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Wwe Superstars

Updated on September 16, 2018
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Get in the ring

Smacking down the Rawness

I have been a wrestling fan on & off since I was a kid. I remember my dad yelling instructions at the TV as if the wrestlers could hear him.

The funny thing now I do it whether its wrestling, watching Hockey or the Nascar Race.

I remember more or less Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Hulk Hogan, Sting (even though he was with the WCW he's always remained a favorite, which could have been a biased Scorpio thing with the Scorpion on his merchandise. I miss the colorful makeup, to the heel NWO look.) The Rockers, and at one of the Westchester County fairs Strikeforce walked by me. (I was little and was afraid to approach them to get a picture or autograph, but even when I sucked it up my legs were too short to keep up to meet them) the Heart family & British Bulldog were favorites as well.

I've come to notice that the wrestlers I liked best were the Arial daredevils and don't remember there being this amount of b.s at the start of the shows as there is now, I watch it more as a comedy then a sport!

I do however LOVE when CM pUnk, John Cena & The Rock are all in the same area at once, can we just have them in a verbal jabs match?

I think Sheamus should maybe be added to that as well.!

If the Cougar known as Vicki who looks like a melted faced Kris Jenner (Kardashian) can make a stupid tag team game show then I want my Verbal jabs match!

This is just the start of this spotlight lens, I'm sure there are others I may have forgotten at the moment but I will include here as I remember wrestlers from when I was a kid and find new favorites (as well as info on them)

January 14 2013 ~ Raw had their 20th year anniversary celebration

and #Raw25 was January 22nd, 2018

If you don't already know.. Pro Wrestling rules etc.

So it's now Sept 2017 and I'm back watching again as I hear the Hardy Boys are back! I so missed watching them. You can also add a new favorite to my list! Finn Balor! yep add another to the Club. How can you not like the guy between flying, that friendly smile and he's easy on the eyes. But I think the main thing I liked was the fact I saw him on Raw before Summer Slam playing mind games with Bray Wyatt! Plus I love that SICK paint job. I think I would actually scream if he was suddenly in front of me with that on! So yeah the guy impressed me and If a spotlight for him is not here

If what is on this page does not interest or entertain you, then you might like those I have featured on the second page here

ATTENTION: I have made a 2nd page to this as this one looked cluttered. So anything that was previously here will have moved to page 2 and the link can be found at the end of the page. This will remain the MAIN page, with the news & Notes section.

*BOOT Notes

Image Credit (Ring image via previous image search I take no credit. All rights belong to I guess WWE or whoever)

Types of Wrestling Matches

Shake up logo

Superstars shake-up

The week after Wrestlemania sone of the stars of Smackdown and Raw get traded to keep the competition fresh.

from Smackdown to RAW

Jinder Mahal (who lost U.S. Championship to Jeff Hardy in his raw debut)

Riot Squad

Authors of Pain

Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens

Bobby Lashley

Tyer Breeze


No way jose

Ember Moon

Natalya !!!!

Dolph Ziggler

Drew McIntyre

Baron Corbin

Bobby Roode

Raw stars NOW on SmackDown

The Miz


Aiden English

Jeff Hardy :-(

Samoa Joe


The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus)

LLuke Gallows and Karl Andersen

I miss this commercial

Behind the Scenes of "Be Like No one"

Title Holders

Universal - Roman Reigns

WWE - AJ "the Phenomenal One"

Intercontinental - Seth Rollins

United States Champion- Shinsuke Nakamura

Cruiserweight Champ- Cedric Alexander

___Tag Team___

RAW- B* Team

SMACKDOWN - New Day Big E and Xavier Woods

__Women's Champion Titles___

Raw Champion ROWDY Ronda Rousey

Smackdown Becky Lynch


Champ- Tomasso

Women's- Karai Sane

Tag Undisputed era

__Current / acting GMs__

Raw= Kurt Angel

SmackDown= Paige

UK Champ- Pete Dunne

Spin the wheel

Matches of the Year

Starting May 2018 'Pay-per-view' events will now be co-brand. Both Smackdown and Raw matches in all the PPVs.

