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Aesthetic Skin Care Guides: Causes of Acne

Updated on February 1, 2012
Acne prevention for teens
Acne prevention for teens | Source

What Causes Your Annoying Acne?

How do you know if you have really bad acne? When a blind man can read your face.

You may heard other jokes about acne during your teenage years not necessarily directed to you or anyone you may know of but people having acne in general. Sometime we found this hilarious and funny, however, acne is not a simple and laughing matter for some. This has been a common problem which is not only haunting pubescent years but also even in adulthood. But what really causes acne? What factors comes to play which results to this nasty skin protrusion?

You may have experienced or maybe experiencing the awkwardness that acne brings to your teenage years. One day you wake up and to your horror an acne sprouted overnight!

But our body doesn’t work that way, by throwing you off the hook with that nasty surprise. Acne doesn’t come out of the blue; it is due to a process that goes inside your body overtime. During the pubescent years, your hormones can act up resulting to your oil glands to become hyperactive. Since your oil glands are excessively excreting sebum, this causes your pores to clog up more. And with that you develop acne, and unfortunately in some cases they come by the hoard.

But do you know that you can also aggravate the situation by not properly taking care of your skin? If you do not cleanse your skin regularly and properly, you can promote the build-up of dead skin, oil, and dirt creating the perfect ingredients for the birth of a pimple. That is why proper skin care with the right products is very important if you want to avoid acne.

Speaking of products, you must also know that choosing the wrong products to put on your skin can lead to acne. The creams, cleansers and even make-up should be non-comedogenic to prevent your pores getting clogged up which results to acne formation.

Are you fond of using make-up? If so, you should avoid those greasy kinds because this will only add to the oil that is on your face and also contributes to build up on your pores.

For those women who are on the pill, stopping it can sometimes result to acne formation. This is due to the hormonal changes that can occur. As we have mentioned, your hormones can play a significant role in the health of your skin, especially when they are also responsible for the activity of your oil glands.

On the other end, pregnancy can also cause acne. Some may have them lining every inch of space on their face. Well, sorry for this sister, but this again goes back to your hormones. Although not all women suffer the same fate, but there are some who’s hormonal changes trigger their oil glands to become overactive.

There are also some types of medications that can cause acne. And you can immediately notice this if acne formation occurs once you’re on a certain drug. However, do not discontinue your medication especially if it is prescribed by your physician. Consult with him/her first and ask for alternatives which do not such effects.

Sometimes acne formation can be blamed on genetics. Although it may be an annoying thing to inherit from your parents, but having an acne-prone skin could be in your DNA. But modern science has created solutions for this and you can zap those acne and acne scars like they never even existed!

There are number of treatment now available in the market to cure acne. From acne treatment product to top aesthetic clinics which both offering answers to this kind of skin problem. For instance, skin care clinic used a much improve technology to be able to remove acne and acne scars more effectively that takes only a few minutes to finish, without any pain and downtime!


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