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8 Amazing DIY Clothes and Fashion Hack!

Updated on December 12, 2017
Ivaa profile image

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1. Turn Your Old Leggings Into Swimwear

So you have some old boring leggings lying around that you probably would never wear because of that ridiculous print? Well, the same print would look great as a bikini right? Right you are! Here's how you can make bikini at home.

2. Make Off-shoulder Tops At Home

It's the new in thing and thus, it can be quite expensive. Don't throw away your old t-shirts. Transform them!

3. Some Unique and Wacky Clothes Hack That Actually Look Great!

Turning old briefs into a halter top sounds crazy you say?! Watch the video and find out

4. Denim Boots made from old jeans

This is a personal favourite. Look at how gorgeous those boots look! I have personally made two already. Try it out!

5. Make necklaces and chokers with some interesting things

Chokers are back, and how! Give your old collection of accessories a spin with this tutorial

6. DIY Dungarees

Beautiful, comfortable and good as new.

7. Tie Dye With Food Coloring

Who would have thought about this? You basically just need old things for this one. Give it a go

8. DIY Phone cases

And completing the circle from clothes to bags, we have phone cases. Let's get recycling!

© 2017 Ricardo Munn


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    • Dasia Toston profile image

      Dasia 7 months ago from North Carolina

      These are some helpful tips for old schools. If you can't tell sell them turn them into something new! Thanks for bringing these clips to the attention.

    • profile image

      Sirio farel 7 months ago

      Great article. Fun stuff. Must try

    • JaneanOverman profile image

      Janean Overman 7 months ago from Virginia

      Amazing hub. Very helpful and creative. Thanks for sharing!

    • Andrew Patrick profile image

      Andrew Patrick 7 months ago

      Wow! Crazy ideas

    • Ivaa profile image

      Ricardo Munn 7 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Yes :) my mother has been transforming old clothes into some amazing things at home before it took off on the internet. She makes everything from bags, doormats to hair bands and kitchen organisers.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 7 months ago from Norfolk, England

      It's amazing what you can do with clothes. I was watching a programme yesterday where someone was making leather bags from old leather cushions. It was very clever.