January - Royal Rumble

February Fast Lane

April - Wrestlemania

Pay Back


Extreme Rules

Money in the Bank

Great Balls of Fire


Summer Slam

September - No Mercy

October - Hell in a Cell

November - Survivor Series

Clash of Champions

Stipulation guide

Wrestlinng Roulette

Stipulation guide

Ladder Match- usually used when a championship is on the line. It's Hung above a ladder and the first one to pull it off wins. (Ie: Money in the Bank)

Strap Match- 2 competitors are tethered to each other in some way so they are in close proximity. The strap and anything tied to it are considered legal in play weapons. Ends by Pin Fall or touching all four corners

Beat the clock- beat your opponent before the clock runs out

Three Stages of Hell -has 3 different stipulations but must win 2 of the matches

Casket Match - trap your opponent in the coffin/casket

House of Horrors -

Last Man Standing -

"I Quit" match -

Empty Arena Match-

Table Match- to win you put your opposition through a table (break it)

Extreme Rules No disqualification no count out can only win by pinfall or submission

2 out of 3 falls - Self explanatory

Chicago Street Fight

Falls Count Anywhere Self Explanatory

Inferno match - the ring is surrounded by fire and must set your opponent on fire

Hell in a Cell -the only thing special about this is the 20-foot high roofed cage

Elimination Chamber

Punjabi Prison match

Tower of Doom -3 various sized stacked cages, only way to win is to climb and grab the keys to get out of the door

Royal Rumble - 30 competitors are called. It starts out with 2 opponents then every 90 seconds another competitor is called in. The only way of elimination is pushing someone over the top rope. Wrestler to watch is Kofi Kingston just on how he avoids being eliminated.

Triple Threat - I think this is self-explanatory wins by pinfall or submission by anyone in the ring.

Pro wrestling match stipulations

What's your favorite type of match?

See results

Event Results

Elimination Chamber

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson def. Miztourage (as if you didn't know they would)

Ronda Rousey signs her contract

"woken' Matt Hardy def. Bray Wyatt

The Bar beats Titus Worldwide

Asuka beat Nia Jax

Men's Chamber Miz Balor, Reigns, Cena, Stroman, Elias,Rollins


Woman's Chamber Bliss, Bayley,banks, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville,Mickie James

BLISSful elimination Alexa Bliss wins first women's EliminationChamber

Royal Rumble

AJ Beats Kevin Owens and Sami Zayin

Asuka wins Women's Royal Rumble

Its official Ronda Rousey IS now part of the WWE!

Brock Lesnar is STILL Universal Champion

1. Rusev

2. Finn Balor

3. Rhyno
4. Baron Corbin
5. Heath Slater
6. Elias
7. Cien Almas
8. Bray Wyatt
9. Big E
10. Tye Dillinger taken out by KO & Sami SAMI fills in
11. Sheamus
12. Xavier Woods
13. Apollo Crews
14. Nakamura
15. Cesaro

16 Kofi

17 Jinder mahjal

18 Seth Rollins

19 Matt Hardy

20 John Cena

21 The Hurricane

22 Aiden English

23 Adam Cole

24 Randy Orton

25 Titus

26 The Miz


28 Roman Reigns (who throws Rollins out)

29 Golddust

30 Ziggler (and eliminated about a minute later)

Survivor 6 Reigns, Mysterio, Balor, Oton,Shinsuke, Cena

Cena Eliminates Balor

Final 3 Reigns, Shinsuke, & Cena

Shinsuke vs Reigns for WM crown



Andre the Giant memorial match - Matt Hardy

Cruiser Championship Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Aleksander

1st ever Women's Battle Royal Naomi

ronda Rousey & Kurt Angel vs Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Alexa Bliss & Mickey James vs Nia Jax for Raw women's champ

3 man Intercontinental championship match Miz, Fin Balor & Seth Rollins


Universal Championship match Lesnar vs Reigns

Shield Fury thinks NOT

Shield   Fury thinks NOT
Shield Fury thinks NOT


Come Play

The WWE has an app called SUPERCARD.

I started to play and it's easy. For those of you that play things like Magic, or Pokemon card games you will likely know what you are doing right off. Even if you are like me and never played those type of card games you should be good. I figured things out pretty quickly! I downloaded it for my Amazon Kindle but it is also available on Google play and I'm sure iTunes as well.

If you are on a team there are team events. Not only Battleground which the owner or a general can start as long as the team has enough of players and it's not still in claim phase then a game can be started. The team events rotate. Some are the same some have changed as the app is in season 4 now. (there are things like about the updates and a couple I'm not happy about but the pros outweigh the cons.

