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For fashionistas on a budget

Updated on May 29, 2012

Finding great style steals while on a budget

Contrary to popular belief, being a fashionista doesn't require wearing the latest fashion off the run way. Being a true fashionista isn't about the name brands you wear or if you're wearing the latest piece from Cavalli or Dior.

If you're anything like me, the average girl looking to keep her style current and fun, then you may realize that name brand and high fashion don't always translate to genuine "style." I've come to realize over the years that being an aspiring fashionista is learning how to work the few pieces you have and learning to catch great style steals while staying within your budget.

Money can't buy you style. Exspensive doesn't make it more stylish. It's all about putting your personal touch on the outfit. Taking a simple piece and doing something unexpected with it. Below I've listed a few stores that I like to shop at. I'm sure most of the store listed you will already be familiar with. But it's important to realize style steals can be found in "everyday" stores. You just have to know how to make the pieces work for you and your style.

The stores aren't listed in any particular order:

Wet Seal

Forever 21 (Cute clothes for a cheap price. Love the accessories and the shoes)

Body Central (Great for accessories and shoes!)

Target (I love their swim suits and summer dresses. They also have cute sandals during the summer and spring)

Rue 21

Charolette Russe

Arden B ( I usually shop off their sale wall. Haven't found anything in there lately. But they have really awesome party dresses)

Ross (Dress for less indeed! Ross has a lot to offer, but you have to be willing to search sometimes.)

Delias ( If you're into graphic tees and prints, this is the spot. I usually shop on their sale wall and find tops for $20 and under.)

Urban Outfitters ( You would be surprised what you find on their sale wall. A lot of their clothes have a vintage feel to them that I like. They also have an interesting shoe selection)

Thrift stores (They never get old, you never know what you can find)

DSW (Great deal on awesome shoes. A wide selection to choose from)

Burlington (They don't sale just coats... clothes are good, shoes are awesome)

TJMaxx (I feel like it's a more upscale Ross)

Bakers (I tend to splurge on shoes, especially heels. But a lot of the times Bakers will have sales on some of their shoes and you can save money)

Local hairstores (For accessories and makeup, good prices.)

Walgreens (They're always having sales on makeup and nail polishes)

No matter where you shop at, the important thing to remember is that finding the right pieces, takes time and patience. A lot of the times, I find that things don't always jump off the rack at me. In some stores, such as Ross, Forever 21, Burlington, TJ MaXX, you will have to search for something that speaks to your style.

In most of the stores that I've listed you won't find clothing items above $40.00. (Bakers can be pricey and so can Arden B. It depends.) For a fashionista on a budget I'm sure these stores can help your money stretch a little extra to work for your style.


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