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7 useful Hair Growth Tips to Grow Hair Fast

Updated on September 21, 2014

Long hair is the sign of Beauty.Everybody needs Long hair.But,due to some health problems,or hereditary,they may not have attractive long hair.You might have searched the internet for "how to grow hair" query and found many websites which claim that they have a way to "grow hair faster".Don't believe them.Always natural therapy is best.You cannot expect to make your hair grow long and fair within a week of time or something like that.It's a slow process.But,i'm sure that in the long run,you will be benefited.Okay,here i will be giving you 10 amazing tips to grow hair naturally.

7) Water..water

Yes,water is the major supplement you have to intake to grow your hair.By drinking water more often,your skin and hair will get hydrated which keeps the molecules Active and fresh.Also,Drinking water is a good practice if you are trying to lose weight.Also,it strengthens the immunity system of body.The list goes on up-to a kilometer if i write more about the advantages of Drinking water more often.Anyways,"DRINK WATER VERY OFTEN"

6) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best natural conditioner for your Hair.Indian's use this coconut oil as a conditioner for their hair.The usage of this is pretty simple.Firstly,you may not feel of applying coconut oil as it is a little drippy.Before applying,use a towel or put on old clothes.Then apply the hair oil gently and massage for 20 minutes.This will give you relief from Head ache's also.After completion of 12 hours,bath with a shampoo.Your hair will be somewhat greasy but sooner after,the greasy nature goes off.

Make this as a habit and try to apply coconut oil as often as possible.You can find some of the coconut hair oil products below.

5) Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the important reasons that is responsible for the hair loss.More you feel the stress,more possibility of hair loss.That's why many health care specialists suggest to take less stress during the working and normal hours.Having more sleep will help in this case.Sleep for at least 8 hours a day.Some more tips to avoid stress are given below.Have a look at them.Do perform these tips to grow hair fast.

  • Exercise more often.
  • Play outdoor games for relaxation.
  • Open up with your friends and family members.
  • Always try to avoid talking with people who are the reason for your stress.
  • Always be cool and relaxed.

4) Minimize Hair Styling

Minimizing hair styling is a very good practice if you would like to grow your hair.In order to grow your hair faster,you have to avoid using clips,pins.Also,avoid putting hair colors,dyes to make your hair attractive.By following simple tips listed below,you can minimize your hair styling

  • Avoid using Hair dyes and hair colors
  • Use comb not more that two times per day.
  • Avoid bleaching.
  • Always make sure that your hair is left loose at the hair roots.

3) Minimize Hair Fall

If you are desperately trying to grow hair faster,first of all you have to minimize the hair loss.Without minimizing hair loss,all the things you do in growing hair will be vain.So,follow the simple tips below to avoid hair loss.

  • Avoid hair dryers the most.
  • Wash hair with Shampoo often
  • Use comb less number of times a day.
  • Apply Coconut oil,as mentioned at the top.

2) Medical supplements

Medical supplements are not always advisable.But,there are some supplements available in the market which can grow your hair without any side effects.Consult a Homeopathy specialist for the medical supplements for your hair.

Hair fall in some people is hereditary.They have to take more care of their hair.Rogaine,is one of the useful drug to grow hair faster for both men and women.Applying it will also prevent hair loss by which the probability of growing hair faster increases.It has no side effects and is safe for both men and women.

1) Proper Healthy Diet.

Proper Healthy diet has many advantages in which hair growth is one of the important advantage.Eat healthy and rest all will be taken care by your body.Don't try to cut fat from your body.It is proved that,the fat present in your body is indispensable for hair growth.Follow the tips below to have a healthy diet daily.

  • Make a proper schedule for your Diet.
  • Required and balanced intake of proteins is a must.
  • Foods with Iron and zinc content are recommended more.
  • Also,A,D,E and K vitamins should be given higher priority in your Diet meal.

That's it.These are the 7 useful tips with which you can grow hair faster by natural way.Please do share this article on Social networking sites if you like it.

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