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Knickers For Men | Buy Knickers, Be Happy

Updated on October 13, 2009


Knickers. Heh. Knickers for men. I can write the word 'panties' over and over a gazillion times and keep a perfectly straight face whilst doing it, but for some reason, the word 'knickers' just gets me. Perhaps its the way it is reminiscent of British Colonial roots. Perhaps it's the playful connotations the word seems to have. It's hard to take knickers too seriously, which is precisely why you chaps who love women's lingerie should think about buying yourself some knickers.

What are knickers? Why, panties of course. I've picked out the picture on the right there on purpose too, of course. Though knickers may be little more than panties, in my mind there is something timeless about knickers. Knickers can be sweet and sexy, but never sordid. Dirty girls and guys wear panties, respectable ladies and gents with a twinkle in their eye don knickers.

You'll find that undergarments referred to as knickers fall into one of two categories: the unspeakably plain (perhaps even gasp cotton) and the irresistibly pretty. Knickers are floaty, pretty, pink, white, baby blue, they are the stuff of a misbehaving panty dream.

If your panty collection seems to have slipped into an overly gauche and wanton place, revitalize it with some knickers. (This may appear to be utterly inane rambling to British panty wearers, but have a heart, much of the world has been living in a panty paradise for too long, unaware of the potential of a good solid pair of knickers for bringing joy to the cockles of a man's heart.)

At one time, knickers were men's underwear, to be precise, short trousers which ended above the knee. During the great revolution and women's lib and whatnot, women claimed the title of knickers for their underwear as well as equal rights, the vote and various other shiny things which I am grateful to have been born into with a sense of feminine entitlement.

That doesn't mean that men shouldn't be able to wear knickers as well though. ? Be aware however, of the ever present danger of getting your knickers inadvertently in a knot.

So men what are you waiting for? Enrich your bottom with a pair of charming knickers today! (Or tomorrow, or any other time that suits you really. I've been watching far too many infomercials, which has left me sitting in a room full of exercise equipment and a rather potent colon cleansing tonic.)


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    • profile image


      9 months ago

      I have been wearing panties for over 65 years. Married two times and wife new both times before we got married, I have at least 30 pairs of panties, all mine. I wear panties 24/7, have no male underwear. I even wear them to the doctor. My kids, 2 boys and a girl has seen me in lingerie many times. I like and wear all kinds of lingerie, gowns, camis, bras , pantyhose etc.

      My wife and I OFFERED each of the boys two pairs of panties to wear, one pink and one blue

      Before I got married, I would wears my girlfriends lingerie.

      My 2econd MIL made me a pink satin gown, and I had to model it for her with panties and bra on

      under. She made sure I had a Bra on so the material would hang ok.

      When she was making the satin gown she had me come over to her place several times for various measurement, such she wanted to add lace under the breast area

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Herts. U.K.

      At last it's out!! I'm not a panty wearer. BUT I am a pretty knickers wearing cd instead, oh well.

    • David H profile image

      David H 

      9 years ago from England

      I live in the UK, where women refer to their underwear as knickers.

      So what you say is normal for me!

      Oh, I have lots of knickers. Different types, different colours, different materials. All are nice (or they were when I bought them).

    • kfsteve391 profile image


      9 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Have been wearing panties daily for the past two years. At last count I have 90 pairs. Most are thongs, but have g-strings and bikinis, too. I like lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, etc. The sexier the better. I feel and look great in them.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I have many pairs of panties nylon, silk, satin and cotton how many pairs of pantie can a CD have??????.

    • lovely maik profile image

      lovely maik 

      9 years ago

      i have all kinda of womens underwears and IM HAPPYYYY!!


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