The regular games are Wild Mode where you fight one on one (3 rounds best 2 out of 3) and Money in the Bank there's a pyramid of cards. Win match in each level win the contract, win the one at the top of the pyramid and you get 2x the contracts. here you can save up your contracts to buy other cards.

King of the Ring

set up your deck of 10 Superstars and 2 support cards for this simulated tournament You need to keep an eye on your cards to manage them to make sure they have energy. I've been King of the Ring 2x now and have come in 2nd the times I have not won.(no more than 5-6 times I've played)

PVP games

Royal Rumble uses 15 cards for a deck the higher your cards the better and longer you will be able to keep possession of the ring to win. While one card is in the ring (say your champion) you sacrifice other cards (if you win the matches) to decide what type of match like power, charisma etc) This one I enjoy.

WAR I'm not crazy about as it's like playing wild and there's no flow to it. Also, you do not get as many cards in the draft as you do with the other PVP games

EVENT Games (teams or individual)

Road to glory

I wasn't happy with the way we get our first cards. You just 'draft' them you can't even see them so you are lucky if you get some of the wrestlers you are a fan of. Basically, You Draft cards, or you win them. (Sadly you cannot trade cards with others who might want them. I keep getting Brock Lesnar cards now while my Summer Slam card of his is totally pumped up... I would much Prefer, Orton, The Hardys..Preferably Jeff, Finn Balor cards with or without the paint job and that's only my top faves currently active.

You can charge your cards with the ones you don't want (or as Ryback says "Feed Me More' which I do. Speaking of feeding... There's also a 'Fusion Chamber' which yo can put a few cards together.

Start with a common card and add a few others to come up with the points to make the card. it takes I think 5 minutes, if you click the card in the middle it will show you the wrestlers you get. If you want to get an Uncommon wrestler you need to use that Fused Common card in the Uncommon chamber and add cards up to (or more than) the number of points. I did this once I saw a Finn Balor card with the 'electric' fusion look. So I kept charging a card and worked my way through each chamber. Once I got to the Legendary one Honestly I begged the game out loud!!! to give me the Balor card, and not that then Sheamus (i forget the other cards in that but I can try to cover that more in depth at another time (either on a hub of it's own or once I make a video. I think most of who I want are in the Legend or Survivor Chambers. But it will be awhile before I do that again as I'm a busy team owner Currently Scorpions Sting is my team I started (but accidentally promoted someone to far and accidentally made them the owner. The Ranks go from Lowest... Member, to Officer, to General to Owner. If you make your own team Don't give anyone that option (they can fiddle around with everything like who your team champ the frame etc. Sadly You can't demote them back (and I think same as General. If I ...(MysteriousSilkenOnyx) is not in Scorpions Sting I may make a new team called SCORPIOnS revenge

(The only options you have if this happens to you, make a bug report and tell them you something happened that someone else is the owner when you are the actual one OR just make a new team. )

and Instead of trying to explain everything, why don't I just show you?

Also if you join... my team is SCORPIOnS reveng Let me know you Read my superstars page on Hubpages and I will Invite you.

WWE Supercard General Walk Through

Supercard pt 2 -King of the Ring

WWE Supercard - Royal Rumble

Team Battleground

The Viper

Randy Orton ~ INAUGURAL UNIFIED champion

The Legend Killer, Viper, & 'Original' Apex Predator

I hear voices crying

I see heroes dying

I taste blood that's drying

I feel the tension rising.....

(music & lyrics by Rev Theory 'Voices')

which was also fitting for his Money in the Bank match.

Randal Kenneth Orton (I've also heard his middle name is Keith so I'm not sure which)

Pedigree: 3rd Generation wrestler Grandson of Bob Orton Sr. & the son of Cowboy Bob Orton

Signature Move: RKO

Tag Teams Sheamus (which has been dubbed Celtic Viper

Randy Emerged from the OVW minors in which he was a 2-time OVW Hardcore Champion. Watch Randy in OVW He made his WWE debut in 2002.

He's been tagged 'The Legend Killer' and was in Revolution with mentor Triple H.

He's a 9x World Heavyweight champion and you can add THE YOUNGEST World Heavyweight champion of ALL TIME to that as well.

He's a 3x SOLE Survivor in 2003, 2004 & 2005 Survivor Series, and Survivor series 2012 he came in 2nd (by his own fault...more noted later)

so he has surpassed both his grandfather Bob Orton Sr. and his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton's accomplishments.

