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10 Tips On Wearing Jewelry For Women

Updated on June 16, 2011

Jewelry For Women

With regards to dressing up with jewelry, some people like Jackie Onassis and Coco Chanel simply have the knack for it while some people just don't. Like clothings, jewelry for women follows trends and fashion. Here are 10 smart tips on wearing jewelry for women in a fashionable way.

1. Charm Jewelry

Bohemian-style pendant necklaces with tiny charms and colorful semiprecious stones are good examples of charm jewelry. Charm jewelry are extremely versatile and you can complement it with anything from a plain white t-shirt to a pretty evening dress or gown. Most people wear them without feeling too formal or dressed up.

You can also create your own personal charm necklace by stringing together on a simple chain, old rings, antique charms and lockets from your jewelry box. You can also mix different metals and gemstones on your charm necklace or put together a variety of necklaces in a pretty cool jumble.

2. Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is one with a large pendant. The size of the pendant can be as big as the biggest coin. A statement piece creates an immediate visual impact, therefore is not appropriate for the faint hearted. When wearing this piece of jewelry, make sure that you do not have other tiny pieces fighting for attention. Just wear that one piece without additional distractions.

It is important for you to consider proportion with large pieces of jewelry. Petite women should stick to neater, smaller shapes, whereas taller women can carry off big necklaces. Keep everything balanced with a statement necklace, and avoid bold striking earrings or rings.

3. Pearls

A simple strand of pearls transcends time and trends. Think of Jack O-Style and Louise Brooks, the 1920 silent movie legend with classic bobbed hair, plain black dress and a chic strand of pearls hanging to her hips. Pearls complements practically with everything, adding beauty to the simplest outfit.

Shorter strands worn against the skin will certainly add a new lustrous glow. Wear a length that sits across your collarbones. Avoid matching earrings if you do not want to end up looking matured.

4. Layered fine necklaces

Delicate chains and necklaces tend to be more subtle and feminine. Layering finer necklaces enhance your looks. For wide necks and busts, fine layering can soften the neckline, but avoid large earrings as they will look incongruous and upstage the necklace.

If you choose to layer a few plain chains together, they are likely to look best against the skin, rather than sitting in a confused jumble amidst your clothes. You should look great if you vary the length of each layer.

5. Chokers

Chokers looks great on younger women with graceful long necks. They do not look elegant on older necks, so it is best to avoid this jewelry should you be above a certain age level.

Obviously there are many ways to wear this showy piece of jewelry. In case you prefer a more refined effect, wear a delicate ribbon choker with tiny jewelled heart drops. You can create your own by affixing a small brooch or pin to a length of lushly colored velvet ribbon. To get a good eye-catching effect, buy vintage ribbon and attach a small antique belt buckle onto the centre.

Chokers need space. They look pretty whenever worn with the a very simple strapless black dress, subdued corset or bustier top and, preferably, with clothes that have very little adornment on them. Expose your neck by keeping your hair tied back or lifted up and away from the neck.

6. Earrings

Long dangling earrings look excellent on a person with long hair and a smooth slender neck. If you are petite, avoid long dangling earrings because they will look heavy on you. Smaller earrings will be more suitable.

7. Rings

Rings are the pieces of jewelry much desired by many women both for its artistic value and status symbol. Sleek diamond rings are frequently worn on a ring-finger. By all means, avoid putting on 2 or more rings on the same finger. It will appear excessive. Rings with a gem above 10k are usually worn on a fore-finger. The best option for young ladies with slim arms and fingers is a smaller but exquisite ring, 2k or below.

8. Bracelets

Bracelets are worn most of the time on the right hand. If the jewelry consists of several segments with no gem in the centre, wear it loosely on your arm. If the bracelet comes with gems right in the centre, do not allow it to dangle on your arm.

9. Brooches

Brooches are getting more popular these days. Young girls opt for small-sized brooches. These are worn on the left side, 10-15cm down below the shoulder or at the collar. Huge brooches can serve as the collar links. However, in case there are plain buttons on your dress, the brooch ought to be 5-7cm. higher. It is possible to fold a light scarf and pin it up with the brooch or wear it on the waist line.

10. Wear It Right

Whatever jewelry you are wearing, always wear it the right way and look like a star, not the whole solar system!! If you look in the mirror and your face is the last thing you notice, you are wearing too much. Take off the last jewelry you put on.


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    • profile image

      AnnaXavier 6 years ago

      Very helpful! I love statement necklaces, and now I know how to wear them right! :) Very useful tips on how to wear other jewellery as well, as sometimes we can end up wearing too much. Thank you! :)