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10 Items of clothing that are quietly destroying your health

Updated on March 6, 2016
tight clothing
tight clothing

When you wake up every morning and get dressed, you may consider the weather, what your workout is for the day and how much laundry needs to be done. The last thing that will come to mind is your general health.

Like everyone else you use your common sense when it comes to general hygiene, but you may have a number of health threats looming in your closet:

1. Control top tights and shape wear

Tights and shape wear look perfectly harmless, but can be just as damaging as skinny jeans. Any physician would tell you that wearing shape wear that's too tight can squash your organs and cause acid reflux. If you want to wear shape wear save it for a special occasion and give your body some down time to breath.

2. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans when worn compress the nerves in the groin and legs, which reduces blood flow to the lower legs. From this problem you can get muscle damage, numbness and swelling. To many this may seem a bit extreme. A 35 year old woman spent four days in hospital after repeatedly squatting while wearing her skinny jeans.

As well as compression, your body has other problems to contend with while you're wearing clothing that's too tight. When fabric rubs against your skin, it disturbs the skin barrier which protects you from infection. You also swear more when you wear skin tight clothing. This provides a welcome environment for fungal, bacterial and viral infections such as folliculitis, this turns your hair follicles into red bumps. It may help to strip down to resolve some things.On the other hand medical intervention may be required for anti fungal or cortisone cream or even antibiotics to get rid of the rash. The next time you buy a pair of jeans make sure you have plenty of breathing space and maneuverability. There's no shame in comfort.

3. Romper or onesie

For the cold winter month's they're great to put on. When you need to go to the bathroom they're a pain to take off.

In taking fewer toilet breaks to urinate, urine hangs around your bladder. This causes pain to your lower back and just above the pubic bone. Alongside lower back pain you may also start to feel feverish and have pain during sex.

Even if you drink less you may still get a bladder infection through lack of liquid. This can go on to agitate and affect other systems in your body including your digestive system. So make sure you drink plenty and plan your toilet breaks every three hours.

4. Well worn pj's

It's easy to forget to change your nightwear, particularly pajamas. If you don't wear underwear your pj's can become a health risk if left unwashed. Dirty pajamas can contain bacteria in the crutch are. If this bacteria is next to your urethra, may cause an infection. So remember to change your pajamas frequently or wear clean underwear imbetween you and your pj's.

5. Thongs

If you prefer skimpy underwear, you may be putting your health at risk. Wearing a thong between your rectum and vagina, can compromise your immune system through a vaginal infection. So make sure your thong is comfortable and fits properly. This will make it less likely to move around.

6. Swimsuits

Swimming costumes and bikini bottoms are a great home for bacterial and yeast infections to grow. Synthetic fabric hold the moisture in one place. If you're unfortunate to be prone to yeast infections, then frequently wearing unclean swimwear will increase your risk. Make sure that your swimming costume or bikini fits properly, and lets the air circulate around your crotch area. Having a little extra room can also prevent your sweat glands from blocking, which causes itchy red bumps as a result.

7. Leggings

Another risk to your health are close fitting leggings. The closer they are to your body, the more sweat and oil they pick up in the process. They may be the most unclean piece of clothing you own. If you wear them for a number of days to the gym without washing, you can set yourself up for fungal infections and ringworm. So make sure you wear fresh leggings and wash them regularly.

8. Fabric dyed underwear

Underwear that has the fabric dyed can irritate the skin around your vagina, most notably for those with sensitive skin. new synthetic material can often be the worst offender. Cotton is always a safer bet.

9. Underwired bras

Make sure you underwired bras don't have any wires poking out or clasps that rest on the skin. Most clasps are made of nickel and can be an irritant to the skin.

10. High heels

The most obvious risk of wearing high heels would be of falling. Wearing them a few times a week for a couple of years can lead to ankle muscle imbalance, which can lead to injury. If you can't wear flat shoes then heel drops (standing on the edge of a stair and slowly lowering your heel over the edge) or heel lifts (stand barefoot and come up onto your tip toes) are good exercises to try if you have this problem.

© 2016 Helen Bolam


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    • Helen Bolam profile image

      Helen Bolam 19 months ago from South Shields

      I prefer a little extra space in what I wear. Thanks for your comment Michaela.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 19 months ago from USA

      Good thing I don't wear "tight" clothing, I don't even like skinny pants to be super tight and I always buy my leggings a size up for comfort.