Randy has always performed under his own (real) Name, He didn't become a superstar by being controversial or a flag-waver; he did it by being himself.

He had been diagnosed on tv with IED and had to go to Anger management for three weeks, where he was diagnosed with having a narcissistic attitude and inability to accept authority.

He came back from a 2-month suspension to return for Raw's 100th episode to RKO Heath Slater in a defeat that took little over a minute.

He currently comes out to the tune 'Voices" by Rev Theory

"I hear voices in my head, they come to me they understand...They Talk to me

See full lyrics here

As of mid-October 2012, he has finished filming his lead role in the movie 12 Rounds reloaded, a reboot of the series.

October 28th, 2012 Survivor Series Orton was teamed with Kane, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston & the Miz against, Capt. Dolph Ziggler, David Otunga, Alberto DelRio, Wade Barret & Snooty 'Savior of the Masses who's name I fail to recall! lol) Orton & Ziggler end up being the last two in the ring. Randy has Ziggler RKO'd and basically throws it away. He was about to finish things off when he steps to the opposite corner & goes for a run & Ziggler ups & pins him.

Randy became the FIRST Unified WWE World Heavyweight CHampion December 2013 at TLC (Tables Ladders & CHairs) vs. John Cena. The 2 have been rivals since the start both starting their careers in the WWE in 2002.

Randy's Tribal

Married to Samantha & father to Alanna

He has his own private tour bus for when he's out on the road.

A few years ago during a 2-hour layover in Dallas, TX Randy tweeted he had a back massage and a pedicure at the Express Spa

August 2017 Rusev is now the rival thorn in Randy's side. Let me tell you I didn't see Randy coming. Where the heck he? Rusev came out then all of a sudden he was out on the floor! Now I feed all my Rusev cards in the Super card game to Randy!

Skip to 5:10 for Randy's segment

You're not a dictator; you're just a dick

-Edge to Triple H

EDGE Hall of Fame

EDGE Hall of Fame
EDGE Hall of Fame

Noteable Memorabilia -WWE Encyclopedia 4th ed.

This third or 4th edition would be great for doing a report on your favorite Wrestler? I looked through this at my local store (as I cannot afford it at the moment) and the encyclopedia offers a plethora of information for the new fan or ones that have been there since day 1! The Information covers all superstars, History, pay per views and weekly shows.Beautiful full-color glossy pages over 1,200 profiles with stats, bio and pictures and of course history of the championships. It makes a great gift for the die-hard fan or casual.
I mostly love how good the color its almost as if the book printer found a way to use the Wizard printing like they show in the Harry Potter movies. You think you could pull a 2-inch wrestler right off the page. also love the nice crisp feeling of the pages as well. The best thing is that it is a FULL coverage encyclopedia of wrestling. It's not just the WWE. Wrestlers from other defunct outlets are in here and gives history to WCW (which I miss) ECW and so on. However, I don't remember seeing the GLOW (I remember that was on when I was really little the Crazy 80s as I call it)
I wish EVERY Encyclopedia were like this, and that my High School yearbook looked like this!


Randy Orton- Evolution of A Predator

CM Punk- Best in the World


I know Chris Jericho had one can't recall the name at the moment

CM Punk

Seperated at Birth - a Debate

CM Punk

The ROCK's "COOKIE PUSS" former WWE champion

Signature Move: GTS (Go to Sleep) & Anaconda Vise The 'Pipebomb' (does that one count?)

2011 won the WWE title from John Cena in Chicago then left. In 2012 at Night of Champions in Boston, Mass; John Cena & CM Punk went at it again, with the match coming to a draw!!! It was a GREAT match. Make that AWESOME (unlike the Miz) as the crowd was chanting.

Hell in a Cell was the 344th-day Punk has been the WWE Champion.

10th Longest WWE Championship Reign as of the day after 2012 Survivor Series He celebrated 1 full year as the WWE Champion

When Punk got his call he was living in Philadelphia, "near a trail by a river that he would run 6 miles in the sun daily, because he couldn't afford a fake bake. He had come in from running when he got the call from WWE, who put an offer on the table and some digestion time for him."

CM Punk little-known fact...He was a sax player (Alto) before becoming a wrestler

Famous 'Last' words Best in the world

see a special Clip courtesy of WWE magazine (& me listing it for you as its unlisted and without the link you can't watch! )

Exclusive CMPunk BEST in the World Clip or try copying & pasting into your browser if link doesn't work

Comic fan Punk writes Intro for X-men vs. Avengers!

