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WWE Modern Era

Updated on October 13, 2017

The Modern Era

Some will say that the Modern Era came around Wrestlemania 21 when John Cena and Batista had won the Smackdown and Raw titles respectfully. But I would say that it took a little long for this era to kicking in. Sometime around the mid-late 2006. This era was probably considered as 'The New Generation Part Two' minus the not so funny gimmicks. It was made to let the previous era die down so that the PG era could be ushered in. But this era was not to be looked over for great things have happened here. Smackdown was all Batista while Cena was all Raw. Former tag team specialist like Edge, Matt and Jeff Hardy had come into their own as singles competitors. Gone was the Hardcore, European and the Cruiserweight title and in was the ECW Brand. This era had three brands to choose from with ECW being the brand that would bring up future stars such as The Miz, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston and CM Punk. Rey Mysterio have come onto his own. New factions where born with Legacy, old friends had reunited to reform DX and one 'Deadman' would go and make a final run at the World Heavyweight Title. Here are some of the stars ran shop during this era.


John Cena

Though he had gained his popularity during the Ruthless Aggression Era, it wasn’t until he was drafted to Raw that his popularity had skyrocketed and he has never looked back. Till this day, he’s been on the same show, making run for the title and winning them along the way. But his journey wasn’t easy. Going through foes (and friends) like HBK, HHH, Edge and Chris Jericho. But his biggest rival came in the form of the Legend Killer Randy Orton. They have fought night in and night out on many occasions and have brought the crowd to their feet. But Cena could never get the whole crowd for most of them have booed him out of arenas. But that never stop Cena from loving the fans who stand loyal by him till this day.



He’s cried about wanting to be on top of the WWE and this era he proved the nay sayers that he had what it took to be heavyweight champion. He took his success from the previous era and brought it along to this one. Also bringing his show, The Cutting Edge as well as it has brought us some of the most controversial moments ever. But he will always be known in this era as The Rated R Superstar and for his amazing matches against Cena and the Undertaker. He was also the first winner of the Money in the Bank match.


Randy Orton

‘The Legend Killer’ version of Orton was ruthless and cunning. He would go and take out anyone who had considered themselves legends. He’s even at one time put his differences aside with Edge and Lita to form Rated RKO to go up against the likes of DX. He would then go on to take two rookies (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase) to form Legacy and would continue to wreck havoc in the WWE.



‘The Animal’ was hard to contain during these years and he’s proven to people time and time again. Holding it down on Smackdown, he’s been the World Heavyweight Champion for most of this era battling anyone who crossed paths with him. Near the end of this era, he was drafted back to Raw where he would become a self-centered heel and would engage in a heated feud with John Cena, winning the WWE title from him and losing it to him at Wrestlemania. But Batista will always be remember with his memorable Smackdown run.


Rey Mysterio

Coming into the WWE, all people thought that he was only good for was to capture the Cruiserweight Title (which he did). No one expected for him to gain the Tag Titles (which he also did) and no one expected him to be heavyweight championship material (which he was and did it at Wrestlemania. Thanks to winning the Royal Rumble.) He’s showed everyone that big things do come in small packages and that it doesn’t matter how little you are, if you have the determination like him to go out there and want to become champion, you’ll go out and do it just like him. Kids till this day still look up to him as the ultimate underdog.

jeff hardy
jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy

Say what you want about Jeff, but he came into the WWE and exceeded with what he wanted to accomplish in extreme style. Some just saw him as just another tag team specialist, but he proved them all wrong. From winning the Intercontinental Title on a couple occasions to shocking the world by beat Triple H out of all people to win the WWE Title. At one point, he was on top of the ladder on both Raw and Smackdown. With his extreme approach since the days of the Attitude Era, no champ was quite like Jeff.

cm punk
cm punk

CM Punk

‘The Straight Edge’ superstar has done his homework and has taken what he’s known and learn to make himself successful. He’s been hanging with the ECW Originals during his stay at the 3rd brand, even winning the ECW Title. Then was drafted to Raw where he would go on to win not one, but two Money in the Bank ladder matches and winning the World Heavyweight Title twice in the process. Even as a rulebreaker on Smackdown, creating a faction called ‘The Straight Edge Society’, he let everyone know who had the World Title that he was gunning for them.



What used to be 3-Minute Warning member Jamal, he had evolved into the beast that was known simply as Umaga. Anyone that go in his way, he mauled them down in an instant. At one point, he was just too much to contain. Let’s just say that if you were a wrestler during these days, you didn’t want to step into the ring with him.

bobby lashley
bobby lashley

Bobby Lashley

His time in the WWE may have been short, but when you think about the Modern Era, you have to think about Lashley and his ECW Heavyweight Title run. He was simply unstoppable. But he was probably best known for match with Umaga where he had Donald Trump by his side and when then end result was that Vince lost his hair in that infamous Hair vs. Hair match.


DX (Triple H and Shawn Michaels)

This would go down as the final run of Degeneration X, but they went out with a big bang. Giving opponents like The McMahons, The Spirit Squad, Rated RKO and Legacy many problems. Outside of DX, Shawn has had an amazing run feuding with JBL and Chris Jericho. While Triple H was again in the title hunt. Winning an Elimination Chamber here, a World Title there. The Game was on top of his game when it came to the title. But put him and Shawn together and we’ve gotten some of the best ‘Must See TV’ moments ever. They were simply put, degenerate and funny.

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    • NoobWriter LM profile image

      NoobWriter LM 6 years ago

      Thanks for writing about Jeff Hardy....I Love him....


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