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My Eleven Summer Hats Have Fun With Quizzes

Updated on October 31, 2013

Which Hat to Wear - and What For!

I like the unexpected and to play around with self-portraits. For a fun spark to your day, I've compiled snapshots of eleven of my summer hats. I've always been a hat person, Summer or Winter.

Each straight photo is paired with a Cartoon image of the same hat. Me, I prefer the Cartoons, but have to admit, they're sorta goofy.

I invite you to grab a cuppa coffee or a tall iced tea, and have some fun with my hats. Work your way through all eleven pairs of snapshots, by first setting your page size to show only one pair of photos at a time.

Then it's easy to click down the page, and get the full dose of jollies.

With a little time and a heap of hats you can do this too. Get goin!

“Super Fun Quizzes are in two groups, down the page, and near the bottom of the lens.”

Beribboned Magenta With Brim Trim #1

I like to take this hat along on trips. It's not too dressy, but can look chic if the occasion calls for it.

One very rainy Summer day I was caught in a rainfall. My umbrella stayed home when I caught the bus.

From the women's accessories shelves, this number caught my eye. Other hats' presentations were drab and dull, like the sky.

But magenta is a color that draws warmth. On a solo outing this hat invites connections.

Wacky Big & Silky Magenta Hat

This is the luscious colored hat that evokes serendipitous happenings.

Scrunchy Sun Protection #2

When you find a hat with SPF 50 sun protection built in, and it has a spiffy brim, with a bow, to boot - buy it now! A style like this is good on a boat.

Stuffed with soft things it easily stows away in a suitcase. This one goes from seaside to barbeque, and out to lunch --- or rather, it did!

The day after I wrote this article I dropped a full mug of latte and when I tipped my head in reaction I saw that it had landed on my hat. Even a good soaking in cold water couldn't get the coffee blotches out, so now it's a gardening, walking hat.

But I think it's most fun to wear when I blow bubbles for the neighborhood kids. They don't even see the variegated patches.

Sensible and Smart is Fun

Some Days Need a Little Yellow #3

On a changeable day the scarf comes off when the sun comes out.

Selection was easy, with this bright yellow cap. Soon as I caught sight of the vivid color I was a goner.

The deep bill protects from sudden showers, and wipes the glare from my eyes.

Easily hand washes up in the shower when traveling.

Smiling Happy People Waving Hand

Wide Brimmed Kick-Around Hat #4

Everyone needs at least one go-to hat that works all day, keeps the cool, and lasts forever.

This is that hat for me. It's crushable, even goes in my purse or backpack, and still looks the same when it comes out for wearing.

Since it's uniformly crushy-like it doesn't look sat upon, just casual.

Super good for keeping sun off the face and neck, and works well with an small underscarf, during chemo.

Every Which Way Brown Brim

This hat stays on even in the highest breeze. It has a large diameter soft cotton cord that ties snug to fit the head, keeping it put, even as the brim bends..

Really Huge Hat #5

Paper hats have come along way! Light and airy, with lots of air insulation space in the deep crown, makes me feel like there's only a feather perched atop my head.

The cool neutral light gray and white tweedy look is versatile.

The moldable brim is handy when there's just too much sun and you still want to be outside. Careful the breeze isn't too strong, it takes well to adding a spiffy retro brooch.

Wiggles When You Walk

The slightest breeze filters through the airy paper crochet. This friendly hat makes your friends wish they "had thought of that."

Snuggy Black Flowered Cap #6

At the ballgame or running errands in the early chill of a wet Summer, this hat is perfect. No raindrops on glasses, and warmth, to boot.

Occasionally I'll plop it on when the Summer sun streams in over the computer monitor, and it's one beam too bright for the eyes.

Once the heat of Summer hits, this hat resides carside, in case a journey begins foggy and dull, but clouds burn off before finishing the chores.

Snug Billed Comfort Hat

This hat is warm for June winds and rain, keeps the mist off the glasses.

Oldest is the Bestest #7

One day of heat exhaustion prompted me to visit the most charming old hat shop in our quaint downtown. By far, this was the best summer hat for me.

This number brings rave reviews from strangers out and about. What a way to make friends!

Snazzy Big Flat Brim

Tops a filmy gauzy cotton square, tied at the nape of neck. A small cord in the headband adjusts, but still the rather shorter crown anchors best when pinned to a scarf. Use mom's favorite brooch you coveted during childhood, as a touching retro momento.

When The First Summer Days Call for Knit #8

Fun in the sun, biking or driving with the windows down, this hat stays put and still shades the eyes. I

The high crown means it's comfy, and pulls down over the ears. It sports a fun blow low on the hidden side.

An unusually narrow brim shades the eyes, even from the side, in case you're lacking aviator sunglasses.

All Bowed Up and Ready For a Sail - `

Fun in the sun, biking or driving with the windows down, this hat stays put and still shades the eyes. It's knit with a high crown.

