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How to Avoid the "Double Boob" Fashion Disater

Updated on October 3, 2011

When I was in high school I came face to face with the double boob crisis. An exceptionally busty girl in my class was a sweet heart and had a pretty face despite her extra weight. The extra weight did, however, like to announce itself in her bra which would unfortunately cut into her breasts and create the appearance of a second pair of twins on top of the very large set she already had.

At that time I thought that excess weight was the only culprit and that I would be spared. But as I got older and my cup size grew, I had the same problem even when I made sure to get a bra that fit me perfectly. So what is really responsible for the double boob phenomenon?

The google answer is the wrong bra size. However, I refuse to believe that my boobs are exponentially growing and thus are never in a bra that fits. So here are my alternative theories and tips to try before deciding to head out to Victoria Secret.

Customize the Fit

I know from the girl in high school that we can sometimes forget that there are multiple levels of hooks on the clasp of the bra as well as the adjustable strap. So if you’re seeing mini twins peeping up, try a different level on the clasp. It might just be too small across your back at the level it’s at now. Also shorten or lengthen the shoulder straps so that the cups fit properly and give you the best support.

Lift ‘em

Sometimes, an ill-fitting bra can actually be the fault of the woman wearing it. It’s a simple matter of not putting the bra on properly. For women with a cup size of C or bigger I realized you have to make sure to get them in the cup completely. That means you may have to physically pick them up and make sure the bottom of the bra is under them.Otherwise the bra is insecure and thus “falling out” becomes inevitable.

In the End

If after you try these suggestions you find that the problem remains then you may be dealing with the classic case of “the wrong bra size.” If so, make sure to consult someone to find the best fit for you. Keep in mind that at least 80% of women don’t know their true bra size so the double boob crisis is quite common, and needing some guidance is nothing to be embarrassed about.

The main purpose of this article was to provide an alternative to buying more bras if they aren't really needed (frankly I feel the price of woman's undergarments is outrageous considering their importance). But please don't let frugality keep you from looking your best. If the bra honestly doesn't fit, don't compromise. Adjust, lift, shift and measure. Do whatever it takes to feel shame free about your womanly assets.

A Summary and a Few More Tips


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