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Ten myths and truths that you should know about your hair

Updated on May 1, 2012
The truths and myths about your hair.
The truths and myths about your hair.
Trim hair to take away the split ends.
Trim hair to take away the split ends.
Brush your hair only a few times not alot in order to take care of it good.
Brush your hair only a few times not alot in order to take care of it good.
Hair twirling is bad for the ends of your hair so just stop doing it.
Hair twirling is bad for the ends of your hair so just stop doing it.
Perfect shiny hair
Perfect shiny hair

As you may have heard before there are a lot of myths that exist about almost anything in this world. But now there are a few myths about hair that may not be true. Some of the basics that all of us know about our hair that are true is that it grows from the scalp, rub your hair with a helium ballon so it can stand up all the way. Knowing what is real and what is not can help you understand more about your hair and how to take care of it.

MYTH- "Hair can be immune to either shampoo or conditioner making it less durable."

TRUTH- For example every product has its own ingredients like silicones, waxes and oils that can be trapped in the hair and lower the durability of the used item. If you want to avoid this apply a formula of shampoo and conditioner during the week or try a different solution every two weeks.

MYTH- "Some people say that your hair will grow faster if you trim it regularly."

TRUTH- Well to tell you the truth I have found out that hair does not actually grow fast as you thought or heard before. But the fastest solution to a more healthy longer hair is to trim it everyday. By doing this your hair may split and that way it can lose even more length that it had before you started trimming it do this every four to six weeks and also everytime you go to the hair salon when talking to the hair stylist make sure to use the word (dusting) and you should also know that the stylist will understand because to them it means that they have to take off just enough to keep the ends of your hair healthy.

MYTH- If you brush your hair every night it will become shinier and healthier.

THE TRUTH- If you tend to brush your hair from roots to ends you are taking some of the oil that was in your scalp to your mid-lenghts and ends. When this happens it obviously makes you think that your hair is shiny when it's really not if you style the hair alot for example brushing it alot or doing a bunch of hairdoes that are tight they can all cause damage to your strands so make sure that only a few strands take place in order to spread the oil and protect the hair, but don't over do it by brushing your hair a lot of times or else it will make it even worse.

MYTH- Adding color to your hair can cause some damage to your hair.

THE TRUTH- Whithin history this was true but thats no longer the case since there is technology that can be used to color hair without taking out the important nutrients that your hair needs. These also help to fortify your hair once you go for your color treatment its best if you talk to your stylist about some of the coloring items they use and make a selelction of which product you will use to keep your hair good.

MYTH- Your hair becomes healthier if you wash it regularly.

THE TRUTH- If you want your hair to become healthier then do so by washing it less often dont over do it by washing it alot. There is nothing fun about detergent which most shampoos have. One thing that you must know is that the product manufacturers create cleansers that have conditioning liquids with not putting a lot of shampoo in the hair it will help make the fatty acids and oil stay more in your hair.

MYTH- Hair twirling with fingers makes split ends in your hair.

TRUTH- By making friccion in the twirling of hair it causes for the hair to be on distress on the hair shaft and then thats when the hair has split ends now. So if you tend to twril your hair alot because you like it then think again before continuing to do it since it can make your hair look bad. You may think that it helps your hair look pretty but it actually doesn't.

MYTH- To make your hair more shinier rinse with cold water

THE TRUTH- The reflection of light helps hair shine and creates a flat surface. When you rinse your hair with cold water it blocks the hair cuticle then it stays flat and it makes more light to reflect and then shine.

MYTH- If you are stressed alot your hair can fall.

THE TRUTH- There are a lot case studies that focus on the levels of stress and how it affects the hair follicles. In most cases if you experience more stress than you usually do and your hair does seem to be falling out then I advise you to go to a doctor they can help you to find a solution to this problem and see what may be causing it.

MYTH- When you are using the cold side on your hair dryer it will actually make your hair less frizzy and shiny. So in my opinion it's better if you forget about the frizz or the smoothing of curls when you are blow drying, and the cool air will the style stay longer. The opposite is rather true if you blew out your hair making it frizzy and it ends up being in the cool button in the end the that is how it will stay.

MYTH- Mend split ends without cutting them off.

THE TRUTH- Alot of products exist in stores that can prevent the splitting of the ends, and the only solution to split ends is to cut them out.

Well those are all of the ten myths and truths about healthy hair hope you read them and at least understand what is real and what is not real about taking care of your hair.


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