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World Naked Bike Ride Day

Updated on February 1, 2013

Welcome to World Naked Bike Ride Day

Today we are celebrating all those titillating two-wheelers and birthday-suit bikers who parade through town like the emperor without any clothes. They gently remind to enjoy a healthy natural lifestyle (which may also include some skinny-dipping)!

If nothing else, it is a great way to unleash one's pedal-pushing power in the great outdoors. Yes, you can also hop on a bike fully clothed, or let your inner imp out and wear some amusing attire. And for those whose pride or prudishness prevents them from participating in such a funny fitness activity -- perhaps you can snicker, smile, or at least say hello as they ride by!


Image Credit: World Naked Bike Ride poster, Ottawa, June 11, 2005

What's "World Naked Bike Ride Day" About? - Why are people riding their bikes in the buff for pity's sake?

The purpose of "World Naked Bike Ride Day" is to celebrate cycling, summertime, mother nature, and the human body.

The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and the importance of sustainable transportation practices, (namely less reliance on car culture and fossil fuel).

While almost everywhere in the world riding your bicycle naked is illegal, on this special occasion, you might want to check with civic officials before organizing your "sans culottes" pedal-powered parade.

For those wondering whether pedal-powered public nudity is permitted, the short answer is yes, so long as the behaviour of the clothing-optional individuals in question isn't lewd, aggressive or violent. For countries with stricter laws, full nudity is not mandatory in order to participate in the event!

For those wondering whether they should bike clothed or go "au naturel", the short answer might be that riding on a hard bike seat can make your gluteus maximus, or if you prefer your posterior, feel a tad sore afterwards - particularly if you haven't cycled recently. Of course the next question will probably be, what kind of footwear is advisable -- well that all depends on whether you wish to scrape your toes or not.


Image Credit: Illustration by Jon Laing -

"Most of us are not nudists. We are willing to challenge ourselves to take our clothes off to show our commitment to cycling."

-- A WNBR participant --


Princess Prickwillow qualified in the clothing-optional category, but since her pet dragon was not pedal powered, she had a funny feeling that his flame throwing capability might scare off the rest of the competitors.


Image Credit: Dragon Rider -

Gorgeous Gladys Glutes had always rather fancied herself the centre of everyone's attention. - And, entering the World Naked Bike Ride was after all a sporting

The only thing she was concerned about was how she was going to repair a flat tire in the middle of the race.


Image Credit:

The Secret to Balance in Life - Lots of Pucker Power plus oodles of Pedal Power!

"The World Naked Bike Ride is the most fun event of the year... . It's crazy and ridiculous and for a good cause. And it goes to show, you can advocate for change...with a sense of humor."

-- Cordelia Horsburgh, cycling advocate involved with the event since its inception.

World Naked Bike Ride Day Welcomes Everyone! - Bartholemew wondered if his amusing form of alternative transportation vehicle would win enthusiastic applause fr

While this event is dedicated to pedal-power, any alternate body-powered transport is welcome and encouraged.

In fact participants have often included those riding on skates (inline, rollerskates, rollerblades and even skateboards), as well as unicycles, tricycles, chopper bikes, tandems, and group bikes.

And, there are even some who amaze bewildered bystanders with their new-fangled forms of sustainable transport.


Image Credit:

Colorful characters and unconventional unicyclists are always welcome! - Even those who bobble or bumble their balls have a place in this parade!


Image Credit:

Okay Smarty Pants, what would you wear to the "World Naked Bike Ride"?

What should I wear? How should I decorate myself? Will I be out of place in this place?

If you can "grin and bear it" why not celebrate your body beautiful -- it's strength, grace and individuality. People of all ages, sizes, builds and appearances join the "World Naked Bike Ride". Don't be shy, you'll be treated with dignity and respect no matter what your body looks like. And, if you're at all circumspect about exposing yourself in public, you can always exercise your artistic genes and cover up your blemishes with a few well-appointed airbrushed images.

The whole idea here is to be colourful and imaginative!

So whether you're into body painting, customising your bike (be it borrowed, owned or rented), or dressing up in a crazy costume -- creative expression is strongly encouraged!


Image Credit: Illustration by Pushkin at

Bike in the Buff Poll - Wonder what would Homer Simpson do?

Have you ever participated in World Naked Bike Ride Day?

See results


"As bare as you dare!"

Always assess your risks versus rewards when learning how to drive ...after all ...

World Naked Bike Ride Day is not just a great event for spectators, visiting tourists and the general public, it's an amazing experience that everybody can participate in or support. NOTE: Before taking any flash photos, always ask for the participant's permission.


Image Credit: Naked Rider -

Anyone Who Bikes in the Buff Deserves a Nudity Degree!

Nudity Nudist Degree: Custom Gag Diploma Naked Nude Doctorate Certificate (Funny Customized Joke Gift - Novelty Item)
Nudity Nudist Degree: Custom Gag Diploma Naked Nude Doctorate Certificate (Funny Customized Joke Gift - Novelty Item)

Who cares about a B.A., B.Sc., or an M.Sc. when you can hang this dazzling diploma on the wall?


Who knew a nude nymph on a bike would inspire "Cycles Gladiator" wine? - Perhaps it's the unofficial boisterous beverage of bare essential babes and boys on bik

Apparently this light-hearted label offended the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board who decided to ban the sale of "Cycles Gladiator" wine in the state.

For art buffs, the image on the face of a 2006 Pinot Noir Cycles Gladiator wine is a copy of an 1895 advertising poster for Gladiator bicycles painted by French artist G. Massias.


Image Source:

T'was the night before Christmas when Santa sped through the streets ... - Wondering who in their right mind would ride sans-culottes in summer or in winter?


Image Credit: December 2011 -

GMC Denali Road Bike
GMC Denali Road Bike

Yes, you'll definitely impress the crowd with this lovely sleek looking sustainable form of transport!

Giro Indicator Bike Helmet, Titanium/Silver
Giro Indicator Bike Helmet, Titanium/Silver

You'll definitely look smashing in this titanium/silver helmet!

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

Well, if it's made from know Superman probably endorsed it.


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      7 years ago

      Big smiles from this lens. I would love to see this bike ride some day.


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