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Space Age Bike Safety Lights

Updated on October 8, 2014

Make A Bike Lane Anywhere

A few years back I participated in several adventure races and although most of the shorter races (4-8 hours) took place primarily during the light of day, the hours of training did not. On the biking days there were a lot of Dusk to Dark and Dawn to Sunrise rides. I was fortunate enough to not have many close calls, but I'm sure my training suffered when my focus was on traffic rather the the ride.

I've been pondering whether to give it one more go around before I'm too old for the intensity of the training, and have been looking at some of the latest gear, which brought me to find out about this cool gadget. Even if I don't muster the nads to get back to the racing lifestyle, I want one of these for my occasional bikes around town.

Space Age Laser Technology - A pair of light lasers that actually shine on the ground either side of where your riding to give other riders as well as drivers a safety lane to avoid. This is an awesomely (not sure if that's a real word) clever use of laser technology.

The Xfire Bike Lane Safety Light - Projects a virtual bike lane onto the pavement surrounding your bike. Identifying for drivers of motor vehicles and other riders what is considered a safe and comfortable distance.

From the Xfire Website:- "X Fire is newly established company for bike safety lighting systems. The sole purpose of our company is to make safety lighting systems for all bicyclists out there to help them to be seen and be able to see better ways. "

The "Xfire Laser Lite" will make an ideal gift for anyone (including yourself) in your family that rides a bike when it's dark out. Not to mention, it's just too cool. "Safe Riding"

Image Credit: Amazon

X-Fire 5-LED Taillight with Laser Lane

Soppari Alliance Prodigy, Inc Laser Bicycle Lane
Soppari Alliance Prodigy, Inc Laser Bicycle Lane

All it takes is a a modern day micro logic control a couple of 5mW Lasers, a handful of LED's and a two AAA batteries to build create your own virtual bicycle lane. Thank God Xfire has made this space age concept a reality.

Essentially the Xfire people have cleverly adapted what appears to be similar technology that you can find in a common household laser level. You can get current information on the Xfire Laser Bike Light at Amazon.


Why Would I Want A Virutal Bike Lane?

Picture yourself riding your bike down an unlit road, dusk has settled in and dark is approaching, the road is narrowing and traffic is getting uncomfortably close.

This nerve wrecking scene may be something you or a loved one are familiar with. No matter, the people at Xfire have come up with an interesting way to reduce the anxiety of riding a bike after dark.

Image Credit: by Ed Yourdon at

What Side Of The Road Should A Biker Ride On?

As long as we'are talking safety. Did you know that "People Who Ride On The Wrong Side Of the Road" are four times more likely to become involved in a bicycling accident? Not to mention riding the wrong way is against the law and you can get ticketed for it.

You can read all about the safest ways to ride a road bike at

Image Credit:

XFIRE Laser Bike Lane Light In Action

Do You Ever Ride After Dark?

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    • BobZau profile imageAUTHOR

      Bob Zau 

      6 years ago

      I used to ride my bike in the early morning. This would have been a great safety device for that time of day as well.


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