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Top 10 Shoe Designers, Spring 2015 For Women

Updated on May 6, 2015
£475 (As of 21/04/2015)
£475 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source

Jimmy Choo

A personal favourite, Malaysian designer Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat is based in London. His shoes have been featured in magazines, runways, movies and on fashion lovers feet everywhere since the 1980s. Many actresses including Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry have been seen strutting their stuff in Jimmy Choo Shoes!

These shoes are as distinguishable as the bag and box they come in. However, be wary of the fakes online! If you are looking for a pair or two or three, head over to the website or visit your local branch. You will not regret it! Well your bank balance might, consider it as an investment; these shoes not only look great, they don't lose value or style!

£815.91 (As of 21/04/2015)
£815.91 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source

Manolo Blahnik

Since the 1970s, Spanish designer Manuel "Manolo" Blahnik Rodriguez has made his mark, ignoring trends and empowering the stiletto! If you ever watched Sex and the City, you'll remember the shoes Carrie Bradshaw had in her collection and finding the mythical Manolo Mary Janes at Vogue.

I adore these shoes, every collection that has been released I have envied all the people who buy them before I get a chance to!

£575 (As of 21/04/2015)
£575 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source

Christian Louboutin

Oh how I adore these shoes! Loubountin shoes are known for the recognizable red sole, killer heels and signature styles! French designer Christian Louboutin have crippled peoples bank accounts and feet since the 1990s. Be aware of the counterfeits, and disgraceful attempts at the imitations out there!

We have seen many stars, models and music artists stroll around in these numbers, which we instantly recognise; admiration to all the women who can pull these off, particularly proud of myself being able to walk in these shoes too!

£525 (As of 21/04/2015)
£525 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source

Miu Miu

These shoes are featured in Vogue and show a fun, bright and addition to the spring collection. Established in 1993, Miuccia Prada headed Miu Miu as a high fashion brand from the Prada fashion house. More often or not, you will spot these shoes on the runway models at fashion week, fashion magazine and actresses.

Highlights London Fashion Week Spring 2015

£919.24 (As of 21/04/2015)
£919.24 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source

Oscar de la Renta

The late Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo, a Dominican American fashion designer, known professionally as Oscar de la Renta; was much loved and adored. His style became internationally known in the 1960s, after dressing Jacqueline Kennedy. He won numerous awards and continuously dressed and styles leading film stars and royalty.

£645 (As of 21/04/2015)
£645 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source

Dolce & Gabbana

Every time I think of this brand, I hear HBO's Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City say "Dolce, Dolce, Dolce". Every collection is stunning, I don't know anyone who hasn't heard of Dolce; even if it isn't about the shoes.

£650 (As of 21/04.2015)
£650 (As of 21/04.2015) | Source

Christian Dior

French designer Chrisitian Dior founded the company in 1946, Chrisitian Dior S.A. is commonly known as Dior selling exquisite luxury products.If you are not a fan of the Dior shoe collection, perhaps you are of the Dior perfume, make-up or clothes collection!

Who doesn't J'adore Dior?

£510 (As of 21/04/2015)
£510 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source


Founded in 1921, Guccio Gucco; Gucci is an Italian fashion and leather goods brand. It is part of the Gucci group, owned by the French company Kering. The shoes are known for style, quality and comfort. These three qualities are hard to come by, especially in heels high enough for you to reach the ornament on the top shelf, you usually need a stepladder to get.

£130 (As of 21/04/2015)
£130 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source

Michael Kors

From fashion week, I noticed several Michael Kors shoes. Out of all the designers mentioned so far, Michael Kors shoes are the most reasonable, but they don't lack in style, quality or value.

Born Karl Anderson, Jr., Michael Kors is a New York City-based designer of American sportswear for women.

Although these designs aren't as popular as some of the bigger named brands; as of yet, but they have made a statement, including getting mentions in movies and music videos.

£1110 (As of 21/04/2015)
£1110 (As of 21/04/2015) | Source

Louis Vuitton

Who caught a glimpse of these bad boys at the fashion show?? Yes they are £1110, but if I could, I would! Who doesn't recognise the signature LV logo; I do cringe when people have fakes though especially when they parade around their VL bags, YUK!

Louis Vuitton Malletiet is a French fashion house founded in 1854; commonly referred as Louis Vuitton is oftened shortened to LV. For many years it was named the world's most valuable luxury brand; selling products in boutiques and high-end department stores.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show

© 2015 MFPrincess


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    • MFPrincess profile image

      MFPrincess 2 years ago from South Wales, UK

      I agree those designers are great! But I wrote this after watching fashion week and I found the ones I put into the top 10 were the ones that stood out with their spring collection! Maybe I should write a follow up and include the other designers in their next collection :) Thanks for the comment :)

    • Frederick Green profile image

      Palis Pisuttisarun 2 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      I thought that was a beautiful hub! I love status luxury shoes. I have shoes from all these brands except for Oscar. They're pretty but I have no idea where to buy them from! I thought you could've also mentioned Walter Steiger, Brian Atwood, Giuseppe Zanotti, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi and Balenciaga because I have all those and love those brands to bits! I really enjoyed your hub and you seem very passionate about shoes. Maybe we could exchange pictures of our shoe closets one day =)