked to Real Madrid after a fantastic World Cup this year. The move has now been completed by Real Madrid and they have paid a colossal fee to secure his signature. Honestly, I am baffled by the signing and I am genuinely interested on what Ancelotti will do tactically as a result of this signing. Now James is a fantastic player but I don’t know if he is a fantastic fit or addition. This signing will likely confirm the exit of Di Maria who was integral to Ancelotti’s system last season. Despite James ‘ ability, he can not offer what Di Maria had done this season – and that is mitigating one of Real Madrid’s chronic tactical weaknesses . Because of the unwillingness of Ronaldo to track back , the fullback on his side was often left vulnerable and exposed and teams knew this and would capitalize on it. However, last season we saw a change to a 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 system that allowed for Di Maria to be played deeper and centrally where he excelled and also protected the tactical weakness that was mentioned earlier. Now with the purchase of James, there might be an actual chance that the system reverts to their failed 4-2-3-1 since James is more of an Attacking Midfielder. The 4-2-3-1 does not allow for the midfield control that Real Madrid possessed with the 4-3-3 nor the tactical flexibility of the 4-4-2 they also used . If they do continue to play with the two systems that proved to be reasonably successful , they will not be as effective because a valuable piece of their system would be lost in Di Maria. James does not possess the pressing/defensive abilities that Di Maria possesses that made the system successful and so, Ancelotti would more likely be shoehorning James in his starting eleven. As it also relates to reverting to the 4-2-3-1 , I feel James’ influence or ability to dominate and create will be minimized since Ronaldo tends to also use the space of the Attacking Midfielder. James will have to adjust in the way that Ozil had to adjust; meaning that he will have to create movement and space for himself elsewhere since Ronaldo likes to move in this space . Ozil was intelligent and skilled enough to realize that he had to create flank overloads or shift wider than the AMC position to accommodate the movement of Ronaldo . Will James be able to adjust like this? I genuinely hope he’s able to justify his price tag and acquisition!

Thirdly, there were many rumors of Vidal leaving Juventus for Manchester United .Media sources especially from England were saying that the deal was coming close and personally, I did believe this because the departure of Antonio Conte seemed to had been fueled by Juve’s lack of ambition and many others such as myself believed that this would then mean that there is substance to the Vidal move . I even started imagining how effective that 2/3 man midfield would of Manchester United would be if Herrera and Vidal partnered . However, more recently Juventus have gone public and refuted such claims that he is available so the deal seems to be off.

There is also the Di Maria transfer saga and whether or not he will leave Real Madrid and go to PSG but I am not knowledgeable on the transfer.

James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez
Angel Di Maria
Angel Di Maria
Arturo Vidal
Arturo Vidal
Sami Khedira
Sami Khedira

Recent Transfer Developments

To Club
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Di Maria
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De Vrij
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