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0 Gauge Plugs

Updated on December 15, 2011

Gauges and Plugs - The New Trend ?

With body piercing and alteration increasingly become standard for younger people; you may have noticed the trend away from earrings towards ear gauges. Of course, young people being who they are, they like to push the boundary as far as possible. Because of this, many are going for the 0 gauge plugs which are the largest that can be fitted without causing permanent damage.

However, a zero gauge plug can’t be inserted straight away as this would be quite traumatic for the ear (and the person). If you are patient enough, it would be advisable to start with the smallest available size gauge and work slowly up to the 0 size gauge. For most people however, it should be possible to start with a size 6 gauge.

Even when starting with the smaller size gauges, it is important to rotate them in the ear a little each day as this prevents them from healing and subsequently attaching themselves to the ear itself.

It is perhaps inevitable that older people will disapprove of this ‘new’ trend; however, one only has to look at ancient statues of the Buddha to notice that gauges have been around for many thousands of years and are therefore nothing new.

Of course, some people may simply not have large enough ear lobes to fit 0 gauge plugs and may have to settle for something less, although this will nearly certainly look better anyway as it will be proportionate.

Care Should Be Taken with Zero Gauge Plugs

Whatever your decision, care should be taken when stretching ear lobes to ensure that they are able to heal up again. Whilst 0 gauge plugs may seem ‘cool’ when you are young, they may look somewhat old fashioned as you get older... remember, flared jeans and tie die shirts were trendy once! Unlike tattoos, gauges can be removed and the hole in the ear allowed to heal up and return to its natural state. However, the larger gauge plus you use, the longer and possibly less successful this process is likely to be so it is advisable to think hard and long before fitting larger plugs – you may live to regret it and spend your days reluctant to surface from under your duvet!


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