Chitown Punk

a piece on Punk's tattoo

Punk & Rollins relation?

There has been speculation that the Sheild was Protecting punk from losing his title. With taking out Ryback and their seemingly Random assaults on some of the Superstars. I did think this the case especially during the lie detector test; why do I think that, well I think there is the possibility that Rollins & Punk are somehow related. Look in their eyes I SWEAR there's something similar & familiar in both of them.

I'm using the poll as a debate module (so I could include the picture) and hope you will include your comments as to WHY you voted the way you did but be sure to state your case in full.

I know one is a younger pic of punk (but you can look at the pic below for a more recent pic) & the most recent of Rollins on Page 2 of this lens. For one reason Punk has a shaved head now (so that would be Rollins with his hair pulled back) & In this Punk has longer hair in which Rollins has (just usually pulled back).

Is anyone REALLY good with paint shop to do a mock-up of Punk with the long hair with the 2 tone of Rollins'?

Is it just me, or have some of you also noticed the similarities?

See results

Darewold aka PJ Black

What 21st century wrestler wears his dad's bathrobe and gets his pink Underwear from Victoria's Secret?

— MIZ to Damien Sandow -on Smackdown Dec 7 2012

Justin Gabriel

The Capetown Werewolf

Born March 3, 1981, Capetown S. Africa

currently Resides Tampa Bay, Florida

Signature Move: 450 Splash

Tag Team(s) & groups:

International AirStrike with Tyson Kidd



Pedigree: 2nd generation wrestler

son of Paul Loyd Sr.

Grandson of (I think I heard) Sir John Edgar Loyd who was Knighted by the Queen

2012 Survivor Series match teamed with Tyson Kidd, Ray Mysterio Jr. Sin Cara, & Brodus 'Funkasauraus' Clay. The guys won versus Tenzi, THe Prime Time Players Titus & Darren Young, as well as Epico & Primo. Love Mysterio "We become Voltron" * tag Team Elimination recap

Nicknames Capetown werewolf,

DAREwolf, Posterboy,

Hanging before Smackdown match on Feb 8, 2013

Justin Before Fandango Smackdown match March 8, 2013

Fan Art

Capetown werewolf Comic & Site by @_Littlemissspookiness aka Smackjeeves

Capetown Werewolf Comic by Smackjeeves (ChristianaDeath) on Deviantart & stay tuned for more!

The Werewolf Dance as seen on

Smackdown 11/2/2012 vs R-Truth Dance

Smackdown Nov 2, 2012, dance cont'd

Facts on Justin

What does he use in his hair?

Says Fave childhood toy was his Suzuki DS 80cc when he was 9 (it was also his first bike)

owns 4 bikes

Shaun Thomson is his favorite surfer

Justin Gabriel on JBL & Cole SUPERStarsearch

Now an Official Licensed Sky Diver

*Has a degree in sports science

* speaks 3 languages

*no siblings

*Boondock saints is his favorite movie

*He describes himself as Audacious

* #JG450 was trending September 10, 2012

*His favorite surf spot is J-Bay

*said on Twitter 13 is his lucky number

*Has a cousin on a rugby team in France (Wikus Harmse 3 @Rugby_SA )

*Justin Recently beat U.S. Champion titleholder Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match. Now maybe he will get a title match himself but failed at a last-minute title match at Hell in a Cell 2012

*December 2012 purchased a 2013 Ducati motorbike

*Largest wave he's surfed was 13 feet

Justin Gabriels Ever Evolving Hairstyles

*Anjewels Brand designs his attire

Werewolf Humor - sent to the #Capetownwerewolf

WWE Avengers

W avengers (WAVE ngers)

Obviously, as you can tell I love the Avengers but I especially love spoofs I've included this from a picture someone Facebooked me

Ok, I don't agree with some of these.

If you are going for Active wrestlers... (& though Triple H I think officially Retired...) I'd leave him

Hulk needs to be Ryback,

Captain America- Would YOU disagree with Cena as such?

Hawkeye either Tyson Kidd or Justin Gabriel

Ironman -Sheamus (& though He doesn't have Ironman status... & probably never will) The Rock

Nick Fury- Teddy s cool but maybe we can switch it up with Kofi or Booker Actually I'd say Booker more so because he's got that Sammy L Jackson sounding Voice & attitude.

