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Donate to the World's Largest Golf Outing benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project

Updated on July 23, 2015

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WLGO for the Wounded Warrior Project

My dad started teaching me golf when I was in the third grade. I remember almost hitting him with a golf ball the first time he took me out onto the course. My dad is a veteran of the Vietnam War, which is about all I know as he doesn't talk about his experiences there. When he lived in Maryland, I would fly out and we would golf a charity event, For the Kids Charity Golf Event, each August, which raised money for a local family struggling with their child's medical bills. I loved playing with my dad in that event as it was a time we started to bond. My dad turns 70 in 2014 and can still kick my butt around a golf course.

When he moved to Florida, our traditional golf tournament stopped. In 2014, my dad is playing in a new charity tournament which is part of the Wounded Warrior Project also called the World's Largest Golf Outing. My dad will be playing at Bent Creek Golf Club in Jacksonville, Florida. In another foursome will be Michael Rollins who is being helped by WWP, (read how golf helps Michael cope) even though his injuries don't allow him to read, write, spell, or even drive a car.

I hope to wiggle onto my dad's team one year and start a new tradition. However, in the meantime, please consider supporting the Wounded Warrior Project by donating to my dad's team, A Lady and 3 Gentleman.

About the World's Largets Golf Outing

The WLGO was started in 2011 by Billy Casper Golf in an attempt to have a golf outing on the same day across all of their golf courses with the added benefit of supporting a worthy cause, which they eventually chose the Wounded Warrior Project. The WWP supports injured United States service men and women, which is a noble cause indeed.

In 2011 - 2,500 participants and raised $40,000

In 2012 - 8,000 participants and raised $400,000

In 2013 - 10,000 participants and raised $735,000

In 2014 - 12,000 participants and raised $875,000

Interested in playing in the tournament? Click on WLGO Registration to find a golf course near you.

Interested in supporting WLGO, then why not support my dad's WLGO team or use the link to find a team in your area.

About the Wounded Warrior Project

WWP started in 2004 to support wounded veterans and the their families. The WWP programs include support for Mind, Body, Economic Empowerment, and Engagement. If you are a veteran in need or would like to find out more, you can click this link, Wounded Warrior Project.

There are many events supporting the WWP charity including sports events, concerts, run/walks, and many others. Click here to find an event near you.

Wounded Warrior Project gear by Under Armour

Under Armour through December 2015 is making a donation to the WWP. Check out the hats and shirts with the official WWP logo. UA will make a donation of over $2 million dollars to the WWP for its sponsorship from August 2012 thru December 2015.

Send some well wishes to our wounded veterans...

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    • profile image

      Ruthi 3 years ago

      The Wounded Warrior Project is a wonderful event and it is great that your golfer dad will be taking part in this great golf outing for the WWP.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 3 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      that's terrific about your dad golfing, and being so good at it - my heart is with all the wounded veterans, all veterans