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Permanent and Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

Updated on August 14, 2013

Clear Difference Before & After


Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a growing trend at present and women are finding them a great alternative to applying and reapplying mascara. Eyelash extensions are individual lashes which are bonded one by one to natural lashes, to add length, fullness and shape. The extensions may be synthetic or they can be made from mink; which are exceptionally lightweight and feel very natural on the eyes.

Many females long for a fuller look, and thicker eyelashes is something that many desire. If yours don't grow long or thick enough, the option to purchase semi permanent eyelash extensions is one that you should consider doing. Not only are women able to have the full, beautiful, and thick look that they want, it is also possible without them having to do anything permanent, in the event they want to be able to change up the look, or to go with a different style, for the different occasions and other situations.

When you choose to have permanent eyelash extensions done, you have to know where to go, to ensure the job is done right. You should go to a salon or professional that only does this kind of work. In this way, you will know that all personnel are professionally trained, and have the skill and the expertise to do the work right, and to give you the fuller look, and permanent eyelash extensions that you want, for your eyes. Regardless of length, colour, or thickness, the right individual can give you the desired look and appearance you are going for.

Depending on the individual, the look, and the styles they like, there are many ways to get the permanent look, and beautiful full lashes. There are many salons you can visit, and products you can use, to help you get the look and the style that you want, and to give you the beautiful full look that you want to show off, whether you are going for a night out on the town, or just out for a dinner date with friends.

Aside from lashes that thicken and lengthen, or alter the shape, there are also designer eyelash extensions that are decorative and ornate and are made especially for those extra special occasions.

Permanent eyelash extensions are of course only as permanent as the natural lash they are attached to, as natural eyelashes shed and are replaced with new ones, so the eyelash extensions have exactly the same lifespan as their hosts. They are attached with a special bonding agent which will ensure that they will not come unstuck, and will only need replacing when the new eyelashes appear and are strong enough to take the procedure.

The professional will advise the client to follow a special after-care routine beyond having their eyelash extensions attached. These include keeping the eyelashes and eyelids dry for at least the first 24 hours and to avoid steam as well for the first 48. Water-based eye-liners and mascaras only are advised, although mascara should not really be necessary, except perhaps on the lower lashes. Rubbing the eyelash extensions is not advised, nor is the use of eyelash curlers, except in the case of 100% real mink eyelashes which have a special heated curler made for this purpose. Oils and cream should be avoided and also oil-based make up removers.

The stylist will provide their clients with all the information they need on care and attention of the new eyelash extensions which the wearer has spent money, time and patience receiving. It is easy to see why eyelash extensions are one of the most popular trends today, as a way to save time and money on make up, and the inconvenience of having to apply mascara every morning and reapply throughout the day.


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