Black Widow-Natalya

Thor- The only other person I find a good candidate is Edge. or maybe Ziggy

Now THIS is what you call team work! - Go Team USO Airstrike

John Cena - Championship nation

John Cena

Signature Move(s): Attitude adjustment * 5 knuckle shuffle

Born in Newbury, Mass on April 23, 1977, Carol & John Cena Sr. Has 4 brothers (Dan, Matt, Sean & Steve) and is the 2nd eldest of the sons.

10x WWE Championship & longest to hold the Title

Played Football in High School

He's worked as a limo driver

Became the Biggest wish granter for the Make-A-Wish foundation reaching over 300+ wishes granted in 2012.

He's a southpaw, meaning he writes with his left hand.

has over 20 muscle cars some like the one that was custom made on the Syfy show Dream Machines called the inCENArator are one of a kind

Cena got married in 2009, but May 2012 filed for divorce.

was made an Honorary NY Jet for some show WWE is having

He's a Southpaw (Left Handed)

Hip Hop Fan

can benchpress 400 pounds

A little nugget from WWE on his OVW career

Famous Last Words: You can't see me

*Disclaimer: image is a screen cap from Wrestlemania 29

Best Mic Skills

Who really is the Best at the Mic Skills?

See results

Verbal Rock Paper Scissors

Who REALLY lays down the #PipeBombs?

I would LOVE to see these guys in a triangle match (well that's if its Cena, Punk & The Rock..)

not physically but making with the verbal jabs...

aside from the main three... Maybe a couple others like Miz

(especially after his quip above about Damien Sandow's 'underwear')

Sheamus is also a possible addition too & Chris Jericho

For now, I ask you

Who is the Scissors in this match of Rock, Paper, Scissors?

(in other words who's the best at verbally cutting up their opponents with their tongue?)

My Hall of Fame - Triple H

Pencil Necked Geek - ? from the 80s

RAW GM Brad Maddox - Easier to listen to & much easier on the eyes!

Yeah I know he's arrogant, (the question is, is he or Ziggy the more) but better someone that's worth looking at, than an ugly fat man in a speedo!

Brad Maddox Eye candy yet but at least Dolph wins. (usually with help) mmm, Do I predict a future tag team?

We remember him for being the rogue ref, ruining Ryback's chance at the Heavyweight title.

We also remember him for losing to ...Oh Ryback, Randy Orton & Sheamus to name who I can remember for his Million dollar contract. Someone must not have liked him...Why not start him with one of the mid -weights?

Sadly he was released from the WWE.

The New WWE Title Belt (click for an Inside the making)

The New WWE Title Belt (click for an Inside the making)
The New WWE Title Belt (click for an Inside the making)

WWE Birthday Game

Best Quote - NEW... still adding.

Ok The quotes are not limited to what is actually here (esp. if I did not make a note of ones to include the others.) If you think of one for me to include, then please let me know in the comments.

Oh have to put Finn Balor's on Bray Wyatt who doesn't shut up

  • "Dancing like a bag of Skittles, congratulations you are the new Fruity Pebbles. -Miz to Fandango
  • - "What 21st-century wrestler wears his dad's bathrobe and gets his pink Underwear from Victoria's Secret?" -Miz to Damien Sandow
  • He's a couple of Fries short of a Happy Meal _Bobby the Brain Heenan (I think)
  • He's Nuttier than Squirrel poop - Jerry the King Lawler (?)

STING The Icon - My Hall of Fame

STING The Icon - My Hall of Fame
STING The Icon - My Hall of Fame

The Usos - Jimmy & Jey

Legacies & Dynasties - The Wrestling Family Tree

I've watched their fathers, Uncles and maybe for some, grandfathers even.

Who's is Who's? I thought to keep a list to remember and to help us all out (that will be a constant Work in Progress til I find all that out!)

Am I missing anyone?

