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Cricket and Life!

Updated on March 1, 2011



Life is like a cricket match!

Celebrations when you are born!

Celebrations when a match is inaugurated!

Boy or girl is the first question!

Heads or tails in the match!

Life begins there! Your match also begins!

Start scoring from the first ball – secret of cricket.

Start scoring name, fame and money from day one – secret of life.

Score in singles to make an entry.

Correct singles in your entrance exams will give you a good start in life!

Just singles alone will not help. Hit fours and sixes to make a big score.

How long can you answer in one word!! Write and speak in paragraphs, you will score better. When you speak in centuries and centums you are always applauded.

In this process of making runs, you lose your wicket in the match and that’s marriage in life!

You aim high and give away your catch and that’s love marriage!

You are being bowled by somebody and that’s arranged marriage!

You are caught and bowled and that’s love cum arranged marriage!

Oh! You are stumped! You get caught in your sister or brothers marriage!

Unexpected run out! Run away and get married without others consent!

Whatever happens you are being watched! Ravi shastri, Sanjay Manjrekar, Sidhu keeps on commenting over the spoilt milk. The same happens in your life. The difference is its your parents and relatives in the place of shastri, sanjay and Sidhu.

With great energy you start your second session that’s life after marriage. You have to be very calculative and place bouncers and yorkers to your spouse at the right time. Sometimes it may be a hit but most of the times you are being hit. You try to restrict but the other tries to score and that makes life difficult but interesting!

The more you score the better you defend and you win the match!

The same holds good in life! The more you earn and spend it in a better way success is all yours!

Life is just like a cricket match! Enjoy and play well!

Came across this comparative thought when thinking about the world cup sitting out of the home ground when the world cup is happening in the home ground. Men rushing home from office, students peeping out from the study room to watch tv, women fighting for remote to watch serials, aged people discussions n the morning walk, flash news in the tv channels- everything, everywhere and every talk is about cricket for these two months in India. Every eye is on the players and every heart is praying that India should win the world cup. Lots of debates, lots of discussions about India winning the cup- though its all repetitive in all kinds of media we like to hear it and we wish to see it! Cricket fan or not- there is no way you can escape the all-engulfing madness.

The book “The Secret” emphasizes on the law of attraction and says “your thoughts become things.” From now on , let all the cricket lovers , though they have slight doubt on our players, think that we will win the cup which lies in the bottom of every heart and lets picture in our mind that Dhoni and his boys are running around with the world cup in the Wankhede stadium. Crackers and celebrations everywhere throughout India. Wow! What a moment when you just imagine! But little worried about Indians not in their country when we hold the cup! Technology has made everything possible. Internet cookies (not the bookies) gives good news about the match the very next minute. But no technology can transcend that lifted feel which runs across the country when we hold the cup! For the cricket loving Indians who are now out of country its like SO NEAR YET SO FAR –what Shastri usually says when Sachin loses his century by a whisker or probably would have said to Dhoni in the tied England-India match. Let India win the cup this time atleast for the legendary soul, Sachin, who doesn’t think that life is like cricket but thinks that Life is cricket. Let him add that one left-out title to his career before he retires. Go India go! Jai ho!


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    • sankari.nayagam profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks Trsmd for your comments!

    • Trsmd profile image


      6 years ago from India

      Cricket has made Indians such mad that comparing everything with life. But what I like the most in cricketing term is that Asking Rate. Still how much you have to earn to reach particular target. Thanks for SHARING:)

    • Nishantcool profile image


      7 years ago from New Delhi

      As Indians where ever we go,we always try to relate things in life in cricketing terms! :-)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      its amazing mathini...not only d thought of comparing cricket with life bt also d way u portraydz very gud....carry on mathini...


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