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Repurpose Your Wedding Dress—Don’t Just Stash It Away!

Updated on June 16, 2014

Ahhhh…your wedding day! Your dress will make you feel like a million bucks and you’ll look like a fairy-tail princess from a child-hood story that was read to you as a little girl. Your wedding dress will waltz you through one of the most important days of your entire life; and the time it will take to find it and the money you will need to spend on it should demand that it doesn’t get simply allocated to a dark closet, only to collect dust for years to come.

Because your wedding gown will be an emotional investment, as well, have you thought of what you will do with your dress once the party’s over? The beautiful thing is, you don’t have to feel melancholy that your wedding gown served its purpose for only one day out of your entire life, especially considering the money that went into it. In fact, there are any number of creative things you can do with your wedding gown so it can be a part of your life for years to come, instead of being just stowed away:

Cocktails, Anyone?

Repurposing your gown into a lovely cocktail dress is such a fun idea! Wedding gowns made from natural materials such as satin, silk and organza can be professionally dyed in a color to suit your fancy. Contact a professional seamstress who can transform your gorgeous gown into a short cocktail dress that will recapture your hubby’s attention, and then some!

Sentimental Items, Galore!

You might be surprised when you discover how many small, sentimental items can be designed and created from your wedding-gown’s material the material. Here are just a handful:

1: A Quilt:

A gorgeous quilt can be crafted from your wedding dress for you to keep or a wedding gown quilt would make a stunning gift for a close friend or family member who is expecting…..a girl! And again, some natural fabrics can be beautifully dyed so the quilt color, aside from white or cream, could suit your personal preference or cater to the favorite color of a lucky recipient.

2: A Pillow:

How about a ring pillow? Some of the fabric of your gown can be made into a ring pillow that you can give to your own children at their wedding or it can be fashioned--complete with monograms--for a best friend or close family member who will be marrying soon. It’s an idea that many would be incredibly touched by.

3: Another Gown:

Transforming your gown into another gown is an enchanting idea especially since the second gown would be intended for an infant as a christening outfit. Since boys and girls, alike, can wear a christening gown, this would make for a lovely piece you could use for your own children in addition to other newborns in your family. This would, most certainly, qualify as a coveted heirloom piece!

4: Say Cheese!

No doubt, you will have oodles and oodles of photographs of your wedding day. Pictures never go out of style and though photo albums might take backseat to all the techy ways people store photos anymore, having an album cover adorned with the material of your dress—complete with some of the buttons or other embellishments—is a delightful way to save and cherish those memories!

And speaking of photographs, use a piece of your dress’s lace, for example, and attach it to the side of the matting or cover an entire piece of matting with the lace or satin to create a one-of-a-kind matte piece for a photo that will be framed. This would, no doubt, become a conversation piece.

5: Interior Décor:

Assuming your boudoir is on the feminine side, why not take a stand-out piece from your gown and incorporate it into the center of a custom bedspread? You could have pillow covers made to match the spread, as well—ooo-lah-lah!

6: A Clutch:

When attending weddings, women typically have small, formal clutch purses that fit the occasion. How cool would it be to have a clutch purse made from a beaded part of your wedding gown? It could be something very simple with a top zipper or front flap opening. This piece, too, could be an heirloom in the making.

Another possibility would involve creating a darling drawstring bag that could be used to store your wedding jewelry.

7: Skirt For Baby:

If children are in your future, why not take the skirt of your wedding dress and transform part of it into a skirt for the baby’s bassinet? Tiers of ruffles with a big pink bow for a girl or having the fabric dyed a shade of blue for a little boy would be creative ways to turn a bassinet into one gorgeous piece for the nursery.

8: Frame A Blanket:

Use any satin fabric from your dress to make the border of a baby blanket. This could be for a boy or a girl. Simply choose whatever blanket fabric suits your fancy for a little one and add the satin border to set it off. It’s a darling idea for a shower gift for someone close to you, as well!

Whatever idea you might choose to repurpose your wedding dress, it’s nice to know that all the money that was spent on it will go well beyond the once-in-a-lifetime event where you finally said, “I do!”


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