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10 Braids You've Probably Never Heard Of With Tutorials

Updated on August 13, 2014

1.Loop French Braid

In all honesty this is just like a regular french braid, but with the exception of loops down the side to make it look fuller. This can work on all hair types, as long as it is long enough to braid, it will work. It also won't take too much extra time to get this style completed, unlike some elaborate styles.

Loop French Braid Tutorial


2. 3D Split Braid

This is another one where if you're hair is long enough to braid, it'll work just fine. From a distance this braid looks like just a regular french braid, it takes time to realize that it actually looks split.

3D Split Braid Tutorial


3. Crossover Dutch Braid

To me, this lace braid looks interesting and different from a regular one. It was a twist in it most people don't expect. This style can even work on shorter hair and on bangs, it's not just for really long hair.

Crossover Dutch Braid


4. Pull Through Braid

I guess this technically can't and shouldn't be called a braid since no braiding techniques are used. This just means that anyone can easily do it without any braiding experience required and it's much faster to do than any other braid I've come across.

Pull Through Braid Tutorial


5. Box Fishtail Braid

This style makes it look like someone did four fishtail braids and meshed them together somehow, but that's not actually how it's done at all. In fact, these braids are no more complicated than the regular fishtail itself and it takes the same amount of time because you do "all four" braids at the same time. Sounds impossible? Nope.

Box [four sided] Fishtail Braid Tutorial


6. Cobra Braid

I'm not sure why this braid is called what it's called, but to me it looks more like on of those homemade lanyards we used to make as small children. In fact, as soon as I googled an image for this tons of "how to make a braided bracelet" showed up. It can work on hair too though!

Cobra Braid Tutorial on hair


7. Inverse Fishtail Braid

Sometimes it's called "Reverse," either name works for me. It's almost exactly the same as a fishtail braid, only it looks like it's up-side-down. It looks a bit more interesting as well and others might ask how you did it.

Reverse Fishtail Braid Tutorial


8. Pancake Braid

This braid really is a dutch braid, although it's thickened and texturized to the point where it's quite thick and has a new look. It can work on hair of all textures as well, not just people with really thick hair!

Pancake Braid Tutorial


9. Cage Braid

It almost looks like the loop french braid but it's not the same. The person will have to have long hair in order for this to work. It does look very interesting and the person styling the hair only needs knowledge of french braiding. I also understand it's sometimes called the mermaid braid.

Cage Braid Tutorial


10. Basket Weave Braid

This braid is a bit more well-known so you're more likely to know it. It looks a lot like a weaving that would be done on a basket and it's a new way to look at a french braid.

Basket Weave Braid Tutorial


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    • mdscoggins profile image

      Michelle Scoggins 2 years ago from Fresno, CA

      Thanks Geeneyedblondie those were some really interesting hairstyles. Voted up.

    • MeganHaulbrook profile image

      Megan Haulbrook 2 years ago from North Georiga

      I really enjoyed this, I've been trying new things with my long hair and there are definitely some I will try on this list!

    • profile image

      calculus-geometry 2 years ago

      I can do a fishtail, Dutch, and French braid, but that's about it. Braids are pretty fascinating from a mathematical point of view; there's actually a branch of topology called 'braid theory.'

    • Lionrhod profile image

      Lionrhod 2 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Some gorgeous stuff here. As a child my hair was long enough to sit on. Sadly, Mom talked me into chopping it (I think she got tired of helping me brush it) and since then my hair has never gotten back to the length I'd like. Split ends and dry hair are certainly a challenge! But my hair's certainly long enough to do some minor braiding and this is great inspiration here!

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