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Men's Wedding Bands - Choosing the Perfect Ring

Updated on October 23, 2014
Men's wedding bands
Men's wedding bands | Source

Wedding Rings for Men

Discover some of the most unique men's wedding bands. This is a guide to choosing that perfect ring for him, from Platinum & white gold to black Tungsten wedding bands for men. Included here are black diamond & Titanium designs, see some of my personal favorites in all categories.

Since I've been shopping around for a more unusual or unique wedding ring for my husband to replace his old one, I've come across some interesting finds and was surprised at how inexpensive many of them were. I went through hundreds of styles and considered the pros and cons of getting a metal besides the ordinary yellow gold.

These are some of my favorite styles & designs so far, but being indecisive it's so hard to choose just one. I hope this page is useful for persons who like me are also looking for something a little different, with a cool alternative, or modern style.

(Photo & image credit: all photos & images are Amazon product images with crediting links on the page)

Wedding Bands for Men

I love the variety of male jewelry available today. Gone are the days of plain gold rings for men. Today there is a lot of variety in the choice of Men's Wedding Rings, they can be either simple & plain with no stones or accentuated with real or fake stones, such as Diamond & Cubic Zirconia rings.

In today's world, where males are more fashion conscious, trendy and less overlooked, marriage ceremony rings for males are popularly seen in a variety of materials besides yellow gold including Titanium, rose and white Gold men's rings. But many more metals are available from Platinum, Sterling Silver and Palladium to Stainless Steel and the newly popular Tungsten.

Choosing options

Choosing a ring is essentially a balance between appearance and cost with other factors such as durability and skin reactions occasionally factoring in. Have a price range in mind and know that how much you are willing to spend will affect the type of metal used and the presence or absence of decorative materials such as diamonds, plus the overall visual appeal, especially for designer rings.

Beneath the hard and ordinary exterior is a heart of gold. If this describes your partner, then this ring is definitely worth considering.

Factors to consider

Here are some factors to consider when choosing that essential piece of marital jewelry for him:

Metal type & Finishes

Decorative materials

Other factors

These factors will be discussed in further detail below.

Metal type & Finishes

Wedding bands for him

Metal Type: If cost is the main factor in determining your choice of metals, then you should know that Platinum rings for the most part are often much more expensive than plain gold while Tungsten & Titanium rings are much less expensive.

I just love the natural finish of this piece, it has the appearance of a shiny twig wrapped to make a ring - a great option for a down to earth , nature loving guy.

Metal Finishes

The most popular finish is polished, however depending on the material, design and your own personal taste you can chose rings that have Satin, Matte, Brushed or Hammered finishes. The shape and finish of the piece on the right for instance gives the impression of a twig or driftwood. For men some of the more textured finishes can have a more rugged masculine appeal.

I simply adore this style because of the wonderful stone-like or sugary frosted texture effect of the platinum and yellow gold bands.
It has a rustic appeal as the textured platinum reminds me of something rugged as though made of stone or cement, while the textured yellow gold gives it a warm surgery inviting appearance. A must have for that practical guy that's rough on the outside, yet oh so sweet on the inside.
This ring proves that in jewelry, it's not only shiny things that have the power to appeal.

Choosing a guys marriage band


If your choice of metal is more dependent on aesthetics, then you can choose according to color. Choose Tungsten Carbide or Titanium if you like the more masculine dark metallic and black rings. Black marriage ceremony rings are made from various hard metals such as Tungsten Carbide, Titanium and Stainless Steel that have been treated with heat for a darker look. Platinum and white gold although very similar in color have their differences, Platinum is slightly more luminescent and holds its natural white color whereas white gold is coated to reach its white shade and will sometimes need to be re-coated to maintain its color. When the coating wears off a dull, off white or slightly yellow hue is left.

If you prefer rings that are not silvery, grey or black in color, there are options besides golden yellow. Gold rings come in rose, coffee and green gold accents plus inlays of various kinds in various metals can add that touch of color you are looking for.

Decorative Materials & Accessories

Diamonds are the most expensive accessory - the price is dependent not only on the size but also the transparency, type of cut and color.

For a cheaper option try Cubic Zirconia, it is a much less expensive decorative accessory that has the appearance of diamonds.

Inlays of various types including Mother of Pearl and wood are often a low cost means of accessorizing a ring to suit your personal sense of style.

Men's Wedding Rings - In Black

Are you a fan of black wedding bands on men?

See results

Unique men's wedding bands - From Titanium to Platinum and Two Toned gold

Check out this collection of great rings in various metals and materials including Tungsten & Titanium and even Celtic styled rings. After looking at hundreds of styles these are some of my personal favorites overall.

The appearance of this two-toned gold ring brings to mind luxury & the finer things of life, and with 66 luxurious diamonds it's no wonder why. This is definitely a refined style that "looks like a million bucks".

Men's Titanium wedding bands for men

An increasingly popular choice is men's Titanium rings, here are some of my favorite styles.

Some of the attractive features of this material include the following: It is very light weight, durable and dent resistant, tarnish free plus hypoallergenic and can be colored attractively.

These properties make Titanium a practical and stylish modern choice in jewelry for guys today.

Men's tungsten wedding bands - For men

Tungsten is very durable, resistant to scratching and it can come in grey or black shades by being heat treated; here is one of the designs that I love the most, it features a Celtic dragon design.

Men's Tungsten wedding bands including the black Tungsten Carbide rings are increasing in popularity as a great men's jewelry selection for the groom.

This celtic design is one of my absolute favorites.

Gold wedding bands for men - Men's white gold wedding bands plus yellow and rose tones

I love the fact that today's gold wedding rings can come in a variety of colors instead of only yellow, rose and white gold are becoming more popular even for men. They can be plain or accentuated with diamonds and various inlays. Gold men's wedding bands, with or without stones, are a traditional choice for males. These are some of the best styles and designs that I've seen featuring yellow, white and rose gold.

If you prefer the look of white gold wedding bands you might be interested to know that the material used is a combination of ordinary gold with a white metal such as palladium, manganese or nickel, also the tint might vary and change, especially after use.

Men's platinum wedding bands - Platinum wedding bands for men

These are some of the styles that I absolutely love in platinum rings for men, most of these are accentuated with diamonds. Platinum is an attractive option due to its high shine, tarnish & wear resistance, the material is also very rare and therefore more expensive than other metals.

The clean lines and finish of this style brings to mind expensive tools and the capable practical men who use them. A great choice for that practical do it yourself kind of guy.

Men's diamond wedding bands - Male wedding rings with diamonds

Men's diamond rings in variations of white and black diamonds are very popular today. Black diamond wedding rings are sometimes considered a more modern manly alternative than a male wedding band in white diamonds.

Although yellow gold is more commonly seen white gold and other metals are fast becoming a popular choice. This is one of my preferred designs featuring white stones.

Male wedding bands What kinds of marriage ceremony rings for males do you think are the most unique?

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