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How To Treat Irritated And Sore Skin Using Organic Beeswax Creme

Updated on April 7, 2013
A bee hive - a great source of high quality products, such as honey, beeswax and propolis.
A bee hive - a great source of high quality products, such as honey, beeswax and propolis.

Most of us have encountered sore, irritated skin after exposure to unusually cold and humid, or too hot and dry conditions. This typically will cause a layer of skin (usually on hands) which looks cracked and feels too dry; and it actually is too dry, because that skin area has lost its moisture and would need significant time to be back to normal.

A standard procedure, in an attempt to correct this issue, would involve using some specialized hand cream which can help moisturize and heal the skin surface.
Thing is, we all know that typical cosmetics products include a large amount of chemicals which cause side-effects on skin and body. The standard hand creams sold in drugstores or cosmetics lanes, even the branded ones often seen in TV advertised by Hollywood stars or models. contain chemicals such as parabens or silicon.Cosmetics companies need to include these chemicals in order to achieve a more preferable, better looking and with better texture final product; other chemical substances are also present in these hand creams in order to achieve the much-advertised moisturizing effect faster.
Needless to say, using cosmetics of this kind involves a serious risk for our skin and bodies.

A great way to cure sore skin is by using an organic cosmetics product which is based on beeswax and contains organic extra virgin olive oil and propolis.

Beeswax is a natural wax which is produced by worker bees in bee hives and has many uses, such as in candles, as lubricant, polish, etc.
Olive oil is one of the highest quality oils for nutrition, a fat which is obtained from olive trees. It is also used in selected cosmetics because of its high content of mono-saturated fats, antiflammatory agents and antioxidants that offer significant deep penetration moisturizing, nourishing effect and skin regeneration. Despite being priced very high, extra virgin olive oil is chosen for its remarkable properties, as it is the highest grade of olive oil.
Propolis is also a product coming directly from bee hives; it is considered largely beneficial for human health and a traditional medicine.

The final product when these 3 natural ingredients are combined is a thick paste which will smoothen and soften cracked and irritated skin when applied. Additionally, it does not get absorbed too fast, something which allows the paste to penetrate and moisturize for longer, achieving even better skin healing capabilities.

Natural beeswax cream is an ideal product for skin care, not only for hands. The lack of industrial chemicals makes it healthier for humans in the long run, while it is still not priced as high as branded hand creams, even though it contains ingredients which are expensive.

When choosing a natural beeswax creme for your needs, you first need to make sure that is is natural indeed; cosmetics companies have recently massively produced beeswax creams which are far from natural, because they contain lower grade olive oil and an assortment of chemicals in order to offer a more delicate "finishing" of the product.
A real, natural beeswax cream needs nothing more than beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil and propolis as ingredients - so be cautious and double-check the ingredients tag when choosing one.


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