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How to Tell If Your Coach Bag is Fake or Real

Updated on September 19, 2016

Each year, thousands of people shop for designer handbags at online auctions, underground factories and swap meets, knowing that the bag they are purchasing is fake. They justify their purchase by the claim that designers "charge too much." Though the point may be valid, intentionally buying a counterfeit bag is not only wrong, but illegal. And selling conterfeit bags is even worse.

For those who are looking to purchase a real Coach bag but are not completely sure how to ensure it's authentic, below is my top 10 list of ways to tell if your coach bag is a fake.

1. Pattern

The first and most obvious way to tell if you have a fake Coach bag is to look at the "C"s on the pattern. At first glance, the difference may be slight, but many knockoffs will have "G"s instead of the signature "C"s. Also, on the Signature Coach bags, the "C"s will be in pairs, with each pair facing each other. On a real Coach bag, the "C" pattern will start in the middle of the bag and continue outward.

2. Fabric

A real Coach bag is made of soft leather or fabric ONLY. If your bag is rough, textured or looks to be peeling, it is probably made from a form of plastic, and therefore a fake.

3. Stitching

All stitches on a real Coach bag are always flawless. Double stitches sewn in high-quality, thick thread are always used at the seams. Glue will never be used on any part of a real Coach bag.

4. Hardware

The hardware on a Coach bag is always high quality, with all locks, chains and clasps being very strong, and never, ever plated. All zippers will have a "YKK" stamped on them, and all tags will be leather embossed with the logo on them.

5. Serial Number

Most, but not necessarily all, large-sized Coach bags come with a serial number that has been stamped on a double-stitched flap of leather, found on the inside of the bag.

6. Grammar

Sounds silly, but one of the easiest ways to tell if your Coach bag is a fake is to see if ther are any typos or misspellings on any of the wording found inside the bag.

7. Style

Check out the style of the handbag. Does it look like something Coach has released? Before you buy a Coach bag off the street, on eBay or any other questionable location, familiarize with Coach products so that you are able to identify patterns and styles of the real bags.

8. Dust Bag

All real Coach bags come with a dust bag that is either tan, white or brown and has a red drawstring. Some fake Coach bags will come with a dust bag, too, so don't let this make or break your decision.

9. Lining

A real Coach bag has lining made of satin, never cotton. And though you would tend to think that a bag lined with the Signature "C" fabric would be the authentic bag, it's actually quite the opposite. Real Coach bags never have patterned lining.

10. Manufacturer Location

Coach bags are never made in Korea.


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