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10 Benefits of Wearing your Afro-textured Hair without Perms

Updated on January 22, 2021
Benefits of Wearing Your Afro-textured Hair
Benefits of Wearing Your Afro-textured Hair

Is There an Attack on Natural Hair by The System?

Let's keep it real, there's an attack against Black people wearing their natural hair in certain schools and places of employment. Certain schools are making discriminatory dress code policies against Black people's natural hairstyles. And some jobs where Black people are employees, are threatening to fire them if they continue to wear the natural hair that God gave them.

Those institutions have a clever way of NOT actually saying "We don't like Black people's hair." But they will say it in another form, such as, "Your hair isn't managed well, or well-groomed." That is an insult because no matter how they say it, it just still sounds like -- shots fired.

Discrimination is real!

If anyone have a problem with Afro texture hair, confront The Most High God about it, I'm sure He will let you know that He doesn't make mistakes!

Afro Texture Hair is Beautiful

Many women with Afro textured hair are going natural, those that are of African descent, Puerto Rican descent, Hawaiian, Italian, Jewish, Mexican, etc. If your hair is a curly type from 3a - 4c you will benefit from wearing it natural, and not by applying a chemical perm to it. Chemical permanents contain the same ingredients of Liquid Drano, which is a pipe drain-opener for unclogging plumbing pipes in homes. Putting perms on the hair and scalp every month is not a healthy choice.

During the 1960's woman and men that have Afro textured hair wore it because it was the trending style. Now in the Millennium we wear our African textured hair because it's actually good for our health, and it's a self-conscious idea. When wearing your hair natural you want to take in to consideration eating healthy foods, drinking more water, avoiding sodas, avoiding granulated sugar, conditioning your hair 1-3 times a month, wear protective hair styles, take daily chewable vitamins, and 20-60 minute of physical exercise daily.

Benefits of wearing your Afro textured hair

  1. Your hairline edges will have a change to grow back.
  2. Your hair will become thicker and longer.
  3. Won't have to spend money on perms.
  4. Give you a chance to love your authentic self.
  5. Won't have to risk your hair or edges falling out due the perms.
  6. Perm chemicals will no longer seep into your scalp pores, causing potential permanent hair loss (alopecia) over many years of using it.
  7. No more scalp burns or over-processing damage of the effects of using perms.
  8. You get a chance to learn what products your natural hair likes and don't like.
  9. With natural hair you get to wear many protective styles and not have massive breakage due to perms.
  10. You get to spritz your hair with a water-based moisturizer every 3-6 days because Afro-textured hair often gets dry compared to other hair types. Herbal Hydrating hair-moisturizers promote faster hair growth.

You'll be surprised of how many women actually have naturally curly hair, but they keep their hair straightened with perms, flat irons, or hot combs. Just because they are light skinned doesn't mean their natural hair is not of a curly texture. Sometimes we will never find out about multi-cultural women that have naturally curly hair.

Some people are shocked to find out that Black celebrities have naturally Afro textured hair (news flash -they were born with straight hair) such as, Tamera Mowry, Beyonce` Knowles, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, etc.

After Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair" in 2009, chemical perm purchases have decreased dramatically by over 25 % within 5 years. There are so many hair styles to wear when studying your own naturally curly textured hair. Part of loving yourself is loving your own hair texture, and making sure others accept you for your original hair texture. I want to share a quote from a Mary J. Blige song with you called "Take Me as I Am or Have Nothing at All."

Natural Hair Poll

Do you currently wear a chemical perm in your hair?

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