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10 Real Benefits Of Being A Blonde

Updated on October 29, 2008

Blondes Have Inherited the Earth!

I'm blonde. I like being blonde and I've found it to be extremely useful. In this non-exhaustive list I outline the reasons for my preference. Some of my points are virtually clichés but I see no reason to omit these.

  1. Blondes have more fun! How do I know this? I once dyed my hair a deep, mahogany brown. I stopped having fun immediately. However, when I returned to my natural hair colour all the fun came back into my life.
  2. Gentlemen prefer blondes. Very true. How do I know this (see above)? Not only did I stop having fun when I turned brunette, my boyfriend dumped me too. Surprise, surprise, when I returned to my natural state he wanted to "try again". I dated his best friend in reply to his request.
  3. There is a perception that blondes are stupid! This can be advantageous to blondes like me - highly educated and very able to manipulate others. In extreme cases this misperception leads to nasty off-hand treatment of blondes. I advise all blondes suffering this to mark the cards of perpetrators and move on. There will come a time…
  4. Blondes in the Sun. The sun can have a magnificent effect on all hair types. It brings out highlights and lowlights, shades and tones. This is most true of blonde hair. I'm lucky too as I have green eyes and tan, golden brown, very easily. This is a knock-out combination and is irresistibly attractive to Latin men. In Spain for instance it is very difficult to buy yourself a drink in a bar and when anywhere in Andalusia you are given flowers by many admiring men. Be warned though, this can be slightly embarrassing.
  5. Blonde hair dries quicker. I reckon that my hair dries twice as fast as my brunette friends. Over the course of a lifetime this will give me a few extra weeks to spend enjoying myself.
  6. Pink, blue, orange, green, red and yellow hair-dyes tale well in blonde hair. For anyone into Punk fashions therefore, being blonde is a useful asset. A brunette punk would have to dye her or his hair blonde before using a vibrant colour dye.
  7. Blonde hair looks better with: little black dresses, most uniforms and academic cloaks and mortar boards.
  8. Blondes get the best men! You can't argue against this one. We select our partners from the many available to us.
  9. Blondes can write lists! Do you need any more proof of this!
  10. Blondes turn grey and it doesn't look at all bad! My grey hairs blend in with my blonde tones. My hair looks more beautiful now than it has ever done!

I could go on (see 9) for at least another twenty points - but I'm a blonde and as such I get easily bored.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a spoof - nobody could be as bad at that! I hope you read this far and realise but, I'm amused to think that I could have made your blood boil. Tee hee!


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    • profile image

      Rachelle 3 years ago

      Brunettes are not ugly for all of those BLONDE haters who hate brunettes because THEIR HAIR IS BROWN and brunettes show more natural beauty than Blondes no offence to nice Blondes this is only for the Blonde haters the reason why brunettes show more natural beauty is because some Blondes look like they have been put head first into a bath of bleach which you know some people can rock it and some people have blonde hair with brown tones in it which some people can also rock all in all brunettes have a more natural colour which looks much well you know natural! So this was just for some of the haters

    • profile image

      sophie 4 years ago

      I actually googled this because I am super tired of my natural blonde hair, so I wanted to see the good sides of being blonde.. this article is very silly, sorry. Now I am thinking even more about going brunette :)

    • profile image

      me 4 years ago

      I'm a natural blonde, and I honestly googled "good thing about being blonde" because I have low self esteem and everyone likes brunettes more. I am sick of the "dumb blonde" jokes and all of that . It makes me feel like shit, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels that way(I sure hope not). The fact that people actually say that we're dumber, trashier and less attractive than brunettes... makes me feel like I'm not good enough. I wish I was born as a brunette, but I'm not. I hate being a blonde.

    • profile image

      Ditta 4 years ago

      Who said blonde is feminine, many blonde sly, tricky, dodgy, wily, slick, cunning, astute, canny, cagey, subtle, loopy and you cannot trust, blonde, blonde always win cause they sly, crafty, scheming, shifty, underhanded, mean

    • profile image

      blonde 5 years ago

      What a buch of absolute crap. I'm blonde and with green eyes and tan easily too but i definitely do not agree with any of this. Your points are points you have made up in your head with your very limited knowledge of the world.

      I know sooo many brunettes who go out all the time and know how to have fun and most of the people I know with decent boyfriends are brunette but I don't immediately jump into a salon and decide I have to be too because WHO CARES WHAT COLOUR YOUR HAIR IS. It's about how you wear it and what goes with your skin colour.

      I know this was for fun but from the comments above, it's clear some people haven't a clue what they are on about.

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      So many people getting worked up over nothing, This whole article was a joke! Its pretty funny actually reading through all the comments. Brunettes hating on blondes the whole way around. I don't want to ever hear ever, ever again how blondes are the dumb ones! Blondes are apparently the only ones to read something all the way throughl and actually grasp the concept of it. Oh and Miss N/A. All of these dumb/whore blondes you keep referring too...take a nice look at the roots. Bet you way more than you think are actually brunettes died blonde aiming to get the attention from men they think all blondes get. How is the world going to get over racism when we cant even get over hair color?

