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10 Ways How to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

Updated on March 18, 2016

People are always asking how to tell is a Rolex is fake and one of the most obvious ways to tell is "if it ticks, it's fake". There are also lots of other ways to tell if the Rolex is real or fake - just follow these top tips!

Firstly, check the weight - Rolex's are usually heavier than their counterfeits!

1. Look at the clock face

Look at the fonts used on the dial of a fake Rolex and you'll immediately see poorly spaced lettering, uneven fonts and sometimes even smudges on the ink! Check the bezel size too - often a fake Rolex bezel will be narrower and larger.

2. The Second Hand

On a real Rolex watch you won't even notice the second hand moving as it glides smoothly around the clock. A fake Rolex will probably be quite staggered movements which will give it away instantly!

3. Caseback

This is a simple way to spot a genuine Rolex watch - if it has a clear caseback, its probably a fake. Rolex didn't make any of their manufacturer watches with a clear caseback, allowing you to see the inner cogs of a fake watch.

4. Engraved Designs or Logos

If you come across a genuine second hand Rolex watch, you will almost definitely find the caseback to be smooth and without any engravings or designs. Rolex do not engrave their watches, except in a few rare instances so its very unlikely you will find an engraved real Rolex.

5. Winder

The winder on the side of the watch can be a big giveaway if you look very carefully at the detail. A real Rolex timepiece will have an extremely detailed and finely engraved winder, where as a fake will be a simple winder for the minute and hour hand.

6. Waterproof

All genuine Rolex watches are waterproof and built to withstand water pressure to a minimum of 100 metres deep. Rolex have achieved this through their solid Oyster case. Most fake Rolex's will not withstand a proper water test and you may not want to find this out the hard way!

6. Hologram Sticker

Real Rolex watches are shipped with a 3D hologram-encoded sticker on the caseback. Fake Rolex watches will also feature a sticker but this won't usually have a hologram and so won't appear differently when you view it from different angles. The real Rolex should have a serial number in gold lettering.

7. Micro Etched Crystals

If you have got your hands on a post-2002 Rolex watch, a good way to tell if it is a genuine Rolex is to look for a very small crown logo micro-etched onto the crystal somewhere near the 6 o'clock mark.

8. Cyclops Lens

A real Rolex watch will magnify the date display using a Cyclops lens which magnified the font 2.5 times. On a fake, this is usually only magnified by 1.5 times although sometimes the manufacturer will use a larger font on the date to give the illusion. This is probably a difficult test, but for a keen eye it can help!

9. Engraved Serial Numbers

Real Rolex watches have the case reference number and serial numbers engraved in such a fine way that they feature very dainty lines which catch the light. Fake versions will probably also have lines but the numbers will be too squashed together and usually the counterfeit watches will have the same numbers!

10. The Price

If it seems too good to be true - it probably is! Rolex watches have held their value throughout history so if you are looking at a Rolex which seems to be considerable cheaper, it is probably not real!


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