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10 Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Own

Updated on February 24, 2014
CC Image, Jaguar MENA
CC Image, Jaguar MENA | Source

1. Strand of Cultured Pearls

Simple, Elegant, fashionable and fresh, a strand of beautiful cultured pearls can enhance any woman’s palette of style.

CC Image, MsSaraKelly
CC Image, MsSaraKelly | Source

2. Luscious Red Lipstick

Red is beauty, fire, passion, lust, anger, blood, danger, sacrifice, all the things you want to show on your lips.

CC Image, daily sunny
CC Image, daily sunny | Source

3. Little Black dress

To borrow a quote from Karl Lagerfeld - “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress”.

CC Image, Henry Jose
CC Image, Henry Jose | Source

4.Smoking Eyeliner

The eyes are the doorway to every woman’s heart, and good eyeliner can sculpt the frames to lure.

CC Image, Stefanie Neves
CC Image, Stefanie Neves | Source

5. Classic Black Pumps

Black pumps are infallible, they go with everything and a good pair can effortlessly take an outfit from day time casual to evening elegance simply by slipping them on.

CC Image, Thomas Leuthard
CC Image, Thomas Leuthard | Source

6. Elegant Clutch

A truly elegant clutch goes with everything and provides a subtle finish to an elegant outfit.

CC Image, Maegan Tintari
CC Image, Maegan Tintari | Source

7. Killer Winter Coat

A good stylish winter coat is like an exquisite wrapper on an artisan chocolate. It catches the eyes and readies the mind for the delight wrapped inside.

CC Image, Thomas Leuthard
CC Image, Thomas Leuthard | Source

8. Pair of fine Gloves

Wearing a fine pair of gloves in this day and age is one of the small delights of life. They are not a necessity; they are simply a luxury to be cherished.

CC Image, fervent-adapt-de-la-mode [image modified: cropped]
CC Image, fervent-adapt-de-la-mode [image modified: cropped] | Source

9. Hat

A nice hat not only protects wearer from the elements, choosing the right one can also add another level of sophistication to ones day time outfit.

CC Image, Wicker Paradise
CC Image, Wicker Paradise | Source

10. Classy Sunglasses

Classy sunglasses are a must for outdoor day time wear. Styles can vary and the right style compliments your face and your outfit.

CC Image, Timothy Marsee
CC Image, Timothy Marsee | Source

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