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Youth Baseball, Baseball Scoring and Essential Life Skills

Updated on July 23, 2011

Teaching the art of scoring baseball to kids is often overlooked by youth baseball parents and coaches. Coaches and parents put tremendous effort inteaching batting, pitching and fielding, but ignore the importance of baseball scorekeeping. The very important role of the baseball scorekeeper in youth baseball is usually done by a parent or coach. But what coaches and parents don't realize is that baseball scoring is a great tool for developing real life skills.

While kids will learn about baseball statistics and the game in general, baseball scorekeeping will also teach kids some very important life skills:

Baseball scorekeeping starts with filling in the lineup on the baseball scorecard. The scorekeeper must enter the date, time, location, teams, players, batting order and defensive positions. Having one of the players enter the baseball lineup will teach the importance of preparation.

Analytical Thinking
Recording the game on a baseball scorecard will teach kids how to collect and interpret what they see in the game, and then apply thinking skills to define and classify it in an organizational format - the baseball scorecard.

Baseball scoring is a fun tool for sharpening kids math skills. In fact, teaching them how to calculate baseball statistics such as a player’s batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage and earned run average will help them immensely.

Focus and Attention
Teaching kids how to score baseball is a proven technique for building focus and increasing attention span. The scorekeeper has to pay attention to every pitch, each defensive play, every out, every plate appearance and every base runner.

Decision Making
Its important to teach our kids about decision making skills. Teaching baseball scorekeeping to kids will allow them to understand and participate in a fantasy baseball league. Fantasy baseball is an excellent score for teaching kids about decision making, evaluating the options and taking on responsibility.

Its important for youth baseball parents and coaches to understand the power of baseball scorekeeping. While the kids will see it as fun, parents can appreciate that their children are learning more than baseball, they are learning essential skills to succeed in life.


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