    • profile image

      Mel 5 years ago

      Lol. You're awesome! I love this. Unfortunately, I actually know a girl who acts like this.

    • profile image

      Blonde bombshell 5 years ago

      This goes out to all the Boring Brunettes" You hate us blondes because you have pent up anger over the fact all your men look and love us.. Jealousy is a sickness!! The person that posted under the name N/A your hatred for blondes sounded like you need mental help" You are such a hater!! You call us blondes trashy but your the only one that threw vile profanity on this board. So who's the TRASH now... Low class!!! I am a Real Estate investor and own several waterfront properties and obtain a Masters in Real estate/ corporate Law!! While your probably just atypical society people pleaser. Blonde hair or not people listen when I talk because what comes out of my mouth is not A short vocabulary of filth, more like substance" beauty and Power. Hater.. So looks like with your hatred your the one with low self asteem!! Btw they only reason men marry you simple Sally Brunettes is because there not intimidated by you. But they always are by us.. Btw don't throw gods name in the mix when talking about our halos..

    • profile image

      wow 5 years ago

      is this a joke?

    • profile image

      Mcharis 5 years ago

      I love blonde hair,

      even though i am a naturally brunette, I have bleach them to very pale blonde and it is true that being blonde attracts more men.

      The down side of this is that, unfortunately you attract low class men, that see you as a thing not as a person.

      Being a brunette I bring a dynamic character which men respects and truly love.

      Being blonde men treat me like im a bimbo for their pleasure and only.

      Being blonde is fun, being a brunette is dynamite.

      I love both colors

      respect to all!

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      my girlfriend asked me what is good about being a blonde cause she thought the only reason was because she thought blondes looked hot and this helped me a lot! SHANK YOU!

    • profile image

      nicole 6 years ago

      I'm a blonde!!! Everybody loves me because I am always so nice, affectionate, Caring, smart, and attractive! Lol! I've had tons of guys ask me out, but I go for the best ones to say yes to. I am popular too. When I dyed My hair, My life turned around. I looked like everybody else...besides the fact of My beautiful face. I'm not saying that blonde is the best hair color, its just that it stands out. I have the best boyfriend now! I don't let him use me though, and he wouldn't anyways.

    • profile image

      nathalie 6 years ago

      beautifuldesires is a very, very jealous brunette :) boosts my confidence even more as I am a happy, bubbly blonde that men adore! It's a shame some of these jealous brunettes such as beautifuldesires cant be happy in their own skin...I feel bad for them

    • profile image

      N/A 6 years ago

      Wow . . . someone has a low selfconfidence. Who ever wrote this is a dumb whore. -paraphrasing- 'I stoped having fun when I dyed my hair darker?' Where is the logic in that? And I'm sure you slaved hours over the key board to write THIS piece of work.

      God gave you your hair color, and regardless of what you, you petty slut, have to say, all hair colors are equal. You assume "decent" men like blondes? Hah. Your joking, right? This whole blog is a comedy routine? Right? Because those "gentlemen" you're refering to are just being smooth to get a DUMB BITCH. Yeah, I typed it. DUMB BITCH. Blondes, no offence to those who are, are typically believed to be stupid. Now, this being said, the sleeze bags you call decent are going for the easiest one-night stand. Now, being blonde, I know that they are not stupid. HOWEVER, there ARE DUMB BLONDES, and I can be assure that, without a doubt, the whore who wrote this was one of those dumb blondes.

      It is a matter of opinion for guys what hair color they are naturaly attracted to. Some DO like blondes, but and equal number favor the dark and seductive nature of sexy wemon with darker hair, and those who have red hair. The person who wrote this has a low self confidence, and therefore felt the need to downgrade all of the other hair colors. All hair colors are good at being seductive in their own way. Find yours and be great. Each has their flaws as well, so learn how to work with them. No color is better than the other, it is merely a matter of opinion, and, like I have said before, your opinion is like an asshole. Everyone has one.

      -Your SMART Blonde Friend :)

    • profile image

      Hans 6 years ago

      Blondes are the most beautiful!!!!

      Its always the jealous, ugly brunettes that hate!

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      She even said at the end that this was a spoof list. . . Seems like nobody reads anything all the way through anymore.

    • profile image

      zeus 6 years ago

      I love seeing the blogs that people reply to, such angry people, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all losers, I hate negative people.

    • profile image

      hhh 7 years ago

      blonde girls are not atractive. they can shoot theri heads. Black hair girls is awesome.

    • profile image

      kay 7 years ago

      Im blonde! and i think your very strong with your opinion but its wrong to tar all blondes with the same brush we have not all been round the block! I as a blonde don`t`judge people by there looks but on there personallity, me and my partner have been together for five years now and we are very happy so not all men prefer brunettes, I think you must have a very big ego problem or your jelous mate!

      well done for the blog by the way xx


    • aka-dj profile image

      aka-dj 9 years ago from Australia

      :) I like it. A very fun hub. You even lifted the blond stereotype at least on notch. :)