Droopy Crocheted Paper Number #9

I sometimes pin on a a jewel or tie a ribbon around the crown, and the hat's ready to go to the park. Useful for actually getting to read my Kindle on a crowded park bench.

This hat's perfect for lightly clouded days, when a little sunshine and light filters through the holes in the paper crochet yarn. I've even been known to wear it indoors to cut the glare of an overhead light.

Summer Brown Open Crochet

Floppy brim just feels fun. Easy to wear on the plane - provides just enough privacy to keep the seat mates silent.

A Visor That Really Protects #10

Keeps it all - sun and rain both, out of the eyes! Whisper lightweight straw visor is flat as a sheet of paper.

Positioned over a lightweight scarf, this is super for walking down by the water. I wear it low when the sun's seriously bright, and raise it higher for general eye protection from even high cloudy light.

It can take me out to play backyard games, as well as shelter my face from an overdose of the sun's hottest rays, when reading outside is the name of the game.

Love It - Indoors and Out

Swish it on, even indoors when the office light is on or for playing golf on the rooftop. Fits fine in luggage.

Tried to Give It Away #11

This is a hat that keeps on going. It even packs pretty flat, and snaps-to out of the suitcase.

I can go to the grocery, shopping, or for a stroll. It seems impossible for even strangers to remark on this hat. It must strike a memory bell, maybe remind them of a favorite grandma.

Trim Wide Brimmed Brown Straw

This hat is simply super!

Let's Get Some Discussion Going

Which is the funnest hat for Summer?

Still Laughing? I've Selected Your Hats, Below

Still Laughing? I've Selected Your Hats, Below
Still Laughing? I've Selected Your Hats, Below

Here's my Treasured #4 Hat

Scala Women's Cotton Hat with Inner Drawstring and Upf 50+ Rating,Red,One Size
Scala Women's Cotton Hat with Inner Drawstring and Upf 50+ Rating,Red,One Size

It comes in a whole rainbow of 17 colors. I've already sung the praises of my brown hat, with the drawstring in the headband. Get one too.


I Love Visors

San Diego Hat Company UPF 50+ Roll Up Wide Brim Sun Visor Hat - Ultra Braid
San Diego Hat Company UPF 50+ Roll Up Wide Brim Sun Visor Hat - Ultra Braid

San Diego Hat Company has my heart, with this roll-up expansive billed visor.


Super SPF 50+ Outdoor Living Hat

Outdoor Research Women's Oasis Sombrero, Berry/Dark Grey, Medium
Outdoor Research Women's Oasis Sombrero, Berry/Dark Grey, Medium

I like that this hat will even float on its own, if dropped in the water. And it's hard to select from all seven colors.


Fashion Fun Topless Visor

Compact Summer Wide 5-1/2" Brim Floppy Visor Roll Up Sun Topless Hat Cap Natural
Compact Summer Wide 5-1/2" Brim Floppy Visor Roll Up Sun Topless Hat Cap Natural

Paper braid chic sun visor has a super wide brim. I like the side bow and side slit.


Paper Braid Summer Star

Luxury Lane Women's White Floppy Paper Straw Sun Hat with Removable Orange Scarf
Luxury Lane Women's White Floppy Paper Straw Sun Hat with Removable Orange Scarf

Easy, lightweight elegance in this wide wide brimmed hat, with it's stunning chiffon scarf.


Delicate Embroidery on Summer Cap

Outdoor Research Women's Transit Radar Cap, Cairn, S
Outdoor Research Women's Transit Radar Cap, Cairn, S

A ventilated summer cap, with embroidery protects from sun and rain.


Ruffle Flower Festoons Cap

Ladies Summer 100% Linen Newsboy Cabbie Pretty Ruffle Flower Sun Hat Cap Beige
Ladies Summer 100% Linen Newsboy Cabbie Pretty Ruffle Flower Sun Hat Cap Beige

A big poofy flower is always fun. This one is special, on the linen cabby cap.


Fun and Sporty Cap

Outdoor Research Women's Reflection Cap
Outdoor Research Women's Reflection Cap

Fruity green mist and plum hats sport a wicking headband.


Mark Your Mark Knit Cap

Outdoor Research Uptown Beanie Sun Hat
Outdoor Research Uptown Beanie Sun Hat

How could a cap look and feel any sharper. Enjoy the comfort of cotton knit.


Flexi Paper Sun Hats

Ladies Hand Crocheted Hats-Khaki
Ladies Hand Crocheted Hats-Khaki

The look is handmade and trendy. For those not-so-hot days, this hat looks natural.


My Newest Fun Quiz

What Do You Think - Are Summer Hats Fun?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love summer hats... they are always so fun!!!!

    • Countryluthier profile image

      E L Seaton 

      5 years ago from Virginia

      You did a great job!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hats! I have always loved floppy brimmed hats.

    • Monica Ranstrom profile image

      Monica Ranstrom 

      6 years ago

      I loved hats when my hair was longer. Now with short hair I look bald in most hats! I might have to give style #6 a try! Cute lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I like them on other people but I don't look good in most hats!


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