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Things You Need To Know About Hermes Scarves

Updated on October 2, 2011

How To Care For Your Hermes Scarf

It is very important to learn how to care for your Hermes scarf. It is possible to ruin it, if you do not care for it correctly. With investing in a good quality scarf, you owe it to yourself to make sure to do your best to care for it correctly.

There is some disagreement on the proper care of a Hermes scarf. It is highly debated on whether or not you should dry clean, machine wash, hand wash, or not wash at all. Not washing your scarf is possible if you are not wearing them often, or if you are able to have several to rotate using. If your scarf is being used, and you can tell it is time for a cleaning then hand washing is probably the best method for you to use. It is gentler on the silk used in comparison to other methods of cleaning. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals, and may not be good for the silk of the scarf.

Before using any cleaner on your scarf, it is important to do a spot test to see if the color dye used is going to run. Vintage dyes used may be unstable, so this is an important first step to protect your Hermes scarf. You may want to pre-treat any areas of visible stains before hand-washing to make sure that area gets clean. Spot cleaning is also possible when you hand wash. This is good as you are only cleaning that particular stain, and have less of a chance of ruining your scarf. With spot cleaning, you will want to use a cotton swab and a cleaner to remove the stain. There will possibly be some color in the water, so do not panic over this. It is possible to machine wash your scarf, but if taking this option, you may want to invest in a net-bag that is used for intimates as a precaution.

When trying clean your Hermes scarf, it can be hard to know the right way to clean it successfully. It is possible to ruin your investment with your scarf if you are not careful in the method used to clean it. Take the time to learn about the method you choose to do it correctly.

8 Essential Hermes Scarf Washing Tips

1.The water temperature should always be below 30 degrees C.
2. ALWAYS use a silk detergent. Do NOT use alkali detergents or soap detergents! 3.Make sure to wash your scarves by themselves and not with other clothing.
4.NEVER twist the wet scarves or be rough with them. Always be very gentle and never use anything but the delicate or hand wash cycle on high-end washing machines.
5. Always get the soap out of the scarf and rinse it several times.
6. Pick a good quality hanger to air-dry on as low quality hanger show when the scarf is dry.
7. Dry your scarf in a dark place and do not expose your scarf to direct sun.
8. When ironing, keep the temperature of the iron at the silk setting so you don't do any damage.

How To Tell If A Hermes Scarf Is Real

You have found that perfect Hermes Scarf online, but want to make sure that you are not paying a premium price for a knock-off scarf. There are actually a few ways that you are able to tell if the scarf you found is an authentic scarf. By doing some due diligence to authenticate your potential purchase, you can protect yourself from disappointment later.

Some of the things that you should be on the look out for are:

  • Fabric - should be a good quality silk, fakes are usually polyester or poor quality silk.
  • Back of the scarf - a counterfeit Hermes Scarf will not match the front.
  • Weight - a new counterfeit will weight less, when made of quality silk a new scarf should weight about 2.2 ounces.
  • Size - a new scarf should be about 35” x 35”, where a counterfeit scarf will be about 30” x 30” to 33” x 33”. After washing an older or vintage scarf may be about 33.5” x 34”.
  • Accent on the E - there should be an accent over the second e, as this is a French product, if there is no accent be sure to look at other points to make sure it is authentic as there have been a few authentic scarves without.
  • Care tag- if the care tag is not in French, English or both, then it is very possible you have found a knock-off rather than an authentic Hermes Scarf, over time the tags have changed.
  • Hem- if it appears to be hemmed by machine, rather than hand it is probably a fake. An authentic Hermes Scarf should be hand stitched towards the front with few exceptions.

When trying to authenticate your Hermes Scarf it can be difficult to know if you are getting a real designer scarf or just a very convincing counterfeit. If you know the little details that separate the real from the fake, it is possible to protect yourself from being taken in. If in doubt, you can always contact Hermes or an expert to find out for sure. Be aware that you may not hear back right away from Hermes.

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