Father-Son team ups

  • Michael Mcgillicutty -3rd Generation wrestler Grandfather was Larry "The Axe" Hennig & Father was Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig and has a Sister Amy that is also a wrestler. Will we ever see his son Brock wrestle as well?
  • Randy Orton- Grandfather Bob Orton Sr. Father "Cowboy" Bob Orton & Uncle Barry O
  • Natalie "Natalya" Neidhart - 3rd Generation granddaughter of Stu Hart, Jim the Anvil Neidhart's daughter Hart Family Tree
  • Tamina Snuka- Jimmy "Superfly' Snuka 's Daughter
  • Richie Steamboat- Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat's son
  • Jimmy & Jey Uso - sons of Rikishi
  • Roman Reigns - son of Wild Samoans' Sika

Sheamus - former Heavy Weight Champion

Sheamus the Celtic Warrior

from Dublin, Ireland

Signature move: The Brogue Kick * Celtic Cross * White Noise * Clover leaf *Irish Curse

Tag Team Has tag teamed with Randy Orton a few times in 2012, end of 2012 on Smackdown or Raw teamed up with John Cena

Sheamus was born & raised within the city of Cabra, Dublin Ireland. His father was an amateur bodybuilder by the name Martin. He went to Gaelscoil, Scoil Caoimhin for primary and secondary classes. He speaks fluent Irish Gaelic. Until the age of thirteen, he sang in a choir. Won sports star of the month once while playing on the Erin isles Gaelic football team, and for the National College of Ireland he played Rugby

He won King of the Ring in 2010, and the HeavyWeight Championship in 2012 (18 seconds) losing the HW Title in October 2012 at Hell in a Cell

The ONLY Irish born Champion in WWE History.

He has also played the part of an actor as well alongside Joseph Fiennes in the 2008 movie The Escapist as Two Ton. Assault of Darkness made him a zombie (in a blink & you will miss him role) in the beginning of the movie as a well what else, a Celtic Warrior zombie.Then there's the 2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Out of the shadows as the mutant Rocksteady

Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan in a record time for the Heavy Weight Championship in 18 seconds.

Famous 'last' words:"First Pints on Me"

I've been away awhile, When & WHY has Sheamus started wearing a kilt? Is he part Scottish too?

Fire Emergency....

Fire Emergency....
Fire Emergency....

Mosh Match of clips

Ok The question posed to Miz in the 2nd video.. Thanks to that I had to clean my screen of Garlic Pasta!

He's a couple fries short of a happy meal- Bobby 'The Brain' Henan

WWE logo


WWE History

This part is an ongoing project

I wanted to include a bit of history on here, but sadly I can't afford the Encyclopedia to research from. I just gave it a look through for the review

(I'd rather something official than to rely on wiki as I've found mistakes in facts on there.)

So for what I have posted here, is what I have heard from telecasts of the shows.

Royal Rumble by the Numbers

(wish I could have gotten the whole thing but oh well)

1988 The first Royal Rumble and the winner... Hacksaw Jim Dugan

Sean Michaels holds the record for eliminating the most men

Stone Cold Steve Austin has won 3 Royal Rumble Match, which is the most wins anyone has.

Santino Morella has the shortest time of = :01 seconds (but then The Godfather in 2013 may have tied that)

The #27 & #30 spots have produced the most winners.

58% of the Royal Rumble Winners go on to win Championships at Wrestlemania

Jericho has eliminated the most & been in the most Elimination Chambers ever

April 7, 2013, at Wrestlemania 29 John Cena beats The Rock for the WWE title belt

January 2018 1st Women's Royal Rumble Winner= Asuka and UFC champion Rhonda Rousey joins WWE

April 8, 2018 First Women's Royal Rumble is played with Naomi as Winner

Hall Of Fame

2018 Inductees

Goldberg, Dudley Boyz (D-von & Bubba Ray) Ivy, Jeff Jerrett, HillBilly Jim,

Mark Henry and celebrity spot... Kid Rock

2014 inductees

Ultimate Warrior Lita, Jake the Snake Roberts & Paul Barer & MR. T!

2013 Inductees-

Mick Foley Bob Backlund, Trish Stratus & Bruno Sammartino & BOOKER T

The Celebrity Honoree is 'The Don' Donald Trump

WWE Holidays

I'm sure some families during their holiday celebration want to possibly at least give someone a slap at one time or another during the vist.

During Festivus well you get to, called the airing of grivences but this to me added a whole new twist, and just might have to annoy everyone & sing this instead!

To Be Continued

You can find RYBACK The ROck Tyson Kidd The Shield on my other wrestling hub

(link is in first paragraph)

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I found just what I was needed, and it was entirtaineng!

    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens on these WWE superstars! I sometimes watch wrestling and enjoy it, they are funny though :)


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