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Benefits of Facial Hair Waxing

Updated on November 20, 2010

The face is the part of the body that catches other people's interests at first encounter. When having an interaction with someone, the face is what he or she usually keeps their attention on. This is the most exposed part of the body. It cannot be hidden especially when mingling with other people. It can't be kept under the clothes like the other parts of the body. That is the reason why some will choose pain just to look pleasant or beautiful to other people's eyes rather than keeping an ugly looking face.

For women, having facial hair is nothing but embarrassing. Waxing is one of the best and most efficient ways to quickly remove those unwanted hairs and also get rid of the embarrassment that it causes. Facial hair waxing can be done with the help of an expert in a clinic or salon or it can be done at home.

Facial Hair Waxing
Facial Hair Waxing

When doing it at home, just make sure that there is a complete facial hair waxing set that is readily available and follow the right procedures.

Wax hair removal treatments require the hair to be a particular length so that the wax will be able to pull them out. Wait for the hair to grow long enough to wax before doing it again. It might take at least 3 weeks. Facial hair on the upper lip is very annoying and sometimes extremely ugly to look at. If the hairs are already long enough, wax it immediately. Regular exfoliation is important before performing facial wax. In that way, the skin will be free from dead cells. The wax will be able to deeply penetrate into hair follicle pores. The hair then will be removed from its very root, thus preventing possible ingrown hair development from facial hair waxing.

Facial hair wax has two types: cold wax and hot wax. But many prefer to use the hot wax compared to the other. It makes it easy for the hair to be removed because the heat from the wax enables the pores to open, therefore the wax will be able to penetrate down into the hair follicle deeply.

Before using any facial hair waxing product, it is very important to perform a "skin test". Just get a very small amount of wax cream and put in on a small skin area of the arms. In this way, it will be known if the skin will react adversely to the wax that was chosen. Do not proceed in the hair waxing process if you reacted to the test in any way.

Now, apply wax all over the part of the face to be treated. Place a cloth strip on top of the wax-covered area and press it down. Press it down enough that the cloth is smoothly placed on the skin surface. After a couple of seconds, quickly pull the strip off in a direction that going against the hair growth on the face. It will then remove the wax along with the hair from the skin. If the direction of hair growth cannot be determined, there might be a need to wax that particular facial area again in a different direction. That will enable you to remove all of the unwanted facial hair.

Facial hair waxing only treats the part of the face that the wax is applied to. This process is very painful and might cause you to tear up. Some redness may appear around the treated area. Apply a cooling cream to relieve the skin from the redness and pain. There is nothing to worry about, as the skin color will just go back to normal after several hours.

Facial hair waxing is not difficult and very convenient. It may take about 3 weeks or longer for the hair to grow back unlike shaving. Since stray hairs on the face are very embarrassing, many are still opting to wax their unwanted facial hair despite the pain in the name of beauty.

There are other areas that waxing can be used for. Waxing is good for body hair removal for men. There are certain areas of the body that are great for this one of which is back hair removal. This is great if you have a lot of hair because it makes the back soft and smooth. This procedure is not without pain, so expect that it will hurt to some degree.

Sometimes facial hair waxing does not work for some hair types that is where body sugaring hair removal for men comes in. You can find out more about that at various sites on the Internet. There may be some shops in your area that can perform sugaring, but it is not as common as waxing yet. Facial waxing for hair removal is very common. There are many salons that offer this service. The prices are very competitive too.

Video Information on Facial Hair Waxing

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