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10 Reasons to Get a Tattoo

Updated on October 9, 2021

Who Should get a Tattoo?

Wondering if a tattoo is right for you? Use this handy list to determine if you are tattoo material.

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Top 10 Reasons to get a Tattoo

  1. Your life and personality are incredibly boring. Without a tattoo, you will have no conversation starter at social events.
  2. You are in prison, and want everyone to know about it after you get out; and you want to reduce your chances of gaining high paying employment.
  3. Everyone (a small group, actually) in your unit/frat/sorority/neighborhood/graduating class is doing it. Hey, be a follower! It is easier than having your own values and ideals after all. No one will clash with you if you just go along to get along. No one will really respect you, either.
  4. You need a way to flirt with boys in bars. A small butterfly just below the waist is just the thing! See a cute guy, move a conversation to tattoos and then open a button and fold down the waist of your jeans to reveal your tattoo- and to show him you are interested (this is a conversation I actually overheard in a Philadelphia bar c. 1995).
  5. You want to make your face more interesting. (According to a line at the end of "The Expendables")
  6. You have a lot of fear, and believe a tattoo will make you look "tough".
  7. You want to yield spiritual authority over you to the person who marks your body (Yes, there is a biblical basis for this: Exodus 21:6)
  8. You want to help normalize tattooing to promulgate Satan's plan to put his mark on as many people as he can, dooming them forever to Hell. (Yes, the expanding popularity of tattoos is a work of demons to damn souls. A tattoo in itself does not damn. The Mark of the Beast, required to buy and to sell does that.)
  9. You have an extra $500 to $800 dollars, and just absolutely hate to invest, and could care less about the needy. Tattoo on!
  10. You got totally drunk and woke up with one, plus a case of the clap. Whatcha gonna do?

How will this look when she's is 50? 65? 80? A few years of thinking she's cool, and decades of regret. Sad. Look how lazy the work is. All you need is a stencil. This is not art, nor is it artistic.
How will this look when she's is 50? 65? 80? A few years of thinking she's cool, and decades of regret. Sad. Look how lazy the work is. All you need is a stencil. This is not art, nor is it artistic.

Tattoos Damage Careers: Tattoo Removal Business Booming

Here is an interesting article describing how painful, long, and costly it is to remove a tattoo:

Man loses 3rd job for face tattoo

Famous Quote

Regret is an odd emotion because it comes only upon reflection. Regret lacks immediacy, and so its power seldom influences events when it could do some good. - William O. Rourke

The part of the brain which processes long term consequences is not fully developed until the age of 21. Why is it legal for someone to permanently mark themselves at 18, when they can't get drunk until three years later? For most people, drunk is over the next day.

What do People Think of You when You have a Tattoo?

Well, it is not good! Here is a quote from Tattoo Facts & Statistics:

Almost half of people without tattoos think you are less attractive:

While those with a tattoo may think it makes them look attractive, those without do not agree as just under half (47%) say people with tattoos are less attractive (up from 42% who felt this way in 2003) and two in five (39%) of those without one, say people with a tattoo are less sexy. Just about one-quarter of those without tattoos, say those with are less intelligent (27%) and less healthy (25%).

That may be why a 2008 poll showed that fewer and fewer people are getting tattoos. The tattoo trend is dying. This is likely because information about the risks is getting out. People think you are 25% less healthy with tattoos. Is that accurate? Actually, that may be an underestimate. Read on.

Are Tattoos Art?

Tattoos aren't art. Allowing a stranger to permanently mark your flesh is like spray painting on the Sistine Chapel, except worse. - Man from Modesto

Hepatitis C Spread via Commercial Tattooing TWICE as much as Injection Drug Use

Scary, yes. True, yes. But, wait- there's more.

You can also get HIV and flesh eating bacteria through tattoo needles. Just ask Michael Machetti, who is suing a tattoo parlor after having several surgeries to remove parts of his flesh on his neck and forearms after work done at the parlor (allegedly, of course). Mr. Machetti's bills total more than $580,000.

The U.S. government hid HIV stats when it first began appearing. Today, just as many gay men in California's Bay Area surrounding San Francisco die from flesh eating bacteria as die from AIDS. In fact, it is recommended that if you go to the Castro District, you wash your hands very carefully and avoid touching anything you don't need to touch, even door handles.

Dr. Bob Haley of the University of Texas performed a study of professional, sanitized commercial tattoo parlors. He found that customers of such shops were NINE times as likely to have Hepatitis C. In case you don't know, Hep C can be deadly. Hep C kills 10,000 people per year.

If you have ever gotten a tattoo, please, please, please go and get checked for hepatitis. It can exist unnoticed for years, doing damage the entire time.

Further reading: Deadly tattoos


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