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Professional Wrestling Stunts and Moves

Updated on December 12, 2013

Popular Wrestlers and Their Signature Moves

Professional wrestling has it all. Fast action, with incredible stunts combined with a dramatic storyline. It has characters, that you love, and characters you love to hate. It is a sport that definitely keeps its spectators on the edge of their seats.

Within this lens, you will find descriptions and videos of some of the most popular signature wrestling moves, many of which are fan favorites.

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The Stone Cold Stunner - Steve Austin

This move is a signature-finishing stunt that is used by Stone Cold Steve Austin. In this move, Steve grabs his opponent while they are behind him and pulls the victim's head forwards until their chin is on his shoulder. Once in this position, he drops himself to the ground in a sitting position. This action jars the victim's head, stunning them.

Stone Cold Stunner Video

Whisper in the Wind - Jeff Hardy

This is a signature move done by Jeff Hardy. In this stunt, Jeff runs into the corner of the ring, scrambles onto the top rope, and then straddles the corner facing outwards. Once he is in position and his opponent is approaching, he leaps into a back flip while doing a half twist and kicks his victim in the face or chest.

Whisper in the Wind Video

The Camel Clutch - The Iron Sheik

Although, considered a signature move of the Iron Sheik, it was actually invented by Gory Guerrero when he was wrestling in Mexico. In this move, the Iron Sheik sits on the back of his victim and grabs his arms pulling them backwards in an effort to secure them on his thighs using his elbows. Once the victim's arms are secured, the Sheik reaches forward and puts his opponent in a chin lock. To make the stunt look even more formidable, the Sheik often leans backwards, placing pressure on the victim's lower back.

The Camel Clutch Video

The Tombstone Piledriver - The Undertaker

This incredible stunt is the signature-finishing move of the Undertaker and a favorite of the fans. A normal pile driver has the opponents facing the same direction. However, when the undertaker performs this move, he starts with his victim facing him and grabs him around his midsection. Once he has a firm hold, he turns the person over so that their feet are sticking into the air and then drops to his knees while still holding onto his victim. The move makes it seem like the individual has their head smashed into the matt.

Tombstone Piledriver Video

The 619 - Rey Mysterio

In this signature move by Rey Mysterio, Rey approaches the ropes face first grabbing the middle rope with his left hand, and the top rope with his right. Once he has a firm grip on both of the ropes, he swings his whole body through the space between the top rope and the middle one with enough momentum to spin himself completely around so that he is facing the center of the ring. The move works really well when an opponent is close to the ropes. Rey is able to swing through the ropes and land a sideways double kick.

The name of this move is as unique as the stunt. The number 619 is the area code for San Diego.

The 619 Video

Top Wrestling Moves

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20 Interesting Wrestling Facts (You Might Not Have Known)

  • Honky Tonk Man and Jerry Lawler are cousins.
  • Andre the Giant was 7' 4" tall and weighed 475 pounds.
  • .
  • The only triple crown champions are King Booker, Chris Benoit and Bret Hart.
  • .
  • Before joining the WWE, Val Venis raced motocross.
  • .
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper is actually Canadian. He was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
  • .
  • The word "Punk" is tattooed on the inside of Rowdy Roddy Piper's lip.
  • .
  • Before joining the WWE, Victoria was at the Hawaii Bowl as a cheerleader.
  • .
  • In the film Royal Rumble, David Arquette's stunt double was Gregory Helms.
  • .
  • Jerry Lawler has never lost a match to Hulk Hogan.
  • .
  • Hulk Hogan has wrestled under the name of Mr. America.
  • .
  • Andre the Giant once wrestled under the name of Monster Eiffel Tower.
  • .
  • The lucky number to draw in the Royal rumble, according to the wrestlers is number 27.
  • .
  • The song "This Fire Burs" was used by Randy Orton before it became the signature song of Punk.
  • .
  • The record for the longest run as the tag team champions is held by The Colons. They held the title for 280 days.
  • .
  • Jake Roberts (The Snake) never held a title in the WWE.
  • .
  • Robert William Howard (Hardcore Holly) was a driver in NASCAR.
  • .
  • During a fight with Big John Studd, Andre the Giant fell asleep.
  • .
  • Brodus Clay had the honor of being Snoop Dogg's bodyguard.
  • .
  • When developing the concept for SmackDown, organizers considered making it an all women event.
  • .
  • The first edition of RAW magazine featured Vader on the cover.

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