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5 Things Guys Should Do More Often

Updated on July 15, 2014

1) Dress With Some Class

Now, the whole cargo shorts-tank-snapback look isn't bad (actually, yes it is), but every boy needs to move to a new level of maturity at some point in their career. And on top of looking unprofessional, girls tend to stop going for the whole 'look at my high school clothes!' look. It just doesn't fly.

So what should you shoot for instead? I'd suggest you invest in some more conservative looking casual clothes and at least one good full suit. Unless you live somewhere with remarkable heat, shorts and tees shouldn't be a primary staple in your wardrobe. Take a trip to the mall and visit some moderately nicer places. If you have the dough for it, Nordstrom clothing can pack a punch, but for most people, JCPenny, Macy's, or even American Eagle can do just fine depending on your age and the look you're going for.

Buy a nice pair of jeans as well as a pair or two of khakis. They are all considered to be pretty in-style for ages 16+. For shirts, buy yourself some button-downs. At least one white and one light blue; and have some fun with plaid or whatever else you think may look nice!

Then, for shoes, try a pair of boat shoes or converse if you still want to throw that 'I'm actually a fun guy' message around. You can find these at most shoe stores, but online would probably be the way to go so long as you know your shoe size. Sebagos are a great brand of boat shoe by the way.

Other than that, for the extra bonus, buy yourself a watch and a sweater. Wearing a watch always adds a hint of sophistication so long as it doesn't look like a toy you picked up from the local dollar store. And sweaters are just all around fantastic. They keep you warm and can look great on you. A girlfriend of mine from years back swore that nothing was more attractive on a guy than a good stylish wool sweater. I can't say I've found any reason to disagree! But stick to natural colors-- a dark forest green is much better than a neon yellow sweater, despite the abundance of comments you'd get with the latter.


2) Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene

I cannot stress this enough, but the best way to keep on top of your game and to keep people's eyes fixed on you is to look clean and well put together. Brush at least twice a day, use mouthwash, clean your face, trim your facial hair, find a style for the hair on your head, use deodorant or cologne when appropriate, and take daily showers even if you don't shampoo your hair on a regular basis.

Brushing and mouthwash is self explanatory, but everything else has its niche of details. For example, if your version of cleaning your face is to simply grab a bar of soap and rub it on, you're probably not doing yourself justice. Most obviously, there are many different kinds of soaps that interact with your skin in different ways. At the very least, check to make sure your using a type that is appropriate for your face and that it isn't to harsh or you'll end up with excessive dryness. After using soap, its a huge advantage to cleanse your face and moisturize it. It may sound rather feminine to think of doing that, but guys who look like the one in the picture above will swear to it. Do some research and find a good cleanser/exfoliant as well as a rub-on moisturizer. Your face and your judgmental society will thank you for it.

Facial hair is another caveat. Generally, people are in approval of it, but only when it looks clean and meshes well with your facial structure. Keep trimming it and be willing to experiment with different styles until you find something you think looks good, and then ask a friend for feedback. Often times, your perspective isn't going to be the same as others.

Your head-hair is even more important, however. So many people these days will look at hair as the determining factor for their interpretation of you, so make sure your hair says what you want it to! Again, ask for advice and do some research. Know what kind of hair you have and figure out what may be possible, then go to a barber (an actual men's hairdresser, not a college girl at great-clips) and ask their opinion on the matter. Chances are, with a little pomade or gel, you'll be in business. Then, make sure you take care of the health of your hair too. Don't shampoo more than once a week, since that strips a lot of important oils, and use conditioner at least once a week.


3) Exercise

Exercising is another key aspect to every high-functioning male. Stay in shape by getting a workout in at least twice a week-- more if you're up to it. If you're looking for a specific routine to give you that dominant figure, then here are some of the main activities you should be doing:

  • Run- A good rule is to run about 10 miles each week. You may have to work up to it, though.
  • Sit-ups and Planks- These are the best ways to get defined abs
  • Push-ups, Pull-ups, and Benching- Best way to get larger defined arms
  • Squats and Lunges- Nothing is better for more muscular and tones legs than these
  • Climb- Buy a membership at a climbing gym. It takes awhile to get good at the actual activity, but your entire body's physique will thank you enormously in the long run.


4) Eat Healthier And Sleep

Honestly, the previous improvements will only take you so far if you don't eat healthy or don't get a proper amount of sleep. You'd be surprised how much better life is when you've had 8 hours of sleep for several months at a time. Not only does your mind work more quickly and more efficiently, but your body will be in better form, your skin will look clearer, and your eyes will show that hint of energy so many people envy.

For food, the best thing you can do is eliminate as much sugar as possible from your diet. That means absolutely zero soda, not a lot of carbs, and a limit to the 'sauce foods' as I'll call them. Instead, try to maximize your protein and water intake. Substitute those chips for some vegetables, and don't be afraid to say no to desert!

This will keep your body functioning properly and make you look healthier as a result!


5) Develop Some Impeccable Manners

Nothing is greater than a man with a dignified sense of humility and attitude towards others. Opening doors for others and saying please and thank you is a decent start, but a real man is going to have to push his gentlemanly boundaries a bit further.

For example, its not above a man to compliment others. Regardless of whether its to a woman or another man, a few kind words to another individual can literally make their day. I personally was alway a little conscientious of my hair, since its long, blond, and curly, until a stranger in the street came up to me and exclaimed 'your hair looks pretty awesome, dude. You look like Heath Ledger!'. Do that once a day and you'll make a much bigger difference to people than you could possibly imagine. It's people like THAT who I want to be around, even if I know I don't look like Heath...

And don't be afraid to put yourself in a blatantly awkward position to do even a small kind thing to another. If that means waiting a full 10 seconds of standing there with the door open while the next person approaches the door, then do it!

Lastly, sheer generosity goes a long ways. A man who doesn't give to others what he has excess of is no man at all. That doesn't mean you should drop everything and become a socialistic charity driver who gives up all hopes of monetary wealth, but it DOES mean that a gentleman has a responsibility to help others if he can. And if you have and extra 50 bucks in your pocket for a nice new shirt from down the street, you certainly have enough to feed the starving guy on the corner for the day. And a gentleman won't judge too harshly on the man who he gives to. They may have made mistakes, but someday it could be you. You'd never know.

Hope I've given you some small new direction to improve yourself! I know that these topics are covered rather quickly, and if you'd like more detailed advice, or you have specific questions, I would be more than happy to answer them! So feel free to post in the comments section!


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