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100 Thoughtful Questions and Philosophical Questions Judges Ask at Beauty Pageants

Updated on October 17, 2019
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I have been an online writer for over four years. I am passionate about books, philosophy, music, and the music industry.


The question and answer round is decisive in crowning a winner at beauty pageants. While in the past a number of beauty contests were judged solely keeping beauty in mind, the present-day scenario is a whole new ball game. Beauty pageants have become a competitive environment that bring alive various aspects of a beautiful personality. Beauty contests are no longer subject to beauty alone. In this technological era beauty contestants are judged on their overall personality. Contestants at beauty pageants have to go through a series of rounds that test their skill, ability and personality. Beauty with brains has become the new mantra at major beauty pageants. Whether you are taking part at a local beauty contest in your neighborhood or representing your country at an international beauty pageant, one thing you cannot give a miss is pageant questions.

What Type of Questions do Judges Ask in Pageant Interviews and Beauty Pageants?

You need to be equipped answering different types of questions at beauty pageants. It is important to attend a grooming session where aspirants are made aware of what comes their way at beauty pageants. Pageant coaches play a pivotal role in helping understand and guiding contestants in accordance with their personality type. Pageant coaches play a crucial role in motivation, building confidence and awakening self-belief. When a contestant works with a pageant coach she gets a fair idea of what to expect at pageant interviews.

The interview questions at pageants begin with an introductory question. Most judges start off with the ‘Tell me something about yourself’ question before dwelling into other questions. Judges love to ask questions that put the contestant in a hypothetical situation. Hypothetical question are asked by judges to gauge a contestant’s personality outside their comfort zone. Judges want to know how contestants respond when they are taken out of their comfort zone, and so the questions they put forth are often thoughtful, hypothetical or philosophical in nature. Judges may also ask obnoxiously funny questions to test your wit.

Certain judges at beauty pageants also ask questions related to social issues. The ‘What Would you do if’ and ‘How would you’ questions are often asked by judges at beauty pageants. Questions asked by judges at beauty pageants test contestants with their spontaneity, belief, knowledge and confidence. The jury that decides the winner at a beauty pageant wants to find a girl worthy of being crowned the title. Every jury at a beauty pageant is on the lookout for a girl that is the right combination of beauty with brains. Belief and self-confidence is important if you want to go the distance.


How to Answer Questions Cleverly and Tactfully at Beauty Pageants

The questions judges ask at beauty pageants often test contestant’s ability to react spontaneously. While most girls fare well in different rounds at beauty pageants, the question and answer round becomes the stumbling block for many. Contestants get nervous when a judge asks a question, and rightly so. You find some of the most difficult questions put forth by judges at beauty pageants. A contestant has limited time to think about the question and answer, and so it is important to be a good listener.

Understand the question the judge asks and provide an answer relevant to the question. Every question a judge asks has keywords that have association with an answer. When you grasp certain keywords in a question it becomes easy to assemble, arrange, and rearrange words to come up with a excellent answer. If you have quick wit and humor it’s an added advantage in the question and answer round. At beauty pageants when judges ask philosophical questions, thoughtful questions or hypothetical questions contestants often show a visible change in their body language and fumble with words.

Remain Calm and Focused When You Answer Questions

When you are being scored at a pageant for your overall personality it is important to remain calm and have a pleasant smile throughout. No matter how difficult the question, the trick is to be unnerved. When you are nervous you do not listen to the question asked properly and are unable to understand the depth of a question. While you will answer the question asked by the judge, the relevance and substance in your answer will be missing.

When you are calm and focused your level of concentration helps you understand the relevance of a question. When you are at peace with yourself you are able to analyze the question in your mind before answering cleverly and tactfully. Let you mind dictate understanding and your heart decide the choice of words for your answer. While it’s every girl’s dream to be crowned a winner at a beauty pageant, not every girl can win. Do not be dejected if you do not win. Trust in yourself and you will achieve your dreams. Wish you the Best!

The lines below showcase a diverse list of pageant questions and interview questions asked by judges and jury at beauty pageants. Feel free to answer a question or ask a pageant question in the comments section.

10 Best Thoughtful Questions and Philosophical Questions Judges Ask at Beauty Pageants

  1. If you were God for a Day, how would you change the world?
  2. How different would the world be if women were to rule the world?
  3. What does it mean to be a modern woman?
  4. Is life easier for women or men?
  5. Does a woman sacrifice more than a man?
  6. What steps or measures need to be taken to eradicate poverty?
  7. Is there a way to curb sexual harassment?
  8. If you could break one rule, what rule would that be?
  9. What would you do to stop wars?
  10. I you had a chance to discuss a social issue with world leaders what social issue would it be?

Best Thoughtful Questions and Philosophical Questions Judges Ask at Beauty Pageants # 11-20

11. How will you use your title to benefit others if you win today?

12. When does a girl become a woman?

13. Why do you deserve this beauty pageant title?

14. I you were granted one wish, what would you wish for?

15. Has the speed of technological advances taken away emotion?

16. Are the youth of this generation more pressurized to perform than youth of previous generations?

17. What is the true essence of being a woman?

18. Is online dating a good thing or bad thing?

19. What is your philosophy of life, and what do you value most in life?

20. Why is it important to be a multitasker?

Best Thoughtful Questions and Philosophical Questions Judges Ask at Beauty Pageants #21-40

21. How can you change the world to make it a better place?

22. Is religion the way to peace?

23. What is the moment in your life you would pick to change the lives of others?

24. What according to you is ideal man?

25. What is the biggest challenge young girl’s face today?

26. If you could change your physical characteristic what would it be and why?

27. What is the most important lesson for us to learn from life?

28. What is the biggest problem we are facing in our lives today and how can we solve the problem?

29. How would you define success?

30. Has personal interaction taken a backseat because of social networks?

31. What can be your greatest contribution to the world?

32. How does greed for power affect our world?

33. What according to you is the most important part in a beauty pageant?

34. If you were the privileged one to have an extra thirty minutes in a day, what would you do and why?

35. What qualities should a woman possess to make a notable difference in the world?

36. According to you is plastic surgery a good option for people who are not fortunate with good looks?

37. How important is it for a model to look good at all times?

38. How do you handle disappointment?

39. If you could change something about yourself what would that be and why?

40. Is social media going the right way or wrong way and why?

Best Thoughtful Questions and Philosophical Questions Judges Ask at Beauty Pageants # 41-60

41. Do you believe you are a role model for young girls?

42. What are your thoughts on people thinking negatively about beauty pageants?

43. How has failure helped you in your achievements?

44. Who is the person you would like to be stranded with on a deserted island and why?

45. Are women given equal opportunities as men?

46. Is the world doing enough to slow down climate change?

47. If you were the only human among Aliens what would you do?

48. If you had a chance to legalize something that is illegal what would that be?

49. What superhero would you like to be and why?

50. What is the most important thing parents should tell their children?

51. Is there something that is not right in this world that needs to be put right?

52. What should a person give to the world and what should a person take away from the world?

53. What are your thoughts on global warming, and how will you do your bit to mitigate global warming

54. What quality in woman does a man love?

55. If you had a remote control for men what would be your first command?

56. How has the internet changed our lives, for better or for worse?

57. How does positive attitude in you bring about a change in others?

58. What’s been the picture-perfect moment in your life?

59. Do we need politics and politicians in this world?

60. What piece of advice would you give to the internet generation?

Best Thoughtful Questions and Philosophical Questions Judges Ask at Beauty Pageants # 61-80

61. Has social media had a positive impact or negative impact on minds in recent years?

62. If you were given a chance to live your life all over again, is there a part in your life you would change?

63. What would you sacrifice to be successful?

64. Do men fear responsibility more than women?

65. Why do rumors spread quickly?

66. According to you what is that defining problem teens in this age find hard to deal with and why?

67. Will stringent laws on gun control put a curb on crime and killing?

68. How important are beauty pageants in today’s world?

69. What according to you is a true friend?

70. If given a chance what would you do to prevent a war between two nations?

71. If you were a genie in a bottle, who would you like to serve as your master?

72. What is the hardest part about winning and what is the hardest part about losing?

73. Is there something the world has turned a blind eye to that bothers you?

74. In this present age do we spend more time with gadgets and less time with people?

75. What will you accomplish if you win this title?

76. What magazine cover would you like to see yourself on and why?

77. What is your biggest regret or disappointment in life?

78. What according to you is the best way to promote women empowerment?

79. Which role of a woman complements a man better, mother, daughter, wife or lover?

80. Is there something missing in our world?

Best Thoughtful Questions and Philosophical Questions Judges Ask at Beauty Pageants # 81-100

81. What would you do to bring peace among nations at war?

82. What would you rather prefer in a man, an intelligent mind or a fit body?

83. Is social media bringing people together or causing relationship problems?

84. What is the need of hour for world peace?

85. If you could have a superhuman power what would it be and why?

86. Would this world be a better place without guns?

87. What completes a woman?

88. What is more important, money or fame and why?

89. What’s a striking quality that sets women apart from men?

90. What is the best way to bounce back from disappointment?

91. How do you handle criticism?

92. Which celebrity do you idolize and why?

93. If you win a 10 million jackpot what would you do with the money?

94. If you could change something in History what would it be?

95. What makes you stand out among other girls competing today?

96. How do you handle stress and pressure?

97. Will winning this title help you in your personal and professional life?

98. Is gadget addiction going to be difficult to deal with in the near future?

99. What is the role of a role model?

100. What is the biggest obstacle that prevents development?

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    • Tiarna Georghiou profile image

      Tiarna Georghiou 

      6 months ago from Brisbane, Australia

      Wow this is a great article. They are all fantastic questions that we can ask ourselves and reflect on.


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