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Best Coconut Oil For Soft Skin

Updated on April 9, 2013

There are many forms of skin, body and face cream and of those one - that I like to recommend for its general benefit giving properties - is coconut oil for skin. Coconut oil benefits are many - not least the way that it replenishes the skin with lost moisture.

Beyond the positive aspects this wonderful moisturizing cream brings with it - this oil is known for being anti-bacterial, great for the hair and nails, and - wonder of wonders - it's ability to fight the effects of aging and other undesirable effects of day to day life due to the naturally occurring antioxidants.

If you haven't tried it yet - or have heard of it but have yet to buy some, there's dozens of reasons why I'd say 'give it a go', not least because it's surprisingly affordable and, for what it does - extremely good value for money. Featured below are the five best coconut oil products for skin.

Barlean's Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oi

This is the best extra virgin coconut oil for skin - and it's incredibly affordable. You can do more than just apply it to your face and skin - you can cook with it if you have a recipe that includes a measure of the oil.

Despite the fact that it's an oil, it absorbs well and leaves a non-greasy softness that's apparent from the first application. It has a wonderful fragrance, almost reminiscent of the Caribbean, and the best time to apply it to your skin is right after a shower, before you're fully dry as your pores are wide open. Lots of other practical uses come with coconut oil - and one of the best natural moisturizers on the market.

Spectrum Coconut Oil Bodycare

This is the best selling coconut oil cream - and like most if not all similar products it's pure, non-chemical and could (if you wanted to) be consumed. Besides being great for the skin, it also produces fantastic moisturizing effects for the hair and nails so you're getting more than just value for your money - you're getting a product that can range across a variety of uses.

For the skin, you'll discover how delicious it smells, how wonderful your skin feels after you start using it and how surprisingly non greasy it is. Its hydrating properties are awesome and it's an amazing natural product for combating the problems associated with dry, itchy and/or flaky skin. Nature in a pot - and super affordable too.

Tropical Traditions Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream

This is another best selling coconut oil cream type product that's great for the skin, hair, nails - and more. This one's quite thick and does take a little longer to absorb into the skin but - once it has there's no greasy residue.

It's not a 100% pure coconut oil - there's palm oil, beeswax and a couple more of natures goodies added into the mix - so do be aware that whilst everything that's in it is highly beneficial, it's not just the oil alone. The only negative is that it's more expensive than the previous two products and for my money, one of the others would come higher on the list. Still - this one does have a little more in the pot and is still highly rated and worth every penny.

Spectrum Naturals - Coconut Oil Unrefined

Again - this one is an unrefined pure coconut oil so it's safe for both the skin/hair/body and for consumption. That part is, for some, a little hard to get their mind around ... you can honestly eat this one right out the jar, yet use it as a natural moisturizer for the body.

It's 100% organic - there are no chemicals used in the processing of the oil, and the company that manufacture it adhere closely to rigid organic production guidelines. You can be assured of its safety and goodness, plus all the lovely natural anti oxidants that it contains are always a massive benefit. An effective moisturizer - with added benefits!

Royal Hawaiian Coconut Willie Coconut Oil - 8fl. oz. Scented

This one's another pure coconut oil for the skin - it lacks any fragrance and is one for using for the hair, skin and also as a tanning agent. It's a popular oick for those going on vacation. You can pack a small 100ml bottle providing it fits within a clear plastic bag along with other items contained within it.

It's especially good for the hair - exposure to dry heat can turn even the most manageable hair into a nightmare so I recommend a more active use of this oil before hitting the beach and as a general conditioner. If used as a tanning agent - use with care. You can and will absorb UV's quicker when using oils - so I prefer to advise clients that it's better to use as a moisturizer after a day on the beach.


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