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Fancy Dress

Updated on July 14, 2011
Fancy Dress can be Fun
Fancy Dress can be Fun

What could be more fun than dressing up like a super hero or as a nurse. You can be anybody you want when you wear fancy dress, you are only limited by your own imagination. Fancy dress can be simple, throwing a blanket over your head and making ghost sounds must be one of the simplest kinds of fancy dress there is. Or you could choose a full flamboyant fancy dress outfit that would look great in a Mardi Gra.

Fancy Dress for Every Occassion

I would have thought there is a fancy dress outfit that you could make or buy somewhere that would replicate someone or something which means you can be anybody or anything you wish. If I think of any character I would like to be, I'm sure I could think of an outfit that I could put together to make a fancy dress outfit to replicate my chosen character.

You can apply fancy dress to any occasion and at any time of year. Fancy dress for Halloween is my favorite, that's because its easy for me to look scary. I don't need the makeup either. Halloween does seem to be the biggest time of year for fancy dress outfits to be worn, even Christmas and New Years Eve don't have the fancy dress appeal that Halloween seems to muster.

Why not make your own fancy dress, you might be amazed at what you can achieve.
Why not make your own fancy dress, you might be amazed at what you can achieve.

Buy or Make Your Own Fancy Dress?

You could of course make your own fancy dress and this is a brilliant way to get the look you want. I've seen people dressed as cardboard trees and once went to a Christmas party and saw a woman dressed as a 360 degree snowflake. Caused bit of an upset though when she was walking around the venue, the manager ended up having to trim her flakes to try and keep the peace. But it must of taken her hours of work to make the costume, it was brilliant to look at. It would have graced any winter fashion event. It totally ruined her evening. It just goes to show, with a little creative thought you can impersonate anything with fancy dress.

The simplest way to get the fancy dress outfit you desire would be to buy the clothing or accessories from a high street shop or online from a store. In many cases its the fancy dress accessories that make the fancy dress. You can also get very high quality outfits when you buy costumes from a shop, they can be worn on many occasions and it stops the embarrassment you may get if your self made fancy dress outfit decides to fall in bits as soon as you arrive at the party. Or you suffer the same fate as the snowflake girl.

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Favorite Times of Year for Fancy Dress

Lets have a look at the most popular time of year for buying or making a fancy dress outfit.

  • Christmas - The most popular outfit has to be the Santa outfit. Other popular fancy dress choices are snowmen, candles, elf's, pixies and fairies.
  • Halloween - The most popular characters are Dracula, ghosts, bats and Anything scary. There are some fantastic Halloween fancy dress outfits available if you are willing to pay for them. Pumpkin outfits seem to be very popular
  • New Years Eve - Anything goes
  • Themed - The one thing you must do if you are hosting a themed party or if you are going to a themed event is make sure your fancy dress outfit and that of your guests is in the theme of the event to make a great atmosphere. There are loads of different themes you could choose, popular choices for a theme for a party could be Elvis themed, Burlesque themed, Disney or why not choose according to an upcoming event or time of year. Maybe choose a Christmas theme in winter or a beach party theme in summer.

Don't forget a jacket. It might get cold
Don't forget a jacket. It might get cold

Stag and Hen Night Fancy Dress

Its party time and what an excuse to act a little silly. The choice of fancy dress is limitless when it comes to hen and stag nights. If you are choosing an item of fancy dress that is for only a few people, you be might be able to be quite daring in your choice of clothing but remember, if there are a few of you it might be difficult to get everybody to wear the same outfit unless your choice is kept simple.


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