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Hair Restoration

Updated on August 6, 2012

Hair Restoration has definitely come a long way , and because of increasingly technological Advancements in medical procedures, surgeons are able to deliver a more permanent solution for the patient. Today's modern hair restoration procedures haven't changed much in terms of the process itself.

Firstly an area is chosen on the patients scalp as downer hair, also known as unit follicular, usually this would be taken from the back of the head of the patience where hair tends to grow more permanent.

This downer hair is then surgical placed onto the bald area. Traditionally hair loss research was used for the treatment for men, therefore extensive studies were done on the patterns and causes of male baldness. But today's advancements have seen a rise in surgical hair procedures for woman as well.

Medical Hair Restoration

Medical Hair Restoration as stated before has advanced in years, but the process remains the same. Taking hair from another area and placing it where it is needed. Not much has changed in the basic transfer of taking hair and placing it else where. But what has changed is the different types of surgical procedures that a surgeon can preform one such hair restoration procedure is known as micro grafting.

This technique or procedure tends to leave more realistic and natural results for the patience. It is a less advanced than laser but it looks more natural for the patient. This procedure involves taking small amounts of downer hair which is then fragmented into even smaller chunks. I am guess with this procedure the smaller the better.

Hair Restoration Cost

Hair restoration cost may vary from state to state or country. There will be a usual consultation fee which can also affect the cost but typically the cost for hair restoration depends on the number of procedures a patient needs. As you will be charged per graft this can cost you anywhere from $6 to $5 per graft. Do a little research before you decide to splash out money. Have a few options available to you, visit each potential clinic and find out the cost. Sometimes it can cost less to have it in another State or Country, still check in your local area first. Remember there will be other services involved besides just the cost of hair restoration so make sure you find out about these other services before you decide.

Hair Restoration For Men

Hair Restoration For Men has definitely had a rise in demand but unfortunately men lead the way in needing this type of surgery more than women.This isn't a discrimination attack on bald men, on the contrary the reason we have hair loss surgery today is because the foundations of this started with bald men. The need for this surgery in women has just come to light over the last decade.

But the research and studies behind this operation was primarily for men. Close to %95 of men with baldness suffer from what is known as "male pattern baldness" or androgenetic alopecia in medical terminology. Causes of hair loss can range from stress, to hereditary traits being the most common. Make sure of your decision , study and do some research.

Laser Hair Restoration

Laser Hair Restoration is said to be the most chosen surgical procedure for most men. As with traditional methods laser hair restoration is not a surgical procedure, but a more natural wide results have proven this to be very effective in restoring healthier and thicker hair with a more permanent result. This type of procedure works well in conjunction with other hair growth products such as Propecia or Rogaine , which highly increases the chances of a more fuller and permanent result in hair growth. This type of operation may cost a little more than having a surgical procedure done but in the long run it seems to be the more favored option.

Hair Restoration For Women

Hair restoration for women until the early 1990's was virtually non existent. As we know the history of hair restoration was based solely on offering a potential cure for men, as it was more predominant in males than females. But since the introduction of hair grafting it is now possible for woman to be treated as well.

Hair can now be transferred from practically anywhere on the body. This can be done in units known as follicular unit extraction or FUE. This has allowed surgeons to remove either units or individual follicles of hair and place them where needed. There are considerations, such as the most appropriate place to take the downer hair from, color match, and overall look and final result.



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