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10 ways to make yourself look more sexy

Updated on April 6, 2013

Select new method to express sensuality, instead of wearing a microscopic skirt.

Our proposals work for any budget: some are for the night, while others can be worn during the day.

Here's how to add a note to your sexy look without sacrificing your modesty.


1. Use something ordinary in an unusual way
It doesn't have to be something shocking, like a jacket worn inside out; subtle changes are most effective. For example, take a men's white shirt (slightly higher), open the buttons, wrap it so that it overlaps part and put it in your pants or skirt.

2. Use red lipstick
Maybe lipsticks in natural colors are in fashion , but nothing has the same effect as a red lipstick. Use lip contour for a flawless aspect, choose a creamy matte to match your skin tone (red-blue suits darker skin, red-orange olive skin, deep red to blonde).Use discreet make-up for your face so that the lipstick attract all the attention.

3. Add a hat
Nothing attracts attention like a hat. First, it takes guts to wear one. Secondly, it takes style. Combine those two qualities and you really have sex appeal. Choose classic shapes - fedora or beret - to be easily wearable.

4. Wear long earrings
Do not wear any other kind of jewelry, tie up your hair back and make sure that your makeup is discreet. This outfit goes perfectly bare shoulders and hair tied back. Clearly an evening attire.

5. Wear metallic shades
Black is a color super sexy, but gold, silver, copper-colored and other metallic shades are much brighter when you want to impress. Target simple shapes (color and material, not cut jacket) and shades to highlight the color of your skin. Do not wear big jewelry or heavy makeup to let the dress shine.

6. Adopt an exotic outfit
Cheongsam dress is a classic dress with an international allure. Salvari, saronguri and clothes embroidered ethnic outfits are all very feminine. Chinese dress with high collar is flattering, chic and always awakens curiosity.

7. Create shadows
Probably one of the sexiest accessory is a pair of sunglasses. Add mystery, look good placed on the head, and even have a practical function, protects your eyes.

8. Make a grand exit
Being sexy means to be surprisingly, so a deceptively simple dress in front can be spectacular in the back. No back brace or train, they all have a dramatic effect.

9. Wear soft materials
Forget everything you ever heard about the effect of skin lightning or shiny materials. Cashmere, silk, suede leather soft materials are real impressive. Soft materials, gentle invite not only to be touched, but also feel great on the skin, causing you to feel sexy and spoiled.

10. Play around the hide and seek
Loose materials, slips and bikini, will cover all the while lace stays